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  1. Maybe it's different in person but it just looks like the grain of the wood changing direction as described above. I've stained an oak floor before and the results i got were more or less the same. It doesn't look to me that to contractor made any mistakes those would span across flooring boards. With the spots being contained with in the board it seems far more likely this is just how that particular board is.
  2. Chestnut

    Scratch marks

    Never said anything about multiple layers. From what Ron was saying i assumed the scratches were in the finish not the wood.
  3. Chestnut

    Scratch marks

    Same thing, semantics.
  4. Chestnut

    Scratch marks

    Ahh so then why would any one ever suggest applying more than 1 coat?
  5. Chestnut

    Scratch marks

    Are the scratches all in the same direction you were sanding? Is there a chance that your 220 grit sheet picked up something and caused them? You could try building some heavy coats and then trying to sand back to smooth. That seems like a lot of work and doesn't solve the cause of your problem.
  6. Thanks. What steve said. I don't quite understand the name but that doesn't mean much there are a lot of things i don't understand. I made 2 MDF templates 1 for each spoke or side and then just used an awl to copy that 6 times around a hexagon. There is nothing more boring than drilling 157 holes in a piece of mdf though. So i broke it up into groups and did it between glue ups or other things.
  7. So last night i got the panels epoxied together. I'm glad that i used epoxy there is no way that i could have done this with regular glue. By the time that i was clamping everything up the 27 was starting to firm up. I was also surprised at how much was used half of the batch was gone on just the 2 panel glue ups. Chet i think your going to be right, not that i ever doubted. With the sides together it was difficult for me to find the patched areas. Finish is only going to make that better. I had just enough time to pour the remaining epoxy in the knots I've been trying to fill on my work bench. I wasn't able to do much other then some clean up and additional sanding tonight. I had to work on a project for a friend, shovel the driveway, and put the winter tires on my pickup. Girlfriend wants me to make an Aggravation board for her friends mom. It was fairly easy i just made a template and used a semicircle router bit.
  8. I've seen a pallet like that before Congrats hope it sets up as easily for you as it did me.
  9. I did some blown in fiberglass and it wasn't itchy at all it was also cheaper then cellulose :S weird. I agree it is fun though my dad got to load the hopper and i was in the attic. Make sure not to overload the hopper on the blowing machine they can clog easily. Getting started is half the battle I'd go for more than R-19 but I've also lived in places with terrible winters my whole life. Also i see they do bulk discount and also they have waved the rental charge for me in the past if you buy enough. If your only a couple bags short it might save you some money. Also check your power company for rebates might be able to save some money there too.
  10. I keep mine inside my house so it never see a larger temp swing than 5 degrees between summer and winter. West system storage recommendations. I'm not sure why Kev had bad luck that's the first time I've heard of it going bad.
  11. West system doesn't quote having a shelf life unmixed. Marc i think has had his sitting around for a long time. Personally mine is 4 years and works the same as it did day 1.
  12. Those are a whole lot easier to skip, or to send the ambassador (significant other) to.
  13. Some may not agree but it'd be great for shop furnishings ect. I'd use that for shelves turning it into a plywood like you said is a lot of work but could then be used for other things. It all depends on your time vs money curve. Personally i don't ever seem to have enough time, hate being 29 seems like i have a gosh darn wedding every other weekend.
  14. The benefit with west systems is the higher quality and lower cost long term. Buying in gallon form it applies out at like $1 per ounce where the devcon stuff is closer to $2 per ounce. I'm sure the devcon will work perfectly. Give that a shot and if you see yourself epoxying a lot in the future save for the west system or similar set. With the west system pumps it's really easy to use.
  15. Heck yeah use that thing all the time. I found a situation where it's slightly useful. Ripping a bunch of random widths when i have to measure to the blade because the ruler on the table has worn off.
  16. Filled a knot in my workbench last night with my leftover epoxy. Forgot 10 min later and put my arm in it. Tried to make a cut on the bandsaw but forgot to engage the blade tensioner.
  17. Irrevelant pet peve epoxy cures it doesn't dry. I can't help it sorry. 207 dries clear. I'd fill the knots even if they are stable the holes in the top will get annoying after some time.
  18. Well they didn't offer when i bought my PJ882 but i also didn't ask. They did help me load it though the forklift operator was very skeptical about my odds getting it home. Hope the mortiser gets figured out that's just frustrating.
  19. I've always lived within 10 min drive of acme. Love that place. The tax stinks but their service is unbeatable.
  20. Luckly both of those saws go on sale often. I like the laguna ceramic guides a lot.
  21. 4"? a dust collection system isn't going to have enough vacuum pressure to extract from a domino. I think the above hose would work with a shop vac. Other wise there are bosch adapters for 1.25 or 1.5" to what ever the port size is.
  22. DFW so winter isn't an issue but blistering heat is, idk which is worse but i don't like heat. Thought is operating with the G-door open when you have long items on the table saw the few rare times. Personally i didn't like the nested jointer table saw. I have the 30" saw so it puts the jointer in the way more often then is helpful. I'd consider putting the drill press in the miterstation. i could see the utility of having table space on both sides of the drill press for setting things down ect. Then you could use the wall where the bandsaw is for more space for a planer drum sander ect or even putting the jointer along the wall.
  23. Yeah I hear ya on this. If it helps for spraying thin shellacs and WBs you could get away with a small turbine HVLP unit that is probably cheaper than a compressor conversion gun. I realize in IL you can't spray outside 100% of the time but for the (9 months maybe?) you could spray outside. For the too cold months you could use brush application. Give the brushing a shot and see how it goes. Rockler sells an inexpensive HVLP turbine that would be cheaper and probably better than a compressor and a conversion gun. As far as spray booths go something like this tent from amazon looks perfect for most furniture or small projects. I need to put my money where my mouth is and try that tent. I have an HVLP and don't use it as much as i'd like.
  24. I use the Zinser premixed stuff. I've been told multiple times that the flakes are better but it's so east to just have a can around. I know you said you were planing on spraying but it seems like a lot of the WB and shellac finishes apply better via spray. I'd hold out and see what Marc has to say about some of the new enviro poly's he's been using or possible ask him. He's covered a couple in Friday lives i think?