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  1. That's not nearly enough. That's only like 2 years supply...
  2. I'm going to post my incredibly mediocre ice cream paddle i turned in this thread just to bring it somewhat back to reality. This is pushing my skill level.
  3. I'm gonna stick to furniture.....
  4. I'm amazed at how fast you can churn these out. The end result is beautiful and does not look like you spent less than 100 hours on it.
  5. Now it's time to use it. I found out last night, after i got home late due to a 12 hour work day, that turning a couple quick things on a lathe is fun and relaxing. Your setup is beautiful and makes mine look like a joke but it works.
  6. Just hack 1cm off the end. You didn't need a fence that long anyway. That sucks. I've been super careful with my miter gauges but i bet it's only time until I do this to one of mine as well. If it bothers you enough incra does sell replacement parts.
  7. For the trestle sides I had to make a drawing. The dimensions for the angles were too complicated to remember.Though i forgot to dimension my drawing so i had to get the dimensions by scaling off the computer screen. It was always going to be birch. If i mentioned pine somewhere I must have been sleep typing. I get a pretty good allergic reaction to some of the pine species, I think fir, so i try to avoid using them.
  8. Thanks. I'm glad that my sister just gave me dimensions and let me go. She approved the over all design but beings that she knows what her Christmas gift will be the surprise will be the end result.
  9. Been working on this one slowly and steadily over the last couple weeks. I cut a bunch of material to rough length and width to make 3 ply parts for the trestles. I'm not measuring how much wood I'm using I'm just kinda guessing. The route that i'm planning on going will be a bit more wasteful but I think the result is going to look somewhat nicer. Got all of the parts matched and made sure the defects were towards the inside. Using 3 plys allows a lot of the bad material to be used for the center ply as long as you make sure to account for the fact that some cutting and shaping will be done. I put a lot of bad looking knots towards the middle which is nice. I used a good 75% of my clamps here. I utilized some of the offcuts from making the table trestle legs to glue up the legs for the benches. I figured I'd get 1.5" x 3" blanks to do some sore of MCM taper for the bench legs to make an attempt to match the style for the trestle. I have an idea but I don't have it on paper so you'll have to follow along to see the end of that one. I ganged all the legs together and glued them up in 1 batch. Made things nice. I brought this wood in my shop November 24th. Which happened to be the same day that I found the rotten wood on my shop window. The wood came in my shop 7 days ago at 20% MC according to my pinless meter. Today it measured 12-13%. EMC in my shop for this wood is 10-11% so it dropped the moisture fast which is surprising for air dried lumber. This air dried paper birch is a dream to work. With handtools it works similar to KD walnut except is nicer in some ways. I"m really enjoying this wood a lot. I"m glad i have another 200 BF in my shed . To make the trestle legs i figured it was easier to make 2 blocks and then glue them together up the center. This allows me to make a really easy but perfect through mortise for the stretcher. If you look close you can see the design drawn out to be cut on the band saw. After I cut the first side out I cleaned up all the sides with a combination of my #4, a spoke shave, a card scraper, and a wide chisel. The chisel allowed me to keep the hard inside corner instead of letting it get rounded. I then used the completed side to trace the outline on the other 3 parts. These are very thick so template routing would be tricky and I HATE template routing. Hand tools have MUCH less pucker factor. The top and bottom parts of the trestle were shapped the same way but took a lot less effort as the bends were a lot less harsh. Using strait square blocks allowed the joinery to take place on square faces. This way I didn't have to fuss with odd angles or what not. Where the joinery goes everything is strait and square. Easy peasy. Joinery is going to be floating mortise and tenon. I"m using 1.5" wide tenon stock with ~1" deep mortises. I will be double stacking these on each "leg" So there will be 8 tenons per side. I used my favorite mortise machine and plunged twice side by side to get a 1.75" wide mortise. I made it a bit over sized to make sure that i had some wiggle room while I'm gluing up. I could use the store purchased stock but i honestly don't think the glue bond is as good. I'm leery of all the stuff they stamp in the surface i honestly think that it reduces the effective glue area. Personal opinion backed up by zero evidence. Beings that the stock is scraps that was in the burn pile the floating tenon stock is free so that's probably where my bias comes in. Next up is the stretcher and see how the bench legs shape up.
  10. Those drawer fronts are awesome. I really dig that look. This is quite the stand now. I don't know why but i always chuckle reading about wood turners "turning". In my mind I imagine them in their shop spinning around like a figure skater.
  11. End grain soaks up finish like a sponge. I don't know that it matters what finish you use 4-5 coats is what it's going to take to fill in all those thirsty pores. Thinner finishes like shellac may take more. Lacquer could be an attractive finish though it takes some work. You can polish it after you've gotten the build you want to a mirror sheen if you so choose. Do an internet search for rubbing out finish and you'll get some good techniques. Here is one example of many.
  12. I"m assuming the sides are intended to be open so the drawers end up being the star of the show? I really really like it. It's different and out there. The shelf space behind the drawers is a good idea as really deep drawers are excessive. Do you have a spot planed out for the computer tower? I"m not sure if you are a laptop person or desktop person. It's not really a problem if you don't want to account for it because there are computers out there that are small, and i mean really small like 11" x 11" x 2". Have you thought about cable management at all and having openings to get power cords ect from one level to another? Personally i don't like the idea of seeing the drawer runners on the front face. It'd be far more complicated but I'd attempt a stopped dado for the drawers and have the front of the drawer and front face of the desk be smooth and uninterrupted. I also think I'd want a hair more than 22" for the opening. I think 24" would be the smallest I'd go. Unless you think you are comfortable with that dimension and you have space constraints.
  13. Send an email or message through their contact form. They've been good to me and replaced 4-5 resaw kings that broke exactly the way you describe. You'll need a picture of the break.
  14. So this is top bearing And this is bottom bearing. And this is the one i'd get I have all 3 of those and the whiteside is a great bit and has 1_1/2" cutting length which is what you need. With the white side as long as the surface you have to cut is 1_1/2" or under (which you will be good as plywood i sundersized) you have the flexability to use either top or bottom which is good flexability to have. I always get confused which is top and bottom so yeah.
  15. I'd use a cleat inside the rails similar to how one would attach a seat to a chair. This way your not putting a bunch of large holes in your aprons.
  16. For work bench holding nothing beats hold fasts. Faster and easier to use imo. Also much lower profile.
  17. Chestnut

