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  1. Ah, thank you! Thank you too! My only complaint that my friend has is is there anything 'smaller'? The dutch bolt idea he really wants it to be discreet and maybe recess into the easel some. But at the same time he wants it 'bookish' and kind of compact. I am startign to go on that to have decent hardware there really isn't much that is small enough to be 'invisible', and I will just have to strike that happy balance between function-able and streamlined that is nearly impossible to please people with.
  2. oooh, good idea on this.... Hmmm, having trouble locating a source for these, though. Are they called edge hinges? Table hinges?
  3. I got some butler hinges, but boy, they feel too strong for what I am probably needed. I like them immensely, but probably overkill for what I am doing. Bingo, you really hit on what I know will be very stressful on a such a small scale piece.
  4. And this is why asking other people for advice is important; my friend and I were totally thinking in latches. The bolt idea is a really good idea, one we wouldn't have thought of. Okay, that opens new horizons. I have been months searching for that dream hardware, which I am sure exists somewhere for something totally unrelated. Thanks for the suggestion, and if anyone else has any more, I'd love to hear them. And credit to my friend on the artwork. I actually am an amateur artist (mostly a woodworker and crafter), my friend is a professional. (But the kind of guy who will de
  5. Hi! And sorry if I was a little vague about some of those points, I will try and clarify a bit. Yes, it would fold up like a book. Attached should be some sketch ideas. Book 1 should the book folding up for transport. The one labeled book 2 shows what my friend envisions about it 'locking open' at a 180 angle flat. He even thought of putting a threaded insert in the middle to mount on a base/tripod for the easel use. Then the third image shows another concept he wants if the piece could lock open solid; a portable surface. Now you see the hang up; is there some sort of h
  6. Hello all. I'm a full time woodworker on large projects, and also a hobbiest crafter-prop maker. I kind of made that mistake of having a friend ask me to aid in a project. 'You have the crafting and building skills, could you help make this?'. And you know how that goes, 'Gee, sure, it's just friend work...' Anyhow, my friend is wanting a portable easel, but more of like a book; it folds shut during transport, book style, so we figured making the panels out of a plywood or a plastic board (like the plastic cutting boards). When to be used as an easel, it would hin