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  1. I was thinking $40 a piece but i'm open to offers too
  2. Ordered a second Makita cordless palm router during their sale $111 all in, saved $25. I have gotten so used to the other one that it will be nice to have two ready to go. I will probably throw two of my Bosch Colts on CL to recoup some funds.
  3. Nice! Hope it works out and thanks for your service!
  4. That’s going to make a great shop!
  5. That turned out awesome!! I'm with @treeslayer "she works faster and better than I do"
  6. Drew I have a version of that (much cheaper) that I use at my drill press and it works great for pen tubes anything bigger I use a drill chuck on the lathe. Mine is closer to this
  7. Gotcha. As long as you don't need to move anything it would work great. In my shop I do move the bandsaws, J/P, and drum sander on a pretty regular basis which is why I didn't do that side of the shop. FWIW they are pretty thin like 5/16ths, I think and I don't ever recall tripping on them, my own feet yes but not the floor tiles lol.
  8. Sorry I cannot speak to moving anything on them as I only put them where I don't typically roll things around.
  9. My floor is epoxy coated and a large portion also has the same rubber tiles @Chet linked above. The epoxy makes sweeping up a breeze and the rubber tiles allow me to work out there for extended periods with out getting a sore back especially at the benches. FWIW the tiles actually sweep up better than I would have thought too.
  10. pkinneb

    Feet Up Rev 2

    Been a long time since we've had a post on this thread! Glad you were able to get out and share it with us. Looks beautiful
  11. It's amazing what a few well placed curves can do to a piece, very nice. FWIW I thought the repair was the light color at the top of the curve and didn't find the real one until you pointed it out LOL. She is doing an amazing job and hats off to you for taking the time to show her our craft, too cool!
  12. That's what I thought. I figured worst case the stuff I have used before and will again was still less then what I paid
  13. Mine is from Onieda (same as the dust collector). I changed a part a couple years ago like $40 but other than that no issues. Its been installed for about 15 years