    Dealing with HOA

    A lot of stuff like this is being covered by city ordinances. The trouble with some of the cities that are out there like Farmington, or Minnetrista is they don't enforce when someone does complain. That comes back to representation and the city officials not wanting to shake the boat. Kinda have to be careful calling out suburbs I think you'd be surprised to learn how far out the Suburban edge really is. Basically anything from St Francis to the south side of Lakeville from the st croix to greenfield. MSP metro covers a lot of area. It's also quite common for HOAs to dissolve, I've had to deal with a few of those already too. Neighbors come in that, like the topic of this thread, want to control everything to find out their covenants have expired and they aren't willing to pay the legal fees to renew them. It's difficult to tell someone in the most polite manner possible that his neighbor has all the rights in the world to build a shop on his lot and there isn't a dang thing he can do about it.
  18. I didn't mean for this to get into a chemistry debate. I just wanted to point out that pure mineral spirits shouldn't raise the grain but if there is contamination in the spirits I can't account for that. But this is interesting and Water Contamination 09052014.pdf
  19. Chestnut

    Dealing with HOA

    Around here from my experience it's quite the opposite most developers don't want to set up HOA's because of the legal costs associated. It might be more common in more ritzy neighborhoods in the inner ring but it's not the case outside the beltway. At least of the 10-15 developments I've worked on in the last 6 months zero have been HOAs. 4-5 were PUDs. I use it as a way to motivate developers to follow the standards. They don't want an HOA so i tell them if they don't meet the citiy/town road standards the city/town won't accept and take ownership of the road which would force them to start an HOA to cover maintenance costs.
  20. Kev made a really nice one documented here. I know Geedub also made a nice one I think it's covered a few places but getting 2 birds stoned it's also covered in a journal from Bleedinblue.
  21. I just follow along mouth half open in awe and smash the like button on every post.
  22. With all the reports I hear about gas stations watering down gas ect nothing would surprise me.
  23. It shouldn't. I can't make a guarentee on that as it depends on the brand you get if there happens to be a bit of water or something in there. Mineral spirits alone should not raise the grain though. Otherwise oil based finishs would require pre-raising the grain and sanding back.
  24. Your lucky i wasn't drinking coffee. I'd have sent you the bill for a screen cleaning.