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  1. Yes it will either be stained or dyed black though, still working on the test pieces to see which I like the best.
  2. ahh puppies? No pics posted WTH??
  3. More progress today Cut some curves on the top piece Then used @Chestnut idea for a french cleat to hang it. Its two thickness' of wood but I thinned them down to 5/8 ish so it blends in better Then I moved on to make a template for the cove bit to route out the talc shelf. Used the Dewalt mini router with a circle base plate and a nail for a center pin I left two 1/4" tabs on the last pass so I didn't hink it up. Then cut those and cleaned the up with a rasp and sand paper Taped the guide down with double sided tape and use the bit I had on hand to rout out the recess I forgot to take pics but I fired up the lathe (it's been a while) and turned the center post. The post is about 1" round with the base 3/4" x 3/8" deep. I used a forstner bit to drill the hole for it. Pretty much construction complete at this point just need to mark and cut the domino's for the shelves in the morning then break it down and finish sanding it before applying the finish. I really wish the wind would die down so I could burn my scrap bucket...
  4. NP I ordered a pack of 5 off eBay last night. Thanks again!
  5. Didn't really plan on doing a build thread on this but...FWIW Didn't like the fit of the sliding dovetails These rails are about 55" tall and its hard to keep them flat on the router table. Probably should have cut them by hand but I thought maybe a smooth surface would help so added this Here' is the result...I can live with that Then I added the profile to them. I also thinned down the ball shelves and added a round over to the front of those. That's where I finished for the night. Off tomorrow and Friday so hope to finish the construction on this tomorrow and then head down to get some plywood and oak to finish the bar cabinets on Friday.
  6. I need to add another vent to my diesel jug its a PITA the way it works now I bet that would help. I've only had the tractor for 15 years and never thought of doing that LOL Thanks Tom!!
  7. x2 I would use laminate as well. I use it quite a bit in my shop and wtnhighlander is right about the light color if you want to mark on it. I have white for my router table and I mark on it quite often to remember fence settings. Its also great for glue becuase it pops right off
  8. Thanks Drew I am going to go with your french cleat idea!! Still working on the final layout but that will definitely work. Here are some more progress pics
  9. Yeah that's a really good point that I hadn't even thought about Ross, but you know that will happen LOL. It will be dyed black so if I paint a couple screws and inset them into the wood they will blend in. The most important thing is that it stays on the wall Hmm food for thought Thanks Chet!!
  10. I use my LN Model Makers block plane for this, just a couple passes you can't hardly tell unless your looking for it but enough to break the edge with a consistent end result. Second choice would be sand paper in my hand.
  11. I've never done Bubinga but I have done Ebony on my BS without issue. I just make sure everything is dialed in on cheaper stock before proceeding and usually use a new or almost new Woodslicer blade.