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  1. This is pointed at @Tom King but anyone can chime in. I always appreciate more information than less. We're repainting the outside of our house and previously you recommended Sherwin Williams Emerald. Is that still your recommendation? We also need to repaint the trim, windows, soffit, fascia, and gutters. Would the same Emerald work on those surfaces or is there a better product for these parts? I'd go ask the guys at the store but they aren't open and only take phone orders. Luckily i know the color i need already.
  2. I've had boards (wider than 8") hang over the edge of my PJ882 and it cuts a rabbit just fine. It'd be interesting to hear from PM why they recommend against it.
  3. Thanks for sharing the PDF this is really neat. I imagine that you could take it and make one what ever size you need.
  4. That's the money slot ... er card slot.
  5. The cutter is brilliant. Is there a way to post a link to be able to download the pdf? I've always wanted a router plane but i just can't bring my self to buy one and no one wants to get me one for a gift.
  6. Seeing someone being married for 48 years doesn't really comprehend to me. It's seems impressive but I'd bet i don't even understand half of it. Was this before or after the festool and Lie Nielsen addiction? High altitude climbing sounds like it'd be a lot of fun but yikes as well on the time and money side of it. Megan and I recently discovered that we both really like ATV trails (hence the new quad) she loves riding and i love driving. It feels good to find something you both like to do together. If my project completion rate slows I'm going to blame us having more fun together.
  7. That is a great looking set up. Messy shop though? I don't think it looks all that bad. I know what it's like though when stuff invades your shop, happened to me last week,
  8. Yeah it's the sucky part. but it's 6 hours once or4 hours every time the water main failed and they had to do an expensive emergency repair which was happening yearly. By design it was supposed to be done during work hours so minimal people were impacted.... then covid happened and well, like I told them covid isn't a legal excuse i can use to violate a contract.
  9. I can usually sweet talk those people they mostly aren't bad to deal with. The pandemic ones just think the shut down made everything illegal and that any agreement made before the pandemic is null and void. To be fair to them we did shut off their water for 6 hours.
  10. I suppose they also want a perpetual motion device and a free lunch.
  11. Hum that's a new one to me. What does that mean? Wait is it family friendly? Ahh not in my back yard.
  12. I often get grief from residents because of projects that I design and work on. Covid has turned the dial up to 11 on that. Any little additional inconvenience in their life results in them calling mayors, lawyers, the governor, or anyone that will listen to them about how I'm making their life unmanageable (the irony is the project is in their best interest and will greatly benefit them). People have been using it as an excuse to try and halt construction. Cities have tried to accommodate and then get sued for breach of contract by the contractors. It's kinda wild out there.
  13. That looks awesome. I love the look of the QS sycamore with the sapele. She is lucky to have such an awesome gift from her grandfather.
  14. When ever I hear about a wood chipper Faro comes to mind.
  15. I guess I'm basing this off of Matt Cremona's sideboard enough that i can reference it. I mentioned in a few other threads that I'm going to make a Sideboard where I will use the interior of the doors as the guestbook for Megan and I's upcoming wedding (provided it can happen). Here is the plan. A good portion of this project will be made from walnut that I got in a batch on craig's list. A guy was selling a couple 8/4 boards for $8/bf and threw in a bunch of scraps. The scraps are 6/4 rough and should plane and joint out to a hair over an inch. I'll probably take them down a bit further though to the thinnest common board. So far i have leg stock milled with the curve laid out and I'm working on grooves and joinery. I'm going to do some traditional style joinery with structural dovetails tying pieces together instead of just M&T. It's going to be fun to try some new techniques. For a warm up I made a card box to set out and hope that people put money in at our wedding reception. I'm not above begging if needed.
  16. I read that article as well. I flagged the location of the library to visit once all of this pandemic is over. it could be a really cool experience to be able to interact with a genuine Nakashima furniture piece. Instead of being able to look at it from arms length and not being able to touch it.
  17. Made with joints designed for easy disassembly.
  18. I'd rely on a more reliable way then weight to identify. I have walnut all over the board in density.
  19. I found the worst sound my shop can make. Routing grooves with a 1/4" router bit at the router table. Megan said she needed hearing protection on the other side of the house through 2 floors and 2 walls.
  20. I"m sorry for your loss @freedhardwoods my prayers are with you.
  21. Ok I'm curious @Tom King Why do you not like SJ? Service Junior wire is rated for 300v. Looking at my machines all of the 240v machines came from the factory with SJT. Having said that SOOW is my cord of choice as it's durable and stays flexible and lays flat even in below zero weather. Generally the price difference is minimal. The only downside to it is overall size and weight is slightly larger and heavier. I'm not a fan of anything with a T in it. T stands for thermoplastic and generally isn't as flexible as a non T wire. Non T wires are rubber insulated.
  22. With Osmo, what's the difference between Polyx and their "wood wax finish". Well honestly there are a few finishes they have and I'm having a hard time getting any information on the differences.
  23. Hey those are really nice looking brass pegs. I might need some of those in the future will you take an order for 200? I'm joking good process though I might need this in the future honestly.
  24. Maybe i have good luck with the poly I use and act quickly to any defects. I've never had the uneven problem you described on touch ups and i never have streaks or application marks. maybe my good experiences with poly are why it's hard for me to understand this? It's just hard for me to justify moving to a more expensive finish that is less durable when I'm not seeing the commonly discussed drawbacks to traditional poly. I do wish there was a small trial bottle one could buy to test the finish, i really do want to try the finish. It's not that i doubt the claims but there is a cost and risk and it's hard to jump when there is little motivation and a large obstacle in the way (price).