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  1. pkinneb

    Pekovich Case on Stand

    Actually now that I have gained some knowledge it was probably as much my ignorance as anything ...but I wish they would have told me what was in the pictures would be hard to find. Very true It’s huge lol. Nice facility and great class but I’m not going to lie 8-6 on my feet for this desk jockey done wore me out looking to cut some dovetails tomorrow
  2. pkinneb

    Veritas Low Angle Block Plane

    ...and this is why I buy from Lee Valley...mistake made and acknowledged. Great job Mr Lee!
  3. pkinneb

    Another Roubo!!!

    You’re right about that but I will tell you for me my bench and hand tools took my Woodworking to a whole new level. Can you do it cheaper yep but what fun would that be
  4. pkinneb

    Sculptured Chair

    Turned out great Bmac! Adding one of these to my ever lengthening want to make list.
  5. pkinneb

    King Bed

    Turned out awesome!!
  6. pkinneb

    Pekovich Case on Stand

    So to prep for my class I cut and glued up the case panels Then I moved on to cutting out the rough leg blanks, starts with marking out the location on the blank I set up the bandsaw for the first cut. The Carter Magna Fence really shines here Once that is cut I clean it up on the Jointer and then do the second face I head to the table saw for the final two cuts Next up was to sharpen everything in the tool chest Plane shaving porn ahead All packed up and ready to hit the road for the 10 hour drive to Marc Adams.
  7. pkinneb

    Hammer A3/31 Snipe

    So true.
  8. pkinneb

    Hammer A3/31 Snipe

    I have had my Hammer A3/31 for about 12 years or so and from the day I got it it has worked flawlessly, no snipe ever. So about a month ago I started getting some snipe especially on the right side of the bed. So today I was determined to figure out if I could fix it. Well I started looking at the blades (Tersa straight knives) and I noticed on one of the three blades the right side appeared higher, then it dawned on me the last time I changed blades I loosened the wrong allen nuts. This got me thinking what are those used for well sure enough they raise the blade holder and one was probably a 1/32nd higher so I got out my caliper and adjusted it back in line with the others and guess what, no more snipe. Glad it was operator error and an easy fix
  9. pkinneb

    Arts and Craft Sideboard

    Chet great job on the gaps and the similar grain on the drawers and top piece is a nice detail as well. Really coming along nicely.
  10. pkinneb

    Apothecary chest

    This chest is a lot of work for sure but it looks awesome!
  11. pkinneb

    Gap fix

    Awesome job Chet! Looks great!! I agree the finish will hold it in there.
  12. pkinneb

    Where to buy sandpaper

    For RO sanders Festool, for hand sanding, drum sander, pretty much everything not Festool I go to Klingspor as well.
  13. That was my first thought as well
  14. pkinneb

    Gap fix

    I would probably go the route Alan recommends above and I would probably spend waaay to much time looking for something with a grain match as well. Personally I would leave the gap before I would use any type of glue/putty solution, especially in a corner. I also think a strategically placed plant would work well
  15. pkinneb

    I'm building a shop!

    Looks great! I bet you'll be glad to have that done.