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  1. with now days kids play with tablets and smarphones but I'm sure there is good market for this stuff.
  2. I’ve been working with badog software for about a year now I was quite convinced that I can make this drawing in less than an hour but in reality it took to many twists and turns and I started to get really creative with my drawings. So it took a little bit longer than expected. you can see below the outline of the pieces and went at as usual on using 3 mm thick plywood with a 1.1 mm diameter tool with 2 teeth. once all the pieces were cutout of the wood I started to assemble them and had realized that one of the pieces and drawn upside down and if I put it together it would be backwards
  3. just want to share with you a quick little project involving a table for dollhouse or a small project that only took me about a half-hour from start to finish. I had started with the normal 3 mm thickness wood that I bought at the hobby shop downtown and completely milled the entire project with a 1 mm diameter tool. this was nothing special but in the Badog software I had to use arcs and circles which slowed me down a little bit. here is an image of the machine cutting the pieces with a 1 mm diameter mill bit and you can’t really see but I decided to use the mill but that you norma
  4. Probably because it's a chinese one, the less money it costs the shittier it is,(from my own experience), I have this babe, badog x2, makes other normal cnc machines look like amateurs, I can even mill alimunium plates, so smooth and so precise, it's a swiss, i reccommend,considered best in switzerland means best in europe and probably the world. I had a cheap chinese one before, was a pain in the ass, simply garbage.
  5. thanks, I'm glad that you're inspired, the CNC world is awesome with lots of things to do and learn, it's not that hard, you just need to work smart and it will pay off for sure.
  6. CNC all the way, the things that you can do many things with it from cutting to carving, you can even earn money easily with it, you will enjoy making awesome stuff with it, especially in wood. you even can make other tools and machines for the shop with it.
  7. I respect the woodworkers who use their hands (although they use tools) and I think that they need to be open minded for the CNC, nobody should be superior, CNC machine will not do the work on it's own, it needs skills, just like the hand worker the tools will not do the work itselves. For exemple the statue of David wasn't carved out of a mountain and that there are done operations that can be done for handworkers that doesn't interfere with their craft.
  8. I found this awesome article about this dedicated guy who did an awesome wooden map for earth day, I thought I'd share with you. I know it's not my work but it's finished project, with pics and good discription. 45 years ago, on the very first Earth Day millions of humans decided to stand up for their planet. They joined force against pollution, deforestation, pesticides and oil spills … issues that continue to resonate with us today. Since we all have to care about this planet that we are living in, I wanted to make a wooden world map and do something to raise awareness and to show that
  9. I just transformed the image into a heightmap with BMP2CNC software. didn't take too long
  10. welcome, can't wait to see ur work
  11. thanks LEDs, a remote controlled mood light I had around.
  12. A new project with my badog CNC ,it's an edge lit in plastic of an Xenomorph the alien creature of the movie franchise Alien ,it took me 5 hours tole finish it, with a 0.1 stepover et and a 0.3mm mill.