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  1. I do but these were factory loads that never grouped as well or hit in the same place as my usual load. It amazes me how much of a difference that all makes.
  2. I put some holes in paper from a long way off... That top left corner was the last 3 shots and my shoulder was quite sore. Flinching resulted.
  3. Where did you get it. I've been considering something for drawer organization and to stop everything from bumping together. It's either foam or something from wood. Not sure what would eat more time.
  4. Any one have a link to the filling funnel? I have some bags but I think I forgot to buy a funnel at least I can't find it.
  5. This looks great. I really like the split guard idea. i also saw the chip pile on IG. How well does the motor handle the wide material that you passed over? I can't remember but think you went with a 2hp motor right?
  6. I have the griper push blocks for my jointer and they are really nice. I am short with short arms so I prefer the Mattias Wandel push sticks. They allow me to stay back and I don't have to reach over the blade. That said I don't really do many rip cuts at the table saw especially thin rip cuts. Personally I think the band saw is the safest way to make them but i realize that doesn't work for everyone.
  7. I've been tossing around the garage floor coating for my garage and i came to the conclusion that after the cost of everything it's almost the same price to hire a professional and have it done by them. IIRC i got a quote from a guy that was around 4-5$ a SF but that included grinding and surface prep. Those kits are about $2 a SF but doesn't include the prep.
  8. Maloof used plugged screws. My thought with the draw bore peg is cut the peg short and then make a face grain plug to hide the draw bore. I was goign to suggest epoxy as well but the plane shaving will work just as well if not better and might be easier to do. Though if you want belt and suspenders do both.
  9. That looks great cliff i like the desing and the hardware with the desk. I need to try the stuff.
  10. They leave a lot to be desired from the reports i've read. $25 is quite inexpensive though.
  11. This was a big mistake of festool. The Pro5 sander was a finish sander and really should be used to sand 220 grit and higher. I've used it with 150 & 180 grit on bare wood but it's not the ideal use case. It has a nice small stroke and excels at sanding finishes (poly. shellac, lacquor) but doesn't have the power for raw stock sanding. It also works great for plywood sanding as the small stroke and low power doesn't blast through thin veneers. I'm going to have to disagree here on the end grain. I use my planes over sanders on end grain because sanders are so SLOW. It takes for eve
  12. The bosch glide does have a depth stop for cutting dados though i'm not sure how accuratly it can cut them. I feel that's an operation best suited for a table say. Unless you are making something where a little gap here or there isn't a major concern, like shop furniture.
  13. What is the point of a battery powered tool when you hook up the Vac hose that has a plug right there? Also i feel like a #4 from Veritas or Lie Nielsen would do a better job faster, maybe not on these epoxy monstrosities but with a 2" wide edge balancing a sander isn't that difficult. You can buy it as an attachment for a sander you already have... $99 isn't awful, makes the sander and guide $200 total if you bought one of the Pro5 ltd sanders for $100 when they came out. Trouble
  14. Nope, nope and defiantly no. I think they exist in the state but I've never heard about them causing issues on houses or what not. Or maybe there is a species here that doesn't go after houses?
  15. I have learned to not ask questions and just go with it.
  16. That one tree is probably the dead tree that I'm cutting down this fall when i rent a bucket lift. It's been dead a few years now. I guess i'm not sure about bugs attaching it do you mean wood boring bugs like termites? We don't have termites.
  17. Shannon rodges just talked about using plane shavings to "close" loose joinery like what you illustrated. He applied glue then the plane shaving and then more glue and assembled the joint. I think this entire episode will help you a lot. For the gap I'd use a sliver of wood or something to fill most of it. It's not going to be perfect because of the grain direction in the wood though. Loving the build so far. Your journal convinced me that I shouldn't compromise on the kitchen table I'm making soon. I wanted to do th
  18. I got everything planted. It got up to 94 with 50% relative humidity so it was hot and humid. I got tired toward the end. I had a ton of Martagon lilies that I just wanted in the ground. I'll let them get established in this row over the next 2 years and then move them. This coming weekend i have a few plants that I wanted to buy to place up there. A couple hydrangas and a couple small trees.
  19. Helped my grandmother with some gardening. She has a 1/3rd acre lot that is home to 150 varieties of hostas and probably another 25 variety of lilies with some other perennials mixed in. I should have taken picutres because most people would feint at the number of plants she takes care of. of her 1/3rd acre lot she has maybe 1,000 sq ft of grass. I got sent home with the bed of my pickup full of plants for my wooded area. I have no idea the value of what is in there. I got maybe 100 Martagon lilly bulbs, 30 hostas, a good 15 bleeding hearts and 10 really good sized goats beard.
  20. Drywall tapeing is a chore no matter what way you swing it.
  21. Sweet then I'm a very bad professional woodworker and my hobby is engineering....
  22. Jar944, do you live in North America? You mention that you find shpers regularly for decent prices on Craig's List, i just looked and there was only 1 here that was even worth looking at and it was $1,100 used for a powermatic. In your opinion what is the minimum a person should look for in a shaper? I feel like the jump to a shaper isn't worth it unless the top has a miter slot. One of the big benefits i see of a shaper is being able to use a miter gauge for cope and stick construction. Do you have resources for some of the larger advantages that shapers offer over a router table? It is
  23. This seems like a conversation that will just get people flustered. There is no right tool for a hobby shop or production shop. I don't feel that some arbitrary classification determines the tooling a shop must have. What is a hobby shop? What is a production shop? Is a shop that produces woodworking videos by making furniture and cabinets, a production shop? I'd say yes, in that token my hobby shop produces more "product" than a few production shops. Does that make my shop a production shop? Does it matter? Shapers have a space in a shop where they are needed for the worker to complete what e
  24. Did the glass get trimmed after the first picture above? The reason I ask is because it looks like there are some folds in the fiberglass sheet along the edges. If the glass does get some folds how does that look after everything is covered with epoxy? My final question is how heavy is the fiberglass? It seems like it should be kind heavy but i have a feeling that it is deceptively light. Also i can't help but notice that this doesn't look like your shop. Does it make the project more difficult not working in your shop or because it was a kit it doesn't matter much?
  25. I'd love to have a shaper. I think it'd be a great tool. I used to get alerts from Craig's list for them just in case a good one popped up for a decent price but they were always a bit too expensive or required too much work. The reason I haven't bought one is mostly cost and use. I use my router table maybe every 3rd or 4th project and generally it's for very simple operations that a shaper could do but wouldn't really be utilizing the machine. I don't think it's any lost love, or hatred for the machines. I honestly just don't think most hobby shops can justify their cost. That said