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    These changes appeared when the subscriptions were added back. Not sure if there were some settings linked to that change. Thanks for doing what you do and providing us a space to discuss woodworking.
  2. Brush on polyacrilic on the thicker side, and don't over work the finish. Lay it down quick and leave it. Waterborne finishes don't take well to continuous brushing and you will do more harm than good. If left alone it will level out. Sand between coats of finish with some 400 grit. I doubt the person thought much one way or another. Odds are they just grabbed the next board. The mishmash of grain textures and grain styles is part of what defines the rustic or farmhouse style. I don't think they did anything necessarily wrong or harmful.
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    We might get a bit of a higher occurrence of the same handful of questions but this way we can just copy past responses or share links to threads where it's been answered.
  4. English sure has changed. I don't understand half of what the teenagers say these days.
  5. Nice work that far right board is particularly nasty. In the future look at the ends of the boards. If the grain arcs are from big circles the board is going to behave better. The smaller the radius the grain arcs make the more unruly the board may be. This is a generalization and not a hard rule. I think that problem board is nearly 1/2 of a tree. The end grain almost makes it look like the pith is included. If it were flipped over it'd have matched the other boards better. I'm assuming there is some sort of defect on the other side that is presenting that.
  6. I feel downright spoiled after this last January. All of the warmer months have been taken. If you want a warmer month up here for a weeding you need to book 2 years out. That seems like an awful long time to wait and we wanted to take advantage of our parents pocketbooks while they are still alive .
  7. I'm aware, the relay equipment my dad used to use at work had issues with computers that operated too fast so they still had quite a few dos and windows 3.1 machines around from the 386 & 486 days. Those old machines can be expensive to fix if a part fails.
  8. I bought 100 bf of 8/4 walnut for $5/bf. I thought it was an ok deal.
  9. This is how I'd accomplish the result. Chisel, sanding. Other tools that work great would be rasps, spoke shaves, angle girders with sculpting heads.
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    This isn't a problem that i consider bad enough to warrant immediate attention. I figured I'd post an update here as I've been still getting the 502 gateway issue from time to time. It's been the culprit for the multiple postings. I wanted to post so the moderators and admin were aware that I'm not be negligent and blindly posting multiple times. I try and catch them but sometimes I miss the multiple posts.
  11. You could try a bit of adhesive sandpaper on the angle part of the moveable cleat. The sandpaper would give the part a bit more resistance to slipping around but still allow for easy use. The other thing to address is how the tools are mounted. If they are catching when you are trying to lift them off of what ever is mounted to the cleat maybe try configuring them in a way that doesn't catch. With out exact pictures and descriptions of your situation all we can rely on is conjecture. More specifics might yield in better responses that would address your specific needs. In a broad french cleat discussion a locking pin would be undesirable to most users as it would defeat the mechanic of the system.
  12. I was in a cabinet shop yesterday and I saw the windows 98 pipes screen saver on one of their machines.... So i think your more up to date than some. Man just seeing that screensaver brought me back in time 15 years... uhh 22 years.
  13. Derek, i tried browsing your website and i couldn't help but to notice all of the links on the home page are broken and all result in 404 errors.
  14. Yeah it's just missing...
  15. Finally got the joinery cut for all the back rest parts. After batching out the joinery I used the smoothing planes to clean up all the parts. There was a bit of hand sanding required on the curved profiles but nothing major. All the little details on the back rest are quite tedious and i probably had 20 hours just in smoothing the legs, and other parts. I also made a LARGE pile of plane shavings. Glueup went smoothly for all of the chair backs. The last one gave me the most troubles but it wasn't anything major. I have 3 sweeping left and 3 sweeping right. I figure this will tie the asymetrical chairbacks together well when they are set around the table. I must have done a decent job at making the parts uniform. They next together quite well. Next up I have to figure out the joinery for the angled side rails and then figure out a good way to streamline the joinery for the side rails front legs, and front rail. I also need to decide if i want to do a lower rail between the front and rear legs or not.
  16. And done works great fast and easy.
  17. I noticed on my phone that there are some large ads that weren't there even a few days ago. I don't know how ad stuff works so not sure if it was a change on their side or ours.
  18. Those look like sound cables... How do sound cables turn into video... Looks awesome. That projector looks like the real deal, the color looks great (mind you it's a picture through the internet).
  19. See over time I think cherry and walnut look better together. The closer they are in color the more the hue and grain have to be relied on to set them apart. It's subtle but that's why I like it. Plain maple and walnut together is just a punch to the face to me, not my liking. White oak and walnut together though. That is an under rated pairing.
  20. For laptop and desktop browsing there is always adblock plus and ublock origin. I'd support to block the ads but that isn't an option and i prefer not to view them. Not to mention how many ads try and sneak in malware.
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    Big photo dump sorry. It was too exciting. These alone aren't the biggest deer in the world but that they were standing together surprised me. As they were walking away I got to see the little guy and big guy spar a bit but they kept walking side by side after that. There was also a little 2X2 hanging out at the stag party.
  22. So it's complicated. You have this product correct? If so It should be a good fit for your DC. Could you run 6" lines from the cyclone yes maybe but it might not be advisable. 5" would work but you are limited to metal pipe at that point. You should be able to pull enough air through a 4" pipe to keep particles moving down a 5" horizontal line. For vertical drops I'd do 4" pipe as moving debris vertically is more difficult. The details behind why 5" would work are complicated but the premise is air compresses so for short down sizing like 2-4" you can squeeze more air through a smaller opening than if it was longer. It won't perform as well as if it had 6" openings. The biggest thing to concern yourself with. If you are going to run hard duct lines make sure you have a well designed system that has as few of bends as possible and minimizes back to back wyes. An ideal setup has 1 truck and a wye that goes to each tool. If the air has to travel through more than 1 wye before it attaches to the trunk line that's too many. Your trunk line is the line that goes into the inlet of your cyclone anything after a bend or a wye is a branch. Make sure to use Wyes NOT Tees there is a HUGE difference. All bends are best to be 45 degrees if you need to turn a 90 have 2 45 degree bends separated by some strait pipe. Tips and tricks reference.
  23. December. Want to come?
  24. Awesome I'm glad you figured it out. I find myself wanting a CNC more and more for the inlay capabilities as well as the engraving capabilities. I just wish you could use a CNC with out needing to use a computer.
  25. $6 a year ... a bargain I'd do $50!