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  1. You definitely want to stain them first I usually do one or two coats of my topcoat as well.
  2. I can't speak to this unit but I can say I have been very happy with my Oneida system no issues and its going on 14 years
  3. Thanks! We have a L shaped couch and I have been pondering a light that would come over the back of the couch from the corner and trying to decide how to tie it in to the rest of the craftsman furniture in the room. Most of the commercially available ones are shiny and we don't want that. I think I could make a shade like yours work on a top hang just need to design the post...well that and find time to build it lol
  4. You nailed them!! Looks great! Curious what are the basic dimensions of the shade? I'm putting this on the list very cool.
  5. For what its worth I personally I like the rough facing out at least. Regarding pests I would definitely keep it a six inches to a foot away from the structure and preferably not near any doors. I get mice in mine on a regular basis.
  6. That's the first thing I say if she questions a tool about we go look at all the shoes still in there boxes
  7. As close to the ceiling as you can get or I can almost guarantee you will inadvertently launch one across the shop someday when you forget they are hanging down.
  8. Those are looking awesome Chet! Not to mention I have a new tool to add to my xmas list that Starrett gauge would come in handy
  9. Looking good! I would fume them pretty straight forward on a piece this size. Then add a coat of garnet shellac and a top coat I use Waterlox
  10. That is some awesome craftsmanship there! The nice tight joints in that top are very impressive. Curious are the groves in the the bottom functional or for looks? I haven't smoked anything in decades but I still have a humidor on my build bucket list I just think they are cool and this one is no exception...I also want to build a guitar and have no knowledge or desire to learn how to play
  11. I was able to shoot a couple Beretta's this spring when I was in the market for an O/U they were really nice! Ultimately I went with a Browning Citori and love it.
  12. Glad to hear your on the mend! On another note remember they are called accidents for a reason, sharing here will help remind the rest of us to be aware of the dangers in wood working. Ultimately stuff happens don't beat yourself up over it
  13. Wow that's awesome! Thanks for taking us along although i'm not going to lie at the rate at which you and Chestnut knock out high quality projects makes me feel like quite the slug lol One tip I'm sure you were planing on it but just in case you will need to coat the epoxy with a top coat as UV will break the epoxy down.