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  1. pkinneb

    A Twisted Form

    This is quite the project! Very cool.
  2. pkinneb

    Hello from Cape Cod

    Welcome Steve!
  3. pkinneb

    An improved Moxon vise

    Great tips I need to implement! Thanks for sharing.
  4. pkinneb

    Where do you get your plans?

    Typically I'll see something in a WW magazine or online and adjust to fit my needs. Although I need to step out side the comfort zone one of these days and design something myself...
  5. pkinneb

    Rustic Outdoor Table

    FYI Matt Cremona made a farm house outdoor table with BB ends and it sits outside might want to chk that build out. I've been to his place a couple of times and it seems to be holding up well.
  6. pkinneb

    Rustic Outdoor Table

    Welcome! Ok now re the picture something is really wrong here how on earth did that joint ever fit together? Was the table made with wet lumber? That is a lot of shrinkage for what it is. The bread board is tight on inside edge yet a 1/4" short on the outside edge
  7. pkinneb

    Fremont Night Stand (File Cabinet)

    Looks great! Do you use templates for the cloud lift and the legs?
  8. pkinneb

    DW735 Advanced Tune Up, anyone?

    I did the same thing when we got ours a couple years back what they fail to mention is the water slapping the dishes around is way above 37db LOL
  9. pkinneb

    DW735 Advanced Tune Up, anyone?

    I agree, especially in that range
  10. pkinneb

    A Twisted Form

    This is so far beyond my capabilities...not going to lie though I am enjoying following along. Thanks for taking the time to share!
  11. pkinneb

    Used SawStop

    Yes. Not sure if they were used but they do come with them in case they are needed.
  12. pkinneb

    Adjustable Track Square

    x2 for the TSO I use mine quite often and love it
  13. pkinneb

    Sharpening System

    Come over some time and compare this to my Lie Nielsen guide and you'll see the difference immediately. Now if your good with free handing so be it but I suspect the new WP guide will be closer to the LN then the amazon one.
  14. pkinneb

    A Twisted Form

  15. pkinneb

    Hi from Australia

    Welcome Al!