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  1. Coop my thoughts and prayers are with your family.
  2. I like Whiteside router bits and and prefer spiral with top and bottom bearings. If I had to choose I would probably choose a spiral top bearing bit.
  3. That's awesome congrats Derek!!
  4. It appears to me that the blade is not sharp. Have you flattened the back of that blade? I'd suggest watching a couple YouTube video's on sharpening I learned from Rob Cosman on you tube. Here are a couple of pics I just took planing red oak with a blade that's been sharpened but is not right off the stones either. The plane you have will do the same thing so don't give up
  5. Vanity complete! Half bath complete!! Well except for door knobs which should be here mid week and a mirror, my wife's Job. Also had to fix the tenons on one of the drawer fronts not sure what happened there but its fixed and glued up now.
  6. I hear you we went right from summer to leaves dropping, I've vacuumed twice already.
  7. Very nice! What are you using to shape the arms/legs?