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  1. pkinneb

    Domino Time

    500 due to the fact that its cheaper, lighter, less bulky and covers 98% of what I do. Before you buy a 700 go handle one they are rather bulky heavy something that can be much more apparent when you actually get your hands on the machine.
  2. Labor day weekend? That may be tough to get approval on LOL
  3. pkinneb

    more power!

    I lot of them were borne out of the Great Chicago fire of the 1870's (if I recall correctly) as well
  4. Wow! Hat's off to her for sure.
  5. Agreed it's more likely to crush at the pipe seam.
  6. I really like the storage/ charging on top way cleaner then the mess I keep on my vanity lol
  7. In my shop I have 2 small diameter hoses connected to the dust collection system, which is pretty much a no no in the dust collection world. See below I use these for the the clean up of dust off tools, floor, etc and they work good. Having said that I would not use them hooked to a tool of any sort and expect them to do a good job its really asking to much. Jointers and planers are the worst because your not picking up dust but rather chips and even worse clogs can cause real issues. If it were me I would rethink that solution.
  8. That is awesome! Not only is it an outstanding job on the ww side but your ability to break the piece down off of pics amazes/ inspires me.
  9. No way in heck I would do this not becuase of safety but becuase of the mess lol wow. Having said that its a bit sketch to be pushing down and forward over a table saw blade just sayin
  10. LOL yeah I wouldn't wait for that check
  11. Agreed not to bad this year. LOL just made the last payment on my daughters wedding on the 31st, 2 down possibly one to go.
  12. Picked up the last supplies needed for the theater construction. Poplar for the remaining cloth frames and Linacoustic RC for the screen wall. Now I just need the black fabric (ordered Monday) for the screen wall and I will be in business.