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  1. I've cut a fair amount of glass without issue but never a mirror is it the mirror film that causes the problem?
  2. For me it would be woodworking. My wife and I are both into movies, cars, and travel. I have also dabbled in stain glass and did some high altitude climbing for about 7 years. She prefers sunny and warm, Bahama's But we have also traveled extensively in the US, I have been in all 50 states and all but one Canadian province This was in Ontario I believe two summers ago on a Miata trip with friends. This is in Virginia, not a huge horse fan but sometimes you gotta do what she wants to do Our current selection of cars Mine 2003 after market
  3. Mine were the Freud SD606 & SD608 and I went to the Forrest Dado King. @Mark J did a better job of explaining it in his post above.
  4. Nice job!! How about some pics of your collection
  5. Mick how do you like the Micro adjust? I have been seriously considering swapping mine for this one in my table redu project
  6. My understanding is the interior cutter plates on the Forrest set have much less disc (plate) area allowing the SS to do its breaking function better. My personal thought was what is the chance that a body part would ever touch a blade on a dado cut but then I decided I bought the saw partially for the safety feature so I swapped mine out none the less.
  7. FWIW if you ever plan on going to a SawStop they recommend against using the style of plates in both the Oshlun and the Freud sets. The Forrest dado set uses plates that are better suited. Full disclosure: Not trying to start a debate on this just pointing it out becuase when I switched I got a new Forrest WW set and while I sold the old ones (I had two Freud sets) on Craigslist it would have been nice to know.
  8. I would put one in the stud and the other into a toggle style like @Coop mentioned.
  9. No. I would use something like you have shown above I would also make sure one screw goes into the stud. In my case since I knew I was going this route I had appropriate blocking in the wall and was able to screw both directly into the blocking/ studs.
  10. I used these in my basement they are rock solid, just in case a little one decides to do a chin up on it
  11. It's a beautiful piece Ronn, was great to see it up close and personal
  12. @Chet is correct on MASW (Marc Adams School of Woodworking) I am taking the Michael Fortune #1 chair class its a two week course one week in June and one week in Sept. Lots of curves, forms, bending
  13. We've seen this twice this year not sure what the deal is. We have either gotten more then we ordered or as Mick did something totally unrelated. In both cases Amazon told us to dispose of it. We have also seen there shipping go to crap. about 20% of what we order doesn't come when they say it will. This has actually got me ordering from alternative sources.
  14. I agree. I saw this on a Rob Cosman video years ago...problem solved.
  15. That's awesome Mark!! I'm sure those 30 people think it was great