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  1. Some oil and wax working it's way to the surface? Have you tried to buff it off with a cotton rag?
  2. Don't worry i bought a new furnace and AC and a new ATV. Found the ATV new for cheaper that 5 year old ones with 2k miles. AC leaked all it's Freon out again.
  3. Imperial gallon is 10 lbs of water. Not sure why the US gallon is different. The jug probably got dented when the mayflow made it's voyage over here. "Way back - at the time we all lived together - we had used the Queen Anne's gallon of 3.785l to measure wine. We also had different volumes and names to measure both beer and grain. When we realised that this was silly, in 1824, the UK chose a single imperial term and lumped together all three measurements, picking a roughly-average volume and calling it a gallon. American colonists, though, stuck to tradition and kept just the Queen Anne's volume for their own gallon definition. " Internet here is always going to be more expensive. Running fiber from one side of the country to another isn't cheap and the distance is significantly further than the UK. We also have more people which means even MORE fiber.
  4. Chestnut


    Diffraction is something to consider but also consider, out of focus clarity is often a worse offender than diffraction. When in doubt go for a higher f stop.Though as always this depends on a LOT of factors. Sensor/film size, lens, focal length, focus distance, subject. Shooting a portriat with a 300mm f2.8 is far different than a landscape with a 20mm f1.8
  5. I filled up my pickup at $1.59 and my chainsaw at $2.69. i think this is the biggest spread I've seen between regular and ethanol free premium.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it i go months between filling my car and don't run stabilizer. My car was last filled around Christmas. I always fill with premium not sure if that matters. 10% Ethanol premium 93 octane to be specific Not sure if that matters.
  7. I started prefinishing parts if not all of the pieces I do that receive a dye or stain and it makes life a lot easier. Have to be a lot more careful with glue quantity to avoid excessive squeeze out.
  8. I have a 4.5" think bench top and had to back bore the round holes to get hold fasts to grip. This isn't a big deal if you aren't using them or if you plan ahead. This for the arched hammer use type. The ones that you tighten with a screw may not be impacted.
  9. I just heard "challenge accepted" and a lathe turn on from 500 miles away.
  10. You'll need to go through the Blum concealed hinge brochure and find the right hinge and mounting plate for your situation. currently I'm getting a 404 error but it's located here By the looks of it you'll need the Blum 71t6550 and the 70.6103 with a 9mm mounting plate. you can have about a 15.5 mm recess with a 25mm thick door. A thiner door may allow more recess but tests would need to be completed. You'll only be able to open to door to about 130 degrees. I order Blum from these guys a lot they have good prices and ship fast.
  11. I honestly don't remember it's the gravity feed.
  12. Wow congratulations that's an awesome achievement.
  13. There are probably some people on the lake wondering what the heck is going on. Glad to hear the tractor repairs went well.
  14. Can you get some blocks of wood under the motor? I'd then cut a pair of opposing wedges and use the wedges to lift the motor up, kinda of like how you'd shim a door. Other options are a bottle jack or a scissor jack. Being young and fit, i'd still try and use a tool to life a motor. they are dang heavy. Keep in mind you are pushing against the fan shroud. Don't jack or push too hard as to bend the fan shroud. The weight of the motor alone should be able to rest on the shroud with out bending it. Make and model of the sharper to get a parts diagram would help you figure out how it's supposed to go together after the motor is supported.
  15. If you want to keep the color of the wood without any finish your best option is a clear water borne polyurethane. Otherwise I'm not entire sure what you mean when you saw the look of raw wood. Anytime you apply a film forming finish the wood will look like there is something on top of the wood. If you don't want it to look like there is a layer of finish on it a hardwax finish like roubio is the way to go. The trouble with those finishes is they will always change the color of the wood as they have oils in them that penetrate down into the wood. Water born poly doesn't contain these oils that change the color but it sits on top of the wood. The best way to ensure a uniform look is to make sure the trim and doors are all made from the exact same material and have the same finish process. Mixing old woods with new and mixing various species is always going to result in a variation in appearance, this is the trouble with a natural product and must be accepted to some extent.
  16. Yeah the more i thought about it the worse and worse it sounded for anything other than a boat. Our dock is above the rail of the boat so the can is already elevated and no lifting is required.
  17. Danish oil is just a consumer name for polymerized or or boiled linseed oil or tung oil or ..... well It comes in many wide variations and formulations. Watco danish oil is essentially a wiping polyurethane though. General Finishes has ARS Minwax has wipe on poly Watco has "danish oil" I could be wrong but as i understood the watco branded stuff is less an oil and more a polyurethane.
  18. The unit linked in the other thread is not something that I'd use if i were you it's a disposable home DIY type thing. Heat control is critical in all things. If you have means to get the turbine unit away from the spray action it will got a long way in extending it's life. I'm trying to think about how long in 1 span I've ran my MM4 and I can't recall maybe an hour strait. It got warm but never to the point where I felt it was effecting the finish. It takes a really large project to run for an hour strait though. When i spray, it's usually in 15 min increments shutting the turbine off while moving parts. It doesn't seem to get warm working like this. I do check the air temperature coming out the hose and it feels warm but not hot, so ~100F. Making sure to shut it off when you aren't spraying will go a long way in prolonging the life of the machine. A switched outlet with the switch in your spray area would be easy to rig up.
  19. Arm R Seal or any sort of wiping polyurethane. It's another general finishes product.
  20. I'd use ARS. It'll give you 99.9% the same warming effect linseed oil will but won't have the extended cure. I've done wiping poly under WB a few times make sure to scuff the surface with 320 grit before applying the waterborne. Other options are dewaxed shellac. For a big project shellac may not be the best option unless you are applying via hvlp. Though endurovar doesn't sound easy for a large project without hvlp either.
  21. Tom those spouts are nice but for 5 gal jugs i still prefer the jiggle siphon. For fueling up boats we have a wagon that has 6 5 gal cans in it. We just roll it up and siphon all 6 jugs in the boat don't have to lift a thing. I suppose if your gas tank is less than 5 gallons the siphon is a bit harder to use and the can has to be above the fuel tank. Ok there are a lot of cons when the fuel tank isn't in a boat Also i thought the new spouts were for vapor protection not spill protection? I agree i spill more with those awful spouts than ever evaporated out of the can with the old ones. As i was typing this i realized that we put 30 gallons in the boat regularly and have never once filled it full... i have no idea how big the tank is. it's only a 19' alumacraft I/O so it's not like it's a big boat either.
  22. I don't remember what the item was sorry. I could ask again.
  23. The thing i dislike most about maple is it's white color. I like the look of the heart wood.
  24. 2 years ago we had 16" drop but that was april 13th.... I remember driving to DQ to get an ice cream cake in the middle of it.
  25. We have the weirdest weather right now. every 15 min it switches between sunny and 40, and 32 and a blizzard. That's a great idea. My lathe is kinda small though. My swing is on 12" (swing is the right term?)