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  1. It wasn't the hording so much as the shift from commercial TP at work places to retail TP for house use. I really want to share that with Megan Charmin relabel is her TP of choice and we haven't been getting it here.
  2. This is true but if the table saw was in as rough of shape as it was you'd have a higher chance of needing to replace that motor sooner than later. Also at 12" wide a 3 hp motor might be better suited. I guess you never mentioned what you are goign to use for the motor did you? Are you doing video of this?
  3. This is going to be an interesting build I'm excited to follow this one along. I agree with you assessment of the lunchbox cutter-heads. The small diameter makes them slightly undesirable and if you are goign to put the effort in you might as well do it "right". I think the cast iron wing idea is a good one there have been many times that I've browsed used tools to possible salvage some parts to use to make something different. I ended up not buying anything but that's because other aspects of life got in the way and i had to put projects on hold. Some day I'm goign to make a large belt sander so i hope you are ok with me borrowing what ever ideas i can from you.
  4. Counter top shops will give away pieces of granite or quartz as well and those are also flat. For chisel sizes I like a 6mm 1/2" and 1.5". I find i really only need 3. If i have 4 a 3/4" or 1" will find it way into my hand but it's not necessary. You don't need the perfect size a narrower chisel will work just as well but leave you some freedom away from marring edges. The reason i say 6mm instead of 1/4" is because a 6mm chisel is loose in a 1/4" mortise and makes the work far far easier. A really wide chisel like 1.5" is nice for reinforcing baselines that span long distances. Instead of buying 16 difference sizes buy the same 3 or 4 sizes in a couple quality levels. I'd start out cheap to get over the fear of ruining a good chisel while learning to sharpen. Once you get sharpening figured out buy a nice set like the vertias PMV-11 ones. I have found loads of uses for a beater chisel like if metal is near or for house carpentry work.
  5. That's really cool and looks great. This was in my inbox yesterday. Not sure if it's somethign your sister would attempt but there is some good advise within.
  6. That is a beautiful table. I really like the leather addition it makes this stand out and seem different and unique. Very cool.
  7. Chestnut

    more power!

    Man that description makes 4 months of frozen stiff sound way better. I'm glad i live in the north.
  8. The little bit of veneer work I've done I used both. The painters tape held the veneer together from the backside while everything was laid out. Then I put veneer tape on the top side, the painters tape was removed just prior to gluing to a substrate. I believe i asked why veneer tape is better and the answer was painter's tape has a much larger thickness and when a few layers are overlapped it can create uneven clamping pressure. I also don't know for a fact but I'm not sure that painter's tape will release nicely after gluing. Veneer tape sands off very quickly and easily with 220 grit and in my experience doesn't discolor the veneer.
  9. I've been told they break in with time and that yank softens a lot. My favorite install is one soft close one regular minimizes that yank but still provides the functionality. If you try the blum tandem they are also in a different world than most of the side mount slides. Soft close cabinet doors though are worth every penny imo.
  10. Chestnut

    more power!

    Report back on the solar panels. I've been interested in installing some on my roof just to offset my electric bill. Though I must admit I thought mine was bad at $70 in the winter and $150 in the summer. I guess I'll consider myself lucky. I also find it interesting that you have a 5 ton AC. We just installed a 2.5 ton for 3,100 sq ft. That's the difference between the north and south.
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    I cull pretty heavily. I used to save every picture and was saving 10k-12k pictures a year. Now i only keep what are good and not redundant and that went down to 1,500 a year. I whittle that down further to my favorites which ends up being around 30 a year. Cut down to prints i maybe get 10 a year that I'd ever print and hang on my wall.
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    I'm really interested in this. Do you have links to sites that explain this process more? Wait digital negative. Are you making these prints from digital files?
  13. Nice work cliff looks like good usable projects. Mine just went in the ground a week ago and are only 4" tall.
  14. I guess if this was me I'd attach them the same way I'd do a furniture slat. I'd create a u channel on both top and bottom that the baluster fits into and then use spacer pieces in between. As long as the top and bottom u channel are securely attached the balusters for all intents and purposes could be loose. in the event that you do nail them the toe nail at the bottom would be hidden by the spacer in the u channel. Probably overkill on trying to hide fasteners but it's how I'd do it. I'd also construct it in a way that could be removed in the future when the kids are no longer bent on self destruction. Adding the u channels would allow me to attach it in place with minimal nails so when it was removed it wouldn't leave huge screw holes. I used dashed lines to indicate hidden lines.
  15. A brace that goes where the red lines I've drawn on your picture would solve that movement really easily. Your swing may need to be moved towardsthe center a bit. It might not take as large of a brace as i have drawn either. A close up of the splits would better help address that. With a cross brace they may not be an issue.
  16. That's a Forester that doesn't count. Now if that was in an impreza hatch I'd be more impressed... . If you didn't set the board on the dash against the windshield your leaving length on the table.... . I did a few 10 foot boards in my WRX hatch. the car is only 14' long. Still the 12' lvls in an escort is just bonkers and wins the competition.
  17. I'm not entirely sure about that. A close friend of mine bought an item used and when it was stolen the insurance company covered new replacement value. I asked this specifically of my insurance company and for scheduled items at least i declare the value and they insure that value despite any depreciation. For items that don't have a well documented used market it's difficult for them to look in a book to determine the used value for say a Laguna 14/12 bandsaw from 2006 in fair to good condition. My policy is for replacement cost so that covers new value of the item but there are also cash value policies. Punch line they may care and may reimburse that amount if the item no longer is available new. At least you'd have good information if they tried to give you $5 for a $1,000 table saw. The big question and i never got a clear answer is how would insurance company cover handmade items.... like my Morris Chairs or dining set. Or alternately how would it cover lumber? I probably have as much value in lumber as i do equipment but it's hard to document.
  18. I often get friends to ask me about trim work and my opinion on it. I almost always tell them a good trim carpenter is worth every penny. Followed by if your trim looked good before try really hard to salvage and reuse it. Trim carpentry isn't really difficult but it's tedious and requires a high attention to detail. Not everone is capable of that. Your basement is looking awesome keep that detail level up!
  19. I used my slab delivery vehicle to bring some wood to my shed. This works real nice.
  20. Man by comparison my day is pretty below aveage. I was excited catching a 14ish inch large mouth bass with a worm. Guess i'll have to try agan another day. Congrats on the new awesome house/lot @JohnG and new car Mel
  21. Cover it in oil and wrap everything up is how I handeled my cast iron when i moved. Mine sat in a storage unit for only 5 months though. Glad your saw is still in great condition. Does this mean you have access to 220v now and are going to put it back to work?
  22. The bora 3500 is probably the best bet. I don't know that the wheels would ruin the osb on your floor but it's better to play it safe.
  23. I'm hoping that you go over that in detail that sounds super interesting. Is this epoxy different than the bartop stuff sold in box stores? I've seen many tables done with that stuff that look hazy from scratches after a few years.
  24. It has it's own built in mobile base. It doesn't have swivel casters but is generally easy to move around on concrete surfaces. Also keep in mind the 15% off sale is through may 31 only so don't miss that.
  25. A couple of door stops? I'm assuming you want to keep it mobile so if you can't take it off the permanent wheel best thing would be to block it in place with a wedge or 2. They wouldn't have to be commercial stops you could just use a couple wedges that are shop made. I keep the wedges from when i create tapers on legs for purposes like this all the time.