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  1. Picked up an early BF sale item I have seen this Whiteside V Groove edge banding kit used by a couple different wood workers I follow so thought I would give it a try. I have a couple of closet organizer projects that I plan to use it on.
  2. FWIW Woodslicer blades are on sale now at Highland Woodworking for anyone interested.
  3. Welcome! I can't answer your question but there are a couple folks on here with the SS router table that may be able to. @Mick S comes to mind.
  4. LOL what exactly do you do in there that you are going with a 16 x 16 bathroom ... wait I don't want to know
  5. @CoopFWIW I received an email flyer today from Klingspor's Woodworking Shop that shows select Grex 10-25% off through 12/31/202
  6. Dang that's a lot of work right there, great job!!
  7. I run 1/2" Woodslicer on my Laguna 16HD and 1/4" not sure on my Laguna 14/12
  8. You will have to go at a bit of an angle but I don't see any issues.
  9. I have two Grex pin nailers that I am very happy with.
  10. Finished up the DP table today, just needs a couple coats of poly on the edge. The smaller table provides more room for the mortiser I bought earlier this year and matches the router table becuase well that's important right
  11. Yep it is water based I have used it for many years, for laminate, without issues as long as you make sure both sides are dry before sticking together
  12. Spent some more time on my DP table today First I cleaned up the edges of the maple banding. @Coop I did this and the curved corner below on the edge sander, you had asked the other day what I use that machine for, stuff like this Next up I cut the laminate to size on the table saw, the aluminum piece is to insure it doesn't slide under the fence and ruin my day. Then contact cement on both pieces, let it dry, and stick them together Now to add a little edge design to match my router table top FYI if there is anyone in the MP