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  1. Wow just under 2 months and you went from a hole in the ground to a shop. I'm impressed. Can't wait to see tools in it and work coming out of it.
  2. It all comes back to lawyers and lawsuits. The mask companies can ensure your safety if you have a beard and the mask does seal. If brought to court, "well it filters most of it" is not a valid argument. Look at it how you'd set up a shop is 80% of the big 5 tools good enough?
  3. Not a deal but i found some Jorgensen clamps at acme in grand forks. Going to have to search their locations too see if i can find more.
  4. Happy thanks giving gents. Cut the ham and Turkey and now it's time to sit down with the family for meal #2.
  5. Chestnut


    I just learned a really good way to get engineers to stop arguing with you. Talk about the grammatical structure of their arguments. Even if you don't know what your talking about they won't either.
  6. Thanks for the advice @bradpotts . I feel like you used a LOT of solid wood but then again there are a lot of cabinets in that kitchen. I grabbed 125 BF for mine but i think I'm going to use 1/2" Baltic for the drawers. #1 above is a concern for me i don't have a ton of storage space and to get around that because it's for my own house I'm going to do the build in parts build lowers and remodel and install and then build uppers after everything is up and running. #2 I decided to go with pre finished ply and after working with it there are a few hurdles but man is it going to be nice to just have to finish the face frame and the doors. It's going to make this way faster and easier. #6 is good advice I'll remember that thanks. Cabinets look good installed!
  7. I was going to hate on it at first but the planer idea is a good one. My planer is ALWAYS in the way. For as small as that is folded up i don't have space for it and unfolded i definitely don't have space for it. Kind of unfortunate.
  8. It gets sucked up by the vac attached to the track saw. I'd personally use the extruded pink stuff might make less of a mess.
  9. Awesome this looks like fun. Excited to follow along. Don't worry that's not a bad timeline I'm hoping to have a bench by 2018 but i'm not very hopeful. I need to buy a bigger space to put it in first .
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    Fat tire bikes seem pointless most of the places i see people riding them i could take my road bike. The few places i seem them as being useful is soft sand and sloppy mud. I'd rather have a skiny tire on snow, hence i linked a studded roadbike tire above.
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    Hijack! I've ridden on tires like this they work far better then you can imagine.
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    I have had people tell me that often and I've dealt with traffic. Honestly the "beep-and-creep" traffic would bother me more in an auto. Doesn't your foot get tired holding that brake? That's so much work. Also just because i live in a rural state doesn't mean traffic is non-existent here. There are a lot of times that I'd trade our traffic for city traffic, I've been through both. 45 min for a 15 mile commute may be frustrating until it takes 45 min to do a 2 mile commute. You start to think "i could have walked this faster".
  13. I guess i should clarify. I don't mean close but it appears you know what it takes to get to the end. Your working on this quickly when you get to work on it and it's moving by leaps and bounds. I want to see this complete but i like following along, it's conflicting.
  14. I thought it looked good before sanding but after, wow! It looks to me like the end is in sight, have you put any thoughts into finish?
  15. To the experts above do you sand between each coat on waterborn finishes?
  16. Chestnut

    The Board Room

    I'll suggest something taboo, make it out of pine. Personal opinion but good hardware and a pine bench could lead to a hardwood bench in the future that uses your still good hardware. A few of the guys on this site make great stuff on pine benches.
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    Ah sorry it read like you were saying i give guests food poisoning.
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    Yeah obviously they get washed while coking. I don't know why you'd think i didn't follow proper kitchen cleanliness.
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    Never had a dishwasher. The one growing up was always broken so we always did dishes by hand. People also swear by automatic transmissions and i can figure those stupid things out. Give me a clutch and a gear selector any day.
  20. Dang! you guys got a lot of snow. I'm so glad that storm missed me we didn't even see flakes in the air. Thanks for the information on shaping tools. With in the next year i will be making dining room tables and would love to do shaped/sculpted seats so I'll remember this. Did the RAS catch 50% of the dust 75% 25%?
  21. Yeah but you didn't prevent his sword from being broken you just helped him fix it. I feel like i learned more form the mistakes that my dad helped me fix then i ever learned from him preventing things from happening.
  22. Not true you can be the super hero that gives him a good day after the fact. My dad is still saving the day and I'm 28.
  23. Chestnut


    Huh maybe i have an awesome system for washing but it never seems like i spend more then 10 min at the sink washing for a 4 person meal. I cook for friends a lot. I also constantly wash while cooking, as soon as I'm done with something it's getting washed and put on a drying rack.
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    What leaked. This makes me wonder if dishwashers are even worth it. I don't have a disposal or dishwasher and don't really understand the need.