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  1. And we'll be able to say we knew him when... Great job and congratulations on an the accomplishments!!
  2. @gee-dub here is what I found do you want pics or would you rather I scan it and email you a copy? PM me your email if you want to go that route. FYI Its pretty thin
  3. I think I have those units in my shop I will confirm on Tuesday when I get home. If I do I should have the manual is I keep all of that those.
  4. Heading out the door on my way to Greg Pennington's Windsor Chairs to make a continuous arm rocker.
  5. Thanks!! That looks just like what I have in my bark
  6. Drew what do you call the tubes and where can you get them? I saw Matt Cremona used them on a video as well. I have several small oaks I've tried to transplant but with all the wildlife out here I've had zero success so far. The squirrels bury acorns in my bark around the house all the time so I end up with 10-12" oaks quite often since the oak wilt is killing the old trees I'd like to successfully transplant some of these.
  7. Hey Ronn How was the class? How about some pics
  8. Store them until they bug me then into the fire pit they go
  9. I just had this same thing happen with my wife's Jeep. When we were both in the car no problem but just her and it was beeping at her. FWIW thanks for the post I feel better knowing its not just me