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    I can't remember what my research yielded but i was going to do the makita saw with the festool track. I'm pretty sure they were compatible then i get the benefits of the high tolerances where i need them and a less expensive saw.
  2. Yes i do haev guild builds that's how i know he doens't build the models himself. Guy named aaron? I guess i don't know too much about the pro version but i thought the benefits for the pro was building not viewing. To the OP no i don't think the pro version would really ever be needed unless you were doing high end commercial production work. Think architect. My company has a couple pro licensees and i haven't noticed any differences between the free and the pro version.
  3. Doesn't Marc hire out a guy to do the sketchup modeling?
  4. Chestnut


    @bleedinblue The reason that kicked me towards FT was all the reports of warped tracks from some of the other guys. I just didn't want to deal with it. I'm lucky to have a FT dealer in town but no local store sells any other brands track saw. Being able to walk strait up to an authorized dealer and talk about issues is valuable at times. I might have been shallow and pedantic with that choice but hey it's my money.
  5. Congrats on the table saw. I had the same dewalt portable saw and when i upgraded to my cabinet saw it made a world of difference. Hope you get the saw up and running quickly. Carvings are looking good I'm excited to see these columns done. I never thought about using the old jobs site for dados i thought the arbor shaft was too short on them to do much of anything?
  6. The issue is the useful accessory (trim stop) is $72 to buy which i suggest having where as the additional $3 gets you another accessory (cross stop) that has the potential to be useful. I've used the cross stop when i wanted to index in a distance on something consistently when i didn't want to mark a bunch of layout lines. Get the set the cross stop is worth $3.
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    All it is is the area under a line with slope "a*2" that's been shifted up "b" units. The constant C is left over because working the other way the derivative of any constant is 0 there for at any point the area of an equation could have some constant that was lost. The fact that it takes Calculus to explain it my answer would be nothing about the quadratic equation is elementary. I feel like this is a mean question that's partially a trick, it's like asking the angle of attack for your jointer knives. Who cares it cuts wood lets use it for that.
  8. Huh i use your method as well maybe I'll have to try his. I'd say you should teach me how to use a spoke shave but i bet I'd be a bad student i have a lot of bad habits from a time i didn't know better. BTW did you hear that Lee Valley's last day of free shipping is today .
  9. This is really cool. Your son has better skills on the bandsaw then i do. I can't follow a line to save my life. Neevr used a spoke shave so he's probably better with that then me too.
  10. The guys on Woodtalk show talked about distressing and they had some good points I'd look up those episodes i know they were fairly recently. One of the big things is be conscious of distressing areas that will see wear like corners and edges but stay away from distressing the middle or places that don't typically see wear.
  11. They way they are doing it you could buy the sander 2nd probably and still get the $50.
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    GAH shim typing, i;'m not good at it.
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    Oh man youtubers would be pissed i just used walnut and cherry to ship a door frame ... and it's awesome!
  14. There is one still on the shelf at acme here in town if any one wants it and is willing to pay shipping either that or i could go buy a 2nd to take pictures of both of them just to be mean.
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    Any campers?

    In the lightweight and portable argument this works how? My 3 person tent is tiny and for sure weighs less then that. I'm a stomach sleeper anyway so the whole hammock thing has me cringing. I get my best night sleep on the floor or ground. I also like plains camping which is neither desert or forest.
  16. Hey this is coming along great. I'm still impressed by the hand plane milling. I feel like i could never get something flat that way. I'm excited to see how the sapele turns out. This is going back a ways but did the finger puppets help the build considerably? <insert mental image of finger puppets trying to use hand tools> I don't fully understand how people can take the winter off of woodworking. Winter is my most productive time. I'm all full of anxious energy because i can't go outside and mess with things like i can in the summer. I get the whole garage shop and it being cold but heating it can't be that expensive can it?
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    Any campers?

    What do you do when you don't have trees?
  18. It doesn't cut as deep but if i remember correctly they both are rated at the same wattage.
  19. I made a flat table and then have a sled that rids on top of it. Mine is 33" wide and the table is 78" long. I figured at the moment i wouldn't need longer and if i did i'd use the trick mark detailed in his router sled video with the table and some strait 2x8s.
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    Lee Valley shooting plane is at more door and it's difficult for me to not leave work right now and go play with it. I think the trim stop is more useful then the cross stop for panels and what not I've found that just throwing lines on the board is enough to keep large glue ups aligned the accuracy of spacing them perfectly seems a bit absurd.
  21. Isn't paper wood . I say that as a joke because i know it's processed, this is something that I'd have not thought of. Did a quick google and found this . Had some good information that I'll use for future bookshelves. Admittedly my main bookself is oak which i need to replace soon for various reasons. Could line the inside with acid free shelf liner as well. It's an adhesive 1 side product.
  22. I agree with the above. Why not finish the outside with something water based or Shellac and and the inside very smooth and leave it bare?
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    Silicone Mat

    I have my assembly table thickly coated in poly and waxed. When i get glue on it i try and wipe it off with a wet rag, if it dries it usually comes off easy enough.
  24. Awesome work, this box looks really cool. Also it seems that you put as much attention into your pictures as you do you work they look very clean and well thought out. Your first picture looks like it should be an advertisement for something hipsters would buy.
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    I know we've been over this before, i was just trying to fill you head with table saw dreams. Here is a pic of how my lauguna came to my door. Pallet was on the side as you can see so you could probably grab it with a dolly and a strap and move it fine. It was packaged in stryofoam really well and even if you got it upside down it wouldn't matter much, I was REALLY impressed by their packaging there was no way this would be damaged in transit.