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  1. It's for using masonry bits for drilling concrete. My shop has block walls so to hang anything i need to put a hole in concrete which doesn't really work with a regular drill. I agree though it's unnecessary added weight. Though it seems the better made drills typically have the hammer feature.
  2. So because they made you stain you told them blue drawer pulls are standard anything else is extra? I'm not bashing the blue pulls i used them for about 5 months on one piece I made. Stuff happens when you can't find the perfect knob.
  3. Solid work the chair looks awesome. I like that your round over or easing edges is a bit less than what Marc does in the plans. I feel he is too heavy handed with it. Your edges look a lot more crisp and well defined and it gives a bit of a different look to the chair.
  4. Location is a huge hurdle but buying from a wholeseller is your best bet. This is a lumber wholeseller near me not sure how far out they service. Large orders are the best way to keep costs down. I"m not sure if you are interested in only selling S4S or if you are planning on selling rough. If you want to sell surfaced lumber from my experience it's going to be cheaper to buy rough and offer processing fees. This leaves the most flexibility for your consumer as they can buy rough or surfaced.
  5. Chestnut

    Twin Turbo Vise

    I ordered mine a while ago and am excited to receive it. Mr. Klein is working like 18 hour days the fill the orders on these vises after seeing how well packaged it is this makes sense. I've been following the journey on social media. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the vise. Are you going to put yours on the end of your bench or on a long edge?
  6. I really like this look and idea. Like REALLY like it enough I might steal it someday.It kind of has a Nakashima vibe to it.
  7. Still have plenty of work left. I need to make the deadman, create the gap stop, ease the edges, figure out a temporary bottom shelf, and apply some sort of finish. The gap between the slabs is larger than Marc's and my plan is to make the gapstop large enough in a way that tools can be stored there but that they will sit below the bench surface.
  8. Yes the OP is most defiantly trolling. Resist the bait, resist the bait. Shoot i thought i got away with it....
  9. Lee valley has some folding adornidac chair plans and hardware to match. They fold up to make storage a bit easier.
  10. Can you do a top down view with dimensions? Also put rough locations of tools and locations for outlets. You have quite a blank slate so your layout is going to be hard because you have so many options. I like the shop, and am willing to add some help on DC. Are you thinking of hard pipe or flex pipe for everything? I guess also include if you like your tools out in the middle or against the wall ect. Maybe include some thoughts on future plans for tool purchases ect. That could drive layout. I'd plan for a cyclone in the future either distant or near. The HF collector works well but if you add too much on it things won't really work well. IMO that collector can work great modified but it takes time and money and it starts to loose it's benefit. I also worry about the longevity of that motor. For blast gates they aren't as nice as the iVac ones but the self cleaning gates from lee valley are a breeze to bump open and closed. If you buy 4 they are very reasonable priced. I don't want to knock the iVac system but it is costly and i personally feel that you have other areas that your hard earned $$$ could go first. I covered some DC topics in my shop journal/build here. Page 5 has some pictures towards the end of the DC setup. You can see my blast gate locations. As of right now they are SUPER easy to hit and i wouldn't ever bother with remote controlled gates. My table saw would be the 1 exception but i just leave that one open for makeup air.
  11. The jig that you use to sand the rocker laminations is interesting. I also thing it's interesting how thick those laminations look. What thickness did you cut the lamination too? Would you have less issues with breakage if you went thinner? Also is all the stock that you are using for this project air dried, or did you get some KD lumber?
  12. I think the OP is referring to Marc's Miter station Guild Build. @Lstrohmeyer Marc doesn't use these forums any more so you won't be getting an answer from him. Most likely that answer can be found in the youtube video on the build or in the guild build it's self. My guess is that he wanted to be able to set up multiple stop blocks and with flip stops be able to use them with out having to move and reset them.
  13. Why does it seem like it's scowling angrily at me....
  14. I got some finish on the chop and it looks pretty awesome. The cherry almost has a quilted maple look. The front is a bit larger than the back so it creates a shadow detail. My thought was this would look kind of neat on the bench. The finish is still curing so I'm going to wait to install the chop. This week i was focusing on getting the top flat so I had to build a router sled. I went to grab some 2x6 material from the shed to realize that I've used it all so I had to go buy more. Because i drive by a box store on my way home from work i never make a specific trip for anything and just do it the next day. So I had a night to mess around on the lathe. I bought some cheap calipers and dividers to take measurements and be able to replicate things. This made a huge improvement on being able to get the knobs similar in shape. For the sake of a few laughs i made all the knobs similar but just different enough that you can tell they aren't the same. I also wanted to make a bit of a joke on wood species so I used the 3 most popular woods. Purpleheart, Red Oak. and Pine, they also happen to be some of the most divisive woods. The stock i cut the purple heart from was VIBRANT purple so that knob is going to get really flashy eventually. IIRC purpleheart is more mellow after it's milled and takes some time to gain it's color. Last night I milled some 2x6s for guide rails to flatten the top. This worked out quite well. I ended up having a slight twist in the front slab and had to take off about 1/16" from the area in front of the leg vise. I think this is the biggest mess I've made in my shop. Normally the DC grabs all of the dust and my floor stays pretty clean. It looked like a Cherry Bomb had gone off.... It felt like it took longer to sweep than it did to flatten the top.
  15. Honestly there are FAR too many variables to say Xhp will work. With a well setup efficient system a 1.5hp DC could be enough for a 1 man shop. 2hp would make things a lot easier. 3hp is enough to run 2 4" machines at once. 5hp is big enough to run 2 6" machines at once. 4" and 6" are the dust port size. If you minimize flex hose and move from tool to tool I don't doubt that collector would capture as much dust as a 4" port could collect.The 570 CFM is with 2" WC pressure drop on the hose so that assumes probably 10 feet of flex.Less flex hose is less pressure which is more suction. I have a 3hp gorilla pro their hepa filters are good and efficient.
  16. Chestnut

