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  1. Tart Tin Chuck Shield

    Great tip! How do you like your Nova lathe?
  2. What finish?

    LOL yeah I do but hey I'm ok with it...I mean it could be worse right Shane So I tried my friction polish and wax not terrible but I think I'm going to try Tom's CA finish suggestion next...I guess its a good thing this piece of cocobolo doesn't match so I won't get to upset when it hits the fir pit
  3. Shop Storage Shed

    That is sweet Alan! Awesome job
  4. What finish?

    The brass hammer is by a local artisan Dema Gamagonov, my favorite marking gauge is a Hamilton and the awl iand marking knife are Blue Spruce...but I do have a matching Vesper bevel gauge Thanks guys I think I'll try a test piece with a few of these options.
  5. What finish?

    Hi all I am going to be turning some replacement handles for my chisels and would like to match these hand tools. Typically I just use a friction polish for turning projects and that would probably work just fine here but curious what you think the finish on these tools is?
  6. Post It Note Projects

    Primarily because I had the parts purchased prior to to buying the shooting plane and track, I will use this for smaller pieces...Maybe
  7. Post It Note Projects

    Never had that issue with a shooting board but I did just have that happen to a small TS sled I made, Not sure what happened but its about to get cut up to see if I can fix it. If not I will make a new one. Nice! I like the piece of wood they are setting on as well.
  8. Post It Note Projects

    Some more quick post it note projects knocked out. This is a shooting board for small parts, both 90 and 45's from FWW issue 258 that'll work Next I started on a salt and pepper grinder set from Woodsmith issue 234, still need to make the base
  9. Trestle Table

    Very nice Shane! Nice clean work as always. How do you like that shooting board track and plane? I bought them with the black Friday gift card discount but haven't set it up yet.
  10. How to Finishing Wenge?

    Shop talk live at about 28:40 Mike Pekovich discusses this, I have some Wenge for an up coming project and may try this out on a sample
  11. I have a sewing area/library in a 10 x 14 room in the attic of my shop and I use a staircase like this for access it is ok and saves on room but truth be told if I was to do it again I would have a real stair case. It is kind of a pain to get up down with anything because they are so steep.
  12. Coffee Table build

    Thanks guys! I can't answer that Steve because this is all I have ever used...but next time I fume something I think I will leave a test piece or two in there for like 12-24 hours and see what happens. I have read several articles where they use the ammonia you are talking about and leave it for 12 hours or more kinda of curious myself. For me the 4/6 hours with the garnet shellac and Waterlox provides a look I am happy with
  13. Coffee Table build

    Thanks! Re waxing only of the top primarily my reason is with all the small squares of the shelf it would be hard to get it on even. I will use a clear wax on the top for a little bit more protection that the rest of the piece doesn't need. If the piece didn't have all the cut outs I probably would use a brown wax to bring out the grain even more but since I am not doing the entire piece here you would not want to use brown as it would be very noticeable. Thanks Richard!
  14. Coffee Table build

    Thanks Ronn! Thanks Thanks Brad! It darkens the wood using the natural tannins in the oak. Here are some samples I did for my first piece using this process. The bottom is the number of hours fumed, the middle adds one coat of garnet shellac, and the top adds 3 coats of Waterlox. As you can see the longer you fume it the darker the color.
  15. Baby Boat

    Isaac this project is just too cool! really looking nice.