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  1. The problem is the person that is supposed to be keeping an eye on it.... Seeing that fresh planed surface roll out of the planer is way more exciting than watching a bin fill... .
  2. Too full for comfort....
  3. There is a huge stand of 500-600 mature tress near La Crosse, WI. I think it's the largest mature stand of American Chestnut. ACF has been using the stand for research for years i believe. I've been meaning to visit it during spring bloom sometime.
  4. What town in SD did you hunt near? I need to go phesant hunting sometime. I've always meant to but ...never got around to it when i lived in ND.
  5. My guess is hallow chisel mortiser free standing machine. I got my shipping notification for 4 American Chestnut trees. I'm kind of excited to see what happens.
  6. I was working 14 hours a day from home. I didn't get any woodworking done in the last 6 weeks it feels like. I've been back in the office since Monday and i swear my productivity took a noose dive. Boss doesn't see it that way so i guess that's all that matters.
  7. So wood will oxidize of sorts when unfinished. It gives it a slightly grey appearance. It appears your issue is that the whole door would need to be sanded evenly before finishing. The door you already have finished would need to be sanded back to raw wood. I worry with the engineered doors how they are built and if there is a thin veneer on top of particle board. If that's the case be careful sanding removing too much wood will remove the oak veneer leaving ugly spots.
  8. I never expected the clamp to work so well. I bought one as part of a set of something and they really are good. I always thought it was kinda fiddly but it's good to know the cloth strap ones are worse.
  9. Megan hounded me about getting one for Christmas. Those stand mixers must be the kitchen table saw.
  10. Yeah but it wasn't worth the money when i bought it. The V35 was 95% the same phone and $600 less expensive. My work pays for my phone so might as well get the best at the time. It's a good phone. A few of the quirks that my old V20 had were fixed. The put a power button on the side instead of the back which is helpful. The reason i was drawn to it initially was for the 3 different perspective cameras, telephoto, normal, and wide. So many other phones were adding gimmicky depth of field sensors and time of flight sensors that add nothing to taking a real picture but increase the price of the phone. Cameras are better than the v20 but a 20 year old DSLR can wipe the floor with even the newest and best cellphone image quality wise.
  11. Yeah i enjoyed that while it lasted. I could get a brand new battery or an upgraded battery every 9 months and never had to worry about lost battery life. Not the case any more. I've had a V40 for the last year and I'm starting to notice the battery life not last as long as it used to. I could probably pay to have it replaced but i worry about opening up electronics like this. They never seem to work as well after that happens. I still end the day with ~75% remaining so i'm not concerned yet. Maybe next year i won't be in as good of shape.
  12. Nice Work! I must say I'm not a fan of the epoxy river table stuff but this is a better way to use the technique and i like it. I think you did a good job with the epoxy pour to get some texture in the fill as well as a decent thickness of lumber. Most of these river tables seem too heavy handed using 2" thick slabs that just look clunky.
  13. To be fair to amazon, if you order something on their list of essential items they get it to you fast. I ordered some household items 7pm Tuesday and had the item in hand 3pm Wednesday.
  14. Hey... um ... someone installed the vises on the wrong ends of the bench you made for me . Looks great! Do you have a first project in mind?
  15. I don't consider myself an audiophile either. The thing that bothers me is short cuts in the music or blips or other artifacts. I haven't really ran across BT that doesn't have it yet. I just don't think some people notice? I swear i have misophonia, there are sounds that give me awful anxiety. I don't really appreciate what ever it is in my brain that does that. So I'm gonna blame some condition and say that I'm the weird one, because most people love bluetooth. That said the work tunes are awful. I'm using them to try and train myself to not be bothered by that stuff. It's kinda of working. Using them with out anything obstructing the ear cup is the only way i can run my router table though. No other hearing protection has gotten close at blocking the racket a router makes.
  16. I use the 3m Worktunes. Blutooth stinks and cuts out a lot and the audio quality is junk but they block a LOT of sound. For other work i use sound isolating erabuds with a cord. IMO you just can't replace corded headphones for sound quality.
  17. Thanks Tom I really appreciate your advice.
  18. This is pointed at @Tom King but anyone can chime in. I always appreciate more information than less. We're repainting the outside of our house and previously you recommended Sherwin Williams Emerald. Is that still your recommendation? We also need to repaint the trim, windows, soffit, fascia, and gutters. Would the same Emerald work on those surfaces or is there a better product for these parts? I'd go ask the guys at the store but they aren't open and only take phone orders. Luckily i know the color i need already.
  19. I've had boards (wider than 8") hang over the edge of my PJ882 and it cuts a rabbit just fine. It'd be interesting to hear from PM why they recommend against it.
  20. Thanks for sharing the PDF this is really neat. I imagine that you could take it and make one what ever size you need.
  21. That's the money slot ... er card slot.
  22. The cutter is brilliant. Is there a way to post a link to be able to download the pdf? I've always wanted a router plane but i just can't bring my self to buy one and no one wants to get me one for a gift.
  23. Seeing someone being married for 48 years doesn't really comprehend to me. It's seems impressive but I'd bet i don't even understand half of it. Was this before or after the festool and Lie Nielsen addiction? High altitude climbing sounds like it'd be a lot of fun but yikes as well on the time and money side of it. Megan and I recently discovered that we both really like ATV trails (hence the new quad) she loves riding and i love driving. It feels good to find something you both like to do together. If my project completion rate slows I'm going to blame us having more fun together.
  24. That is a great looking set up. Messy shop though? I don't think it looks all that bad. I know what it's like though when stuff invades your shop, happened to me last week,