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  1. I actually keep a spreadsheet with links to pics. She has never seen it nor will she prior to my passing but at least then she or my kids can figure out at least a ballpark.
  2. I have no issues cutting panels up to that size on a table saw but I typically break down sheet goods with my track saw and then if needed clean them up on the TS.
  3. I do more and more prefinishing for both movement and ease of glue clean up.
  4. I run Freud blade primarily in my TS I also use separate blades for ripping, crosscut, and plywood. Having said that if your looking for a quality blade for everything go with a combo blade. I have some Woodworker II combo blades but honestly I find the Freud to be very good for a fraction of the cost. If you do mostly sheet goods and can afford a couple blades the higher tooth count on a plywood blade will definitely give you a superior cut quality, then grab a combo blade for everything else.
  5. Flex hose adds drag which is not good so the shorter the better...having said that I have 20' of 6" flex hose to my J/P and never had an issue
  6. Gotcha! My system is so loud I have ear protection on when its on so I would never hear it LOL
  7. I agree with @BillyJack re coat after. Welcome to the forum! Lets see some pics
  8. I have metal pipe and blast gets never had any issues with keeping them clean or leaking, 15 years and counting. The dust collector should pull them tight when closed or am I missing something?
  9. Now that's a garage I can get behind...NICE!! I gotta know whats under the cover?
  10. I have two huskies I like leather everywhere lol. Having said that I think cloth would look better on this chair
  11. Yeah i'd use the WD40 and scotch bright myself but you have me thinking i should chk mine LOL Hasn't moved much in the last 15 years
  12. Depending on where you live I know here in MN right now my humidifier can't keep up in the shop. There was a lot of static electricity when I was cleaning up with a dust collector hose last evening, could be something like that I got zapped a couple of times.
  13. Wow that came together quick once you had your research done! Nice job using the grain to your advantage on those curves that will help in the strength dept as well.