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  1. G0715P, I guess they went on sale the day I bought it for $799.00 plus they sent me an email coupon for 25 off shipping, so I went ahead and bought the mobile base
  2. Well I went and ordered the Grizzley, I tried to find a used one but anything nice went fast, well I guess I am just going to have to use it and learn John
  3. Guys thanks for all the info but just wondering what and how would you seal it john
  4. I have a breaker panel in my work shop area I am setting up so I can wire in 220
  5. I am looking to buy a new table saw, I tried to find a used one but no luck, I have skil table saw about 13 years old and want something better. i have about 1200 to spend, and of course I would like to spend less. I would love a saw stop but it's of of my price range. Down the road I would like to learn how to make things like night stands, shelves small cabinets and being able to get things squared up is my first concern. I am looking at jet or grizzly and the grizzly G0715P the saw I am leaning to. I plan on retiring in a couple of years and would like this to be my last saw John
  6. I understand MDF is not the best but this is my first project, I can always replace the top, but lack of experience and proper tools tells me to start with the MDF. Learn and get better and more knowledge with each project
  7. I am just getting into wood working and building a work bench with some MDF, can it be sealed, and what would you use john
  8. New here from N W Indiana, looking to start in woodworking, no experience but willing to try. I have started to build a stand and canopy for a 220 gallon salt water tank