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  1. I'm excited to see this build come together Kev. Now that i have more hand tools I'm realizing how inept my benches are so watching builds gives me motivation.
  2. They didn't have regulars just the Jr's. That's why i wouldn't get out of bed .. duh. I just bought some more of the Menards 12" clamps i actually like them they are bessy style F clamps and work really well $8 each.
  3. I played with both the bessys and the jets while i was standing there and i don't know if i like the revo Jr. clamps they were small and flimsy feeling. I'd rather do the 20% on the jets i think I'd be happier. Dang it why did jorgensen have to go out of business.
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    I watched the video a 3rd time more carefully and it is apparent that it is setup different. With some trickery a person could make it work but yeah it's not worth it to try probably easier to just buy both.
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    Now the question is can you do the same thign with the tenonmaker but have the added features that makes tenons easier? No it can't be used as a tenonmaker and kerf maker.
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    @Llama For bridge City how long is their pre-order process? Like if i order the kerfmaker today is it going to deliver within 3 months maybe 6 months maybe or a year? My address maybe be changing so that's why I'm curious.
  7. I want a kerf maker baddly. I should just sign up for the preorder.
  8. I thought hipster beards were the in thing in the NYC area? What do they call it Lumbersexual? LOL absurd city people.
  9. Huh i thought with the national success they are getting they would try getting centralized shipping facilities to make shipping faster to all corners of the US. I don't get to order for Acme tax free but i think the tax would have been less then shipping in this case. 6% sales tax! Congrats on the saw. I'd say too bad you have to wait till Monday but it doesn't sound like you'll have it running right away any way. Hope you get your shop straightened out soon.
  10. How do you compare the bessy to the Jorgensen? Are they similar? Did it ship from ND? I feel like acme is expanding towards the Minieapolis St paul area which isn't far from you. The few guys i know that work for them have been traveling east to get new building set up.
  11. I cleaned out all the jorgies in the area after i heard they went out of business. That you said some are still around i should check a few of the stores in small towns to see if there are still some hanging around. Do some of the Bessies go on sale for black Friday I've been wanting to try some out them and the jets. I really like the Jorgies but can't bring myself to introduce a new species to my shop.
  12. Yeah I'm that guy then. I spend $50 a week on food tops, more for convince then cost. I grab all i need from the grocery store on Monday and then cook for the week Monday night. I just never use my jigsaw. I won't judge you if you don't judge me. Some of my spending habits make you seem like a saint, to each their own.
  13. Am i "that" guy that thinks beyond $50 is a bit too much for a jigsaw? I NEVER use mine. Router with a circle jig does my inside radius cuts. Outside radius is bandsaw work. breaking down stock is bandsaw miter saw table saw or track saw. I cut metal with my jogsaw and plastic.
  14. Personally i find i use 6mm tenons the most I've used some 8mm but it's rare. My 10mm have never been opened and if I'm going small I've used 4mm more often then the 5mm. I get the value it represents but if i don't use the sizes the value is not there. Also buying the Huge pack of tenons makes better sense and pays off long term. I ran an extensive spreadsheet comparing everything and if you don't use 1 size in the pack it makes it not worth it. Also your buying 2 5mm (1 included with the tool 1 in the assortment pack) cutters and i never use the 5mm cutter so now i have 2 unused accessories. Sorry to buck the trend on the assortment pack. I bought it because my local dealer doesn't stack the large tenon packs. the assortment is still better then buying the small tenon packs.
  15. Nice work. I like the 1 piece adaptation. If you didn't mention that the middle was smaller I'd have never noticed. The stained glass could be used on future projects really cool.
  16. Very nice, i'd love to have a set of home made bowls. Some day. Could just cheat and use carbide turning tools. Keep real ones next to your lathe and just don't tell any one.
  17. Good to see this guy complete, doesn't look like it takes up too much space . So what's the first elaborate project? I feel like this CNC is itching to cut something fancy for a project.
  18. I've seen mitered dovetails before where the top and bottom pin is mitered but never the whole thing. That is cool and doesn't look any more difficult then regular hand cut dovetails. Too bad i struggle enough with machine cut DTs.
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    Laguna jet powermatic forrest @10% Bosch dewalt makita freud milwalke @15% The ones you can't read probably aren't woodworking tool companies. Idk if that crop makes it any better.
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    I don't know off this is online but it says you could call in an order.
  21. That's a cool way to use those. That looks really neat. I like the unsymmetrical natural look to it. We never thought you fell off the woodworking wagon, you were just riding the life wagon for a while. It's not a bad trade from time to time.
  22. I went to 220 with the prefinished side panel. The fronts looked like they might blotch a bit more when i hit them with mineral spirits maybe I'll take them to a high grit with this new flashy festool sander. If i go with wood pulls I'm drawing more of a blank on design then species. I looked through rockler and lee valley catalogs to see if anything caught my eye and everything looks to plain or too modern.
  23. This also made it's rounds a whole ago. Depending on the stock you have nested bowls could easily work looks like you have to be careful near the end. If you listen to wood talk show they talked about this video briefly.