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  1. That is some amazing work David! Very much enjoyed following along thanks for sharing.
  2. Really nice work Rick, so enjoyable to look at nicely done woodwork. Love the pups! Glad to hear your wife is well, not knowing you better had no idea you all had been dealing with that thing we call life. Prayers of joy sent.
  3. Thanks for the help guys I have passed the info on to my friend. As always you all are a huge help
  4. Asking for a friend who does commercial pine boards, he has a customer that would like this joint below made. Anyone have any idea of what would have been used to make this miter/claw cut? As always thanks in advance
  5. Really have learned to enjoy your work Denis, another beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing!
  6. That really came out nice! Excellent work
  7. As an update I didn't like any option I could come up with to keep the slider so I returned the slider and got a 12" non sliding saw. It will work how I had it in my mind so hopefully after the weekend I might have some pictures of the saw in it's new home. Hopefully....
  8. Bob, That is exactly what I want to do. I have a 29' counter top and want to give about 6' of the wall to the miter saw. Before I change gears all together does anyone else have any ideas? Thanks again
  9. I come seeking advice.... I am building out my shop cabinets right now and in my mind all along I had planned recessing an area for a chop saw/miter saw in the length of the counter top. The idea was to recess where the table was flush with the rest of the counter top so that I could use the built cabinet/counter top as an infeed/outfeed table with fence extensions on the counter top. I have drawn all of this up in my mind and on paper and it all worked great up until I picked up my Dewalt 780 yesterday and took it out of the box to begin building it's permanent place. The foot print of the saw just doesn't work with what I want to do. My measurements indicate it needs about 43" of depth to sit in the counter area, but my counter top is only 25" deep. I am fine building it's stand deeper/wider but then that gives me fence issues. The fence on the saw sits about 23" from the rear wall so putting a permanent fence on the counter top takes away all of my counter. Right now I am thinking that for my needs I need to return the Dewalt and buy a chop saw with a smaller footprint. How have you all tackled this issue? I know I can't be the only one wanting to build a permanent place in their shop for a saw? If you all don't see an error in my thinking do you have any suggestions for a smaller footprint saw? Hope that makes sense to you all I am from Louisiana so I am a little backwards thinking at times...
  10. Those are really beautiful! Like them a lot great work and beautiful wood!
  11. Well Freedhardwoods asked for some pictures of my shop so I will put some up, but they aren't much to look at, I am blessed to have a 40x40 metal building that had collected "crap" for about eight years. About 8 months ago I took everything out of it and decided I would make more use of it than a small wood working area and a whole lot of junk collection. I ran new electric myself, added four 220 leads and increased my 110 capacity. Then I had someone come spray foam the inside since I live in S. Louisiana and it gets a little hot down here. I then ran dust collection inside the walls, and made OSB walls. Then painted the floor and walls. Once that was complete I added a mini split unit (possible the best thing I have done in the shop!). Once that was complete we had two massive floods in the area and two of my best friends lost their homes and their offices, since my shop was climate controlled that has kept 90% of my shop occupied until last weekend. I was able to resume building in the shop last weekend and hope to get cabinet building started late this week or early next... Here are the pictures of it currently remember I am really new to woodworking and haven't ever taken on a project of this nature it's all been trial and error so squares that look like parallelograms are "a success" in my world... Running out of time on the net now hopefully in the next few days I can put up a little bit more on the "tools" of the shop which a lot of I hit the jackpot on with and estate sale. Right now my favorite tools are the mini split, buddies full size refrigerator which I had to turn on to keep from getting moldy and I therefore "had" to have it house some cold refreshments. TV has also been a big improvement along with our old couch. Thanks for looking, freed I hope it helps you some.
  12. Freed it took about a week longer but I remembered to take a few pictures of my shop... It's nothing fancy but I put them in their own thread so they wouldn't get lost so others can see my horrid craftsmanship!
  13. I have a few but I am not a good picture taker. I'll try and take some pictures later tonight and post them. It's not much right now, just four walls and some dust collection. Hoping to finally get started on cabinets and such next week.
  14. The whole project is impressive! I am about a year into a shop re do at my house and you are WAY ahead of me! Keep up the good work!
  15. My simple minded brain has trouble even following your work on this. That is a really neat project and once again my mind is blown what some people can do with wood, one day for me..... Thanks so much for sharing!