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  1. Finally got the wood i ordered. Waited a week longer then i wanted. They got an order in for me last week but the yard sent regular oak not qtr oak so i had to wait another week. The stock i got is as good as What i originally looked at. It's not normal white oak quality but this is defiantly better than the white oak he had for me and way cheaper. In fact i paid $0.50 bf more than flat sawn oak. I never really have gotten a good answer on the best orientation to store wood. I didn't have enough stickers to lay it flat so i tipped it on edge and slid it into my crawl space. Any one have suggestions on the best way to store this much wood? The wood off to the left isn't pine it's all 12/4 hickory and white oak i scavenged from a construction site there is about 100 bf of that as well.
  2. I had doors that i assembled a bit too tight pop apart that were only 6" so i guess 5" might be a concern. It may depend on the species of the wood but I'd account for it to be safe. With the bottom shelf your butt joints may be strong enough the question I'd have is if you have a doweling jig why not use it? If you don't as an end table it's not going to see huge live loads.
  3. I was just going to say it was fake because the last few frames the smoke cuts out like it was never there.
  4. Legs to top would be in the corners with a z bracket that I've used before that helps hold the top but leave it floating. Every inch I'd add in apron I'd have to loose from drawer in order to keep enough space for my stereo. I also like it open for heat and somewhat looks. I'll draw it and see what i think.
  5. Thanks, there was something from the valley i needed to buy. Edit. I HAD to resist the temptation to buy the full spoke-shave set though .... the want is strong.
  6. Chestnut

    Shop Remodel

    Thanks for this thread it's awesome to see something made that is unique like this. The bench and cabinet look great. The mascot is pretty awesome too.
  7. Thanks again everyone for the input, now i get to decide what to make it out of. If it's sitting next to 2 end tables that are oak should i match them or go crazy and do cherry, or something I've never used before like Alder or ...
  8. I talked to guys in the pits and they mentioned they get usually a weekend out of the block pistons and rods. Piston rings and bearings get replaced after every run.
  9. To his previous post i believe you were talking about walnut, though that doesn't look like walnut. I really hate to be a critic but it looks like something that someone would paint white. I personally like panel doors makes them lighter. Looks wise i can get behind anything that's not too elaborate.
  10. Added 1/2" all around for overhang chamfered the edges.
  11. I drew it as a .75" top but it will be closer to 7/8". i don't mill down the lumber i use for tops much. I also will throw a 45 on the edge and that will make it seem thicker. All of my other tops are the same 7/8" should i deviate? I can't get 5/4 or 6/4 lumber would a trim edge be a good way to add visual thickness? I don't know if i like the thought of a seam all the way around the edge.
  12. Thanks for the input guys i really appreciate it. I'm probably going to buy some MDF and draw this out. I also have a 48" plotter sitting a room over that might just see a 1:1 plot appear on by accident. I changed some dimensions and took your advice on the arches. I kept the arches 2" tall but made the parabolic and it really helped the look. The drawers are 7.25" tall and i want to keep them that size so i can make a panel front and have it not look weird the top will be open for electronics equipment. Torn on the A&C slats the sides will be up against something and more than likely won't bee seen. In the future if it's stand alone it might look better but nothing i currently own follows the A&C slats style.
  13. Average is around 4gs launch is somewhere in the 8g range. It was interesting to note that the engine only undergoes 540 revolutions under load redline is 9500 rpm. Oh they also burn as much fuel as a 747.
  14. I voted cheap and i thought I'd explain it's becomes I'm a cheapskate and on my 14" i plan on buying a dermal and just hand sharpening it when i need. For how little i plan on doing any large resawing for me it's not worth it. Though I'll run a 93" blade which would probably be easier to resharpen myself. Again I'm cheap.
  15. Lucky that you got to experience that era of motoring history. the late 60s early 70s was a very interesting awesome time for cars. I'm young so i also love the early 90s Japanese sports cars.
  16. Table is looking awesome. Your moving right along. It seems a little vague the effects of fluoride. Some of the controversy was people being upset with getting a "medical" treatment that they didn't consent. The medical industry loves it as does the CDC. You probably ingest more fluoride brushing your teeth than you get from water (1.5ppm vs 1500ppm) respectively. If ya got clean teeth ya don't need it in your water. I work side by side with the guys that design your water treatment plants and they get REALLY passionate about this stuff.
  17. And the amount of money they spend for those 3.77 seconds ....
  18. Or should i do something with the greene and greene step on the bottom? I just can't find a tv stand / entertainment center thing that i like they are all just meh.
  19. Learned recently that the room mate is buying a house and will then obviously be moving out. Something about his bride to be wants a place to live. I thought it was silly his rent is super cheap and goes in my pocket. Well now i need an entertainment center / tv stand / place to put my stereo. I don't know what to call it because i don't actually own a TV and probably never will. This is a rough sketch. Drawers under a shelf arch bottom and arch sides i don't know if I'd put a panel on the side or leave it open and able to see the drawer. If any one has some ideas to improve this I'd appreciate it.
  20. Feel free buddy, i think i stole it form some one anyway. I read somewhere that most quotes today are misquoted, so just say it's from Thomas Edison or something and it'll sound smart.
  21. Chestnut

    Figured Redwood

    Wow that's awesome. I have some really old reclaimed redwood boards but nothing looks near that.
  22. I believe it was Marc that gave this excellent advice. When you start building a project split it down into multiple sub projects that are small and able to be finished within the time that you have in your shop. When you can go to work and say your done by the end of the day it's a lot easier to stay encouraged. Also focusing small will allow you to devote attention to the small detail needed to keep things square and the same length.
  23. It's good to know there are companies out there that are willing to make the end user happy. I feel like a lot of times recently companies hide behind their distributors and retailers and let them figure it out. I've also learned that getting angry with them doesn't accomplish anything. Being nice and asking hard questions goes a long way.
  24. I read through the manual, that just made me more impatient. Shop reorganized. I do have a few things that i need to build that came up recently. I should have taken a vacation somewhere while i waited but saving for the saw was hard enough.
  25. My saw has been on order since December 27th at aproximately 12:15pm CST, or is it daylight time? I think it's daylight time so make that 12:15 PM CDT.