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  1. I always get entertainment out of your puzzles. So a fun game with this would be to have a large group give 1 person the solution and have them make a bunch of extra motions with the puzzle box like spin it on a table smack a bunch of random spots trying to conceal how it was unlocked. Then pass it to another person and see how long it takes people in the group to figure it out.
  2. I must admit i know little about chains. I told the guy at the shop what i was doing and he handed me 2 of these. He wanted to sell me a bigger bar, I should have listened to him. The 25" is really nice for bucking and felling though so I will use it but i can see myself buying a 32" bar really soon I'll have to do some math to see if a 36" will fit If i leave the spiky things on the saw. (sorry i don't remember terms)
  3. This was the part of the tree that was dead standing. Three was a lot of ants and spalting. We'll see what's in the other logs this weekend.
  4. Mounted First cut Got 2 10/4 6' long boards. They are about 14" wide.
  5. I had a dw745 back in the day and used it with an 8 1/4" blade it worked pretty well with that. The lower tip speed gave the motor a bit more torque and it handled hardwoods a hair better.
  6. I can count on 1 finger the number of times I've consumed alcohol in the last 5 years so I probably won't be making a whisky cabinet anytime soon. I like the idea of the blanket chest but the previous views of having it be a piece of furniture that is prominent in the house is appealing to me. Megan is 100% on board with the idea and allowed me to rearrange my project schedule to make it work. Beings that a sideboard is on the schedule anyway I'm leaning that way. I'm thinking the doors would be the best idea. The internal drawer bottom is a good idea but that is likely to be permanently covered up.
  7. Thanks Jim i love the 6" double squares but haven't been using them as much for the reasons below. I think i'll order a couple now. They haven't had the PEC 6" doubles there for a while it's been irritating to me. I bought a couple not realizing they were the 1/50s and 1/100s which is incredibly irritating ti use. Made me realize i MUCH prefer fractions. I can halve 1/16ths really fast but couldn't tell you that in decimal to save my life
  8. I did think about frames but the guest list is in the 300s so I'd have to do like 20. I Really like the idea of the inside of the drawer bottoms for a sideboard or inside the doors. The sideboard I'm planning on making is going to match the Morris chairs and is doubtful to ever go anywhere. My other idea was a blanket chest but that would probably be in our bedroom and wouldn't get that random share as often. I get the wanting to remove signatures from people as they shift through but that's not really me. Unless you did something really terrible to me I'm the type of person that still cherished the time we had together. If you are that person that shot my dog or something i have a power sander or card scraper handy, no pencil needed.
  9. So i had an awesome idea to have our wedding guest book be a furniture part where the bottom or inside is signed by our guests. The idea is it's a part that would be in a location that would be possible to be seen even if it's seen by looking at the underside of a table. The back of a back panel that would only be seen when the piece is moved is not really what I'm thinking. I also would like when it's closed to not be visible. As much as I enjoy my friends and family I don't want to stare at their graffiti all the time. My initial ideas are the bottom of our kitchen table that is on the list to make. You'd have to stick your head under the table to see anything though. Another idea would be the insides of the doors for a sideboard or the drawer bottoms for something like a side board. A lot the people on here have some great ideas so throw them out there.
  10. That's a bit expensive for highway art. I suppose good quality "paint" makes the artwork better. That picture is on the north side of a hill that has pines along the ridge. I'll have snow there the end of may. Everywhere else is. Grass.
  11. When it's cold it helps a little bit. When it's warm it's not so bad.
  12. Chestnut

    Miter saw

    Id get a nice miter gauge and use a table saw. Its how i cut anything that needs the accuracy or anything wide.
  13. Yep I'd have fun with a car like that. Tires at cheap right? Was hoping to mill these tomorrow but won't be the case shipping got delayed. 5 6' 12" to 20" box elder. The ends are pink so they should have some flame in them.
  14. How big is your basement shop? I finish in mine but it's larger 750 sq ft. I usually put a coat on as the last thing i do then leave the shop for at least 12h. I also wear a voc respirator.
  15. That's how far it throws chips. Gonna mill it up and give it to my dad. It's boxelder and was damaged it looks like it might have some good red streaking.
  16. I bought a thing. Then something fell over. Not sure how this happened....
  17. Chestnut

    Domino Time

    Well Festool products is pretty local for you. Their service has been pretty good for me so far. I've asked them a few questions and they promptly reply. Their shipping is fast. They are just north of NYC so for you it's almost like buying local.
  18. Chestnut


    Where do they store it all? We can only really buy 2 at most packs at a time or i have no where to store it.
  19. Nice work! It'd take me longer than 20 min to find my brad nailer... I swear i got it back from whom ever i borrowed it to.
  20. How long do you go between filter cleanings? I try and clean mine annually with some light blasts from the air compressor on the outside weekly.
  21. From the table on here it appears your 1.5mm tip should be ok. My guess is what ever works for GF high performance is goign to work with the WB lacquer.
  22. Chestnut

    Domino Time

    Buy local? Otherwise festool products has been good to me. I also buy from Acme tools but they are local for me. I think you'd be surprised at how many local deals you have.
  23. If you cover that up with tasty snacks it's just more motivation to eat more tasty snacks.... as if more motivation was ever needed .
  24. I would have never guessed to do that. That's a great idea.
  25. Asks about my serving trey and then posts a serving tray that makes mine look like a childish attempt Beautiful work sir this is awesome i love it. How did you do the dip down in the middle with the sides?