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  1. I thought long and hard about that up charge and it came to this. It was aligned from the factory and i Don't have as much free time as i once did. 490X seems like a decent bet. Though he'll find that right after you get a 8" jointer you'll find all those beautiful 9" boards.
  2. I have the 8" PM and love it. I suggest getting Parallelogram beds. Segmented cutter head is really nice as well. In my opinion if your willing to put up with a little bit griz can save you money. If you don't want to worry about it go for the more expensive option. That's not saying that griz will be bad and the other will be good they will both work. Griz just doesn't have the quality control, which is why they cost less.
  3. So would you do the veneer if you were working with a thicker material that you could do 1 piece legs?
  4. Pecan such a nice wood.I really like the outcome. The details are nice and simple but add good depth. I am curious why you did the thick veneer. I know why it's thick but why veneer in the first place?
  5. Thanks everyone. Thanks. Everything is strait on the project except the arches at the bottom of the doors and the arches on the sides. I think the grain in the side panel is giving it an optical illusion. Yeah i put a piece of ply under that area above the cans. Hey i didn't make the wood i give credit to a higher power there. I just grabbed it from the stack before someone else could.
  6. Like the title says it's just a trashy cabinet. If your eyes move on quickly i won't judge. Needed a place to store the trash cans in my new kitchen. Finally had enough space to make one of these so i did it. Used QTR sawn oak stained with provincial. Was going to do the tip out kind but decided upon slides. I'm glad i did the slides. It was more complicated to construct but the usability is better. The gaps above the can area is for a pair of cutting boards I'll get around to making later. My plan was to make one solid and one with a hole in it so you could chop and slid the cut offs directly into the trash. We'll see if that ends up being worth while. If it doesn't the pull out boards will at least give a nice temporary storage area while cooking.
  7. I'd prefer to debate something more meaningful. Like asphalt vs concrete or blondes vs brunettes .
  8. I read your confession thread earlier today. I was talking about the Oneida Dust Gorilla pro 2hp unit though. I also don't and will never have any interest in CNC. No debate it's just not my thing. I talked with the rep from Oneida and if i wasn't going down the CNC route ever the high power isn't as necessary i guess.
  9. Well I'm interested to hear how it works out for you. I'm leaning towards the Oneida pro model. I've spoken with a sales guy extensively and he is confidant that a 2hp model will work well for me. My longest run will only be about 15 feet. I still fear I'd be making a big mistake if i went with the 2hp model. When is your pflux getting delievered?
  10. I'd wait until the black Friday sale time. i always remember seeing the air cleaners on sale then. I'd get the griz The two companies probably use the same overseas motor in the. Both motors are probably going to outlast the warranty and the griz might be cheaper to get replacement parts for? Looking at the parts break down i can't tell a difference. I'm in the market sometime soon as well. What DC did you end up getting?
  11. Wow those look awesome. One of these day's I'll have to try my hand at a pair of Adirondack chairs. I have the perfect place for 2 of them.
  12. Congrats on the successful move. Your dad is lucky, I'm only making my dad a coffee table . I did go back and find the thread and read through it. By read through it i mean i looked at all the pictures. Yeah you'd think that but having something enjoyable to work at removes one piece of potential stress. If it were me i'd get lost staring at the figure on the top all day. Thanks.
  13. I'm going to be building a 200 sq ft storage shed with 9' ceilings next summer. I might be able to store some for you. Fair warning it might be in smaller pieces and glued in a weird arrangement when you get it back. Though if your storing it here might as well buy slabs here they are probably much cheaper.
  14. Yeah Option 1. I bolted through the upper arms of the legs into the top. I used 3/8" bolts and a thread tapper. So things don't break with wood movement i made oblong holes so the bolt could move around as the top expands and contracts. Video to make things clear. You can just use a regular metal tap. Option 2. Get some figure 8 fasteners. f You can use these to mount the top as well. Then it's a simple screw to remove. These also work well for wood movement and is what i use on a lot of projects. You will need a forstner bit or chisel to mount them flush with the top of the leg though. I don't have a video or picture to show you sorry. A search on this site "Figure 8 fastener" might produce something helpful.
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    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz guess were good
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    Ijust spilled shellac all over my laptop. Wonder how much longer this one will last.
  17. I wish you luck the trees are not super desirable and don't grow to be very big.
  18. Yes the do go through. That's a good question. I think i'm going to find out what i should have done down the road. Good part is they are only attache with 4 figure 8s so i can always remove them and do any repairs needed. The slabs sat for about 2 years between initial milling and final milling and didn't cup or warp or distort in any noticeable way so I'm not too worried about it.
  19. I made a desk in an L shape recently and made the top in 2 parts. i used dominoes to keep them aligned vertically and then used Rockler align n lock hardware to hold it together. Base is a bit more tricky to make it moveable. Probably have to design it to separate into parts and then be assembled on site.
  20. Made the table a long time ago and finally got around to making seating structures to accompany. The frames are Oak and the bench top is Canadian Chokecherry I got from a local mill when i lived in Bismarck. I filled the defects in the crotch area with some clear epoxy. All the joinery was domino. I finished the bench tops with A wiping poly and used a brush on waterborne poly for the base. This more or less was done to hold some continuity between the table and the benches. The slabs i flattened a long time ago with a router sled and have been sitting and waiting for the right time, I'm glad i saved them because i really enjoy they way the set looks.
  21. Good work sir. I really enjoy that lamp. I'm not really an in front of crowds type of person so the other item just scares me.
  22. @Cliff Contrary to what it seems most people do, i prefer special clear epoxy and never tint. You get a nice depth to the character that's been filled. @Brendon_t My grilfriend could NOT understand the wedges untill i put the desk together for the first time. "Why are they a different wood? What are they for even?" Once she saw it she understood and really liked it.
  23. Wow wonderful work. I'd really love to try something sculpted. Maybe in a couple years once i practice up some. No better way to enjoy a mistake than that though.
  24. Thanks guys you are too kind. The wedges hide my gappy first attempt at through tenons.
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    Thanks. Yeah calmed down for sure. My new house needs zero remodeling so it's all shop setup, and then what ever furniture style projects i want to try.