    Work Bench Top

    I really like the Idea that Andy Klein came up with. It has the nice benefit of being a bit easier to retrofit to a bench top. That said the BC stuff is nice as well (except for those knobs ). There are other options like the pipe clamp vise. It really depends on how much you want to spend. If you are on the fence go cheap, you can always add something nicer later with minimal work, except for bench crafted. Retrofit ability really is their biggest downfall other than the previously mentioned knobs.
  17. I've been told I'm difficult to get gifts for, which i don't understand I have clamps as a long standing item on my wish list. I'm told clamps are a boring gift to which i always respond with "Giving me a clamp is giving me something i guarantee i will use, and probably use to make you a gift in return." Well see this year, I'm not holding my breath. I generally leave a LN catalog around and have also said that pretty much anything inside it I'd be more than happy to have even if it was a single chisel. Books are always a good gift in my opinion i have a good solid list of books i'd like that i make sure to share with family as well. Happy Birthday!
  18. My miter station isn't large enough to full support and I don't think it needs to. That said if you want to pull the cabinets out a bit I'd add some shelves to close the gap behind. The dust that falls behind my miter station is annoying. It's difficult to climb under there every 3 months to vacuum it up.
  19. I really like this idea. I can't wait to see how it comes together.
  20. Could do that i was thinking driving them from the bottom up so that they'd be hidden. My favorite issue to quote when my friends are having computer issues.
  21. Bridle ... we're not goign to a wedding here... I made this mistake many times as well. I agree with half lap or Bridal (bridle) for all joints. I don't think that M&T would be fitting for the joints at the top of the legs. The half lap and bridle joint are among the strongest the downside is the appearance but this design celebrates that appearance. For the bottom cross feet a dowel through the joint could go a long way in improving strength.
  22. I think he may have cut a couple of those before this one.... so impressive.
  23. Yes you are right. I guess it should have been noted that the brands among those he noted are all good bets. That said i often wonder if some of the lighter duty household brands are good enough for the light duty work I do. It'd be interesting if the better value for money is the cheaper brand. Alas i bought for the hammer drill and good chuck. Is any one else somewhat disappointed in the chucks in the drills these days? All of the drills feel cheap compared to what i have.
  24. My main go to drill is a Dewalt XRP 18v from 2009 ... 2008? IDK it's OLD. It's still going strong. I got one of the first Li ion 18v batteries before the MAX system came out so it has to be before 2010. I don't think brand matters two licks. Find the tool with the features you want and base your system around that tool. Or if you have a color you like pick that color. When my dewalt end's it's useful life i will be diving into the festool system for 1 major reason, batteries are king. I have 4 18v batteries for a cordless track saw and it is high among the useful tools in my shop. The reason that batteries are King is they have generally a set lifespan and it's mostly measured in number of charges. If every tool uses the same battery and you have 4-8 batteries the number of times you discharge each battery is lower and it extends their life. I'll never wear out a tool, I'll wear out the batteries. More batteries = longer lifespan of system.