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    I have built and remain interested in casework, cabinets, beds, shelves, bookcases, house trim, end tables, rocking horses. I would like to expand time permitting into other areas of woodworking. My current focus and goal is setting up shop in the garage.

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  1. Well said and mighty kind of you. You truly do keep a light touch on the forum ;-)
  2. Is it Monday yet?! Where's the update :-P GL and enjoy!
  3. Maybe not necessarily frugal, but it was what was both available and on hand. I probably have a good 100+ b.f. of syp in the shop, some is over 5 years old (one day a bench perhaps?) I have made other items out of this "worthless" material that turned out fine, but I think dimensionally I was pushing the limits looking for straight, long pieces. It's why its called wood "working" right ;-)
  4. A quick project using up some scraps. Boy's had a blast painting the flowers!
  5. Looks great, love the live edge look, was that a defect that broke off and got colored? Maple? Nicely done, momma happy is always a good thing :-)
  6. That pic. is not very flattering LOL
  7. I don't think that the factory would take the kind of time it would require to age the wood with uv lamps. It doesn't look like paint either, I agree with Mike, I think its a combination of water base dyes sprayed on and wiped off. Quick, uneven tones, varied absorption and off to shipping ;-)
  8. That's a good point, mine is wet with perspiration and condensation, I give it a good wipe, but now that you mention it, I wouldn't want to bottle that up! Maybe taking the cartridges off only.
  9. That's a great question! Some of the greying may also come from oxidation from other environmental factors. The piece pictured by the website shows a good amount of cracking, like what you see when wood is dried too quickly... I like this from the website on their round pedestal table: "Handsomely distressed, our table is crafted of substantial pine timbers and supported by a hand-turned pedestal leg" Hand turned, lol, the pedestal base is a square - wonder how they turn a square?
  10. I put mine on the shelf in the shop, it keeps relatively dust free, one quick puff and anything I have ever seen inside is blown out. A good point is being touched on though, the carbon filters left exposed are continuously working, at least when confined in a tight zip lock bag, there is less wear on them.
  11. Will you be needing to change your handle to DB Cooper and disappear too?
  12. I see, I didn't realize that the thickness would be a problem from design standpoint. You can order walnut ply through HD pro desk - the brand is by columbia, PurBond or something like that. I have used the birch version when it first came out and despite the 5 ply design (there were hardly any voids and the plies were of poplar) it was really stable. The best part was the veneer was thick enough to plane a bit - about .02" More recently the veneer has been thinner, like everything else right...
  13. I generally hide the lines if they take away visually from the model, just select and hide :-)