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  1. I like the squirrels we have the nice docile big grey ones. But the pellet gun and maloof rocker will be perfect for the rabbits and deer.
  2. Now how to make one that is safe from squirrls?
  3. What was wrong with the file menu, lots of options easy to navigate. While we're on that subject command lines are the bees knees. never have to touch the mouse can just type in what i want to do.
  4. "Mr. Madison Brown , what you’ve just said done is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response video were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. "
  5. idk on crome but there is a way to get rid of the suggested stuff on Firefox. I agree though these companies changes things just to change things and it doesn't always make things better. Something i find ironic because they seem like they are pushed to come out with new ideas but then the masses push back against the new ideas. Who is the deity that decides that we need new features ect?
  6. Woo! New to you saw. Time to cut some wood.
  7. Well it shows it out of stock for me now. Must have been a small window.
  8. Look better than what my first attempt would look like. If santa got me what i asked for i might be trying some next week.
  9. They must have found some blades because it shows it as being available and i could if i wanted purchase it.
  10. Wait so i shouldn't build a boat in my basement? Parks and Recreation has a fairly realistic take on wood working through one of the characters
  11. They do but woodcraft has the tables sale. I'll probably drive to the store and order it beings that i'd pay tax either way. I just found some humor in the shipping cost to ship something 10 miles I know that it's a flat rate applied to all regardless of location. Also is any one else having trouble with acme's website. It gives me a ton of errors.
  12. A good modern motor is about 75% efficient if it's that old and rated at 11.8 amps it probably is around 1hp. This would indicate a 55% efficiency which it's probably more than that but the motor most defiantly is not 1.8 hp.
  13. Well it's written as Christmas Day in our federal law so .... I'm just following the law. It's also that way in Canada but i feel like Quebec has a will of it's own.
  14. That snow is headed my way. I'm glad that most of it fell up there though. Do you have some serious cold headed your way as well?
  15. I guess I've never had an issue with tear out on solid wood. I get tearout on ply but there are generally some techniques to work around that if needed. My miter saw is the only saw i have cause tearout on solid but i generally hit most surfaces with a handplane and that's enough to remove both saw marks and tearout.
  16. Holy crap the drop shipping cost on a Supermax 19-38 sander is $220 i can drive to St. Paul and back at $200/hr for that. Also looks like it's sold out everywhere i'm thinking about contacting woodcraft and seeing about ordering it to get the free tables. I don't know how often that sales comes up.
  17. I do like that a lot of places are going away from Styrofoam packing materials and moving towards cardboard shaped in different manners. I don't know which is more environmentally friendly to the earth but the card board is a heck of a lot more environmentally friendly to my living space. The mess that white Styrofoam makes drives me crazy.
  18. It was a joke i usually take my extra to work after asking first.
  19. Chestnut


    Yep Ipe smells terrible don't want to work with this stuff any more.
  20. Chestnut


    the stoke for wood is around 7:1 the lower the first number the more dense the fuel needs to be. a 500 sq ft garage would require 3,500 gallons of sawdust for possible lean ignition.
  21. find a buisness that doens't have their trash cans locked. Toss it in and drive away like you stole something.
  22. From festool, they claim to do it this way because it's Fun and interesting, and also they aren't a retailer so maintaining a website with inventory isn't their bag. This simplifies the whole sale and shipping fiasco most retailers have to deal with. I also believe it's ONLY festool USA so it's more an American thing.
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    for 10 feet what was it gold plated!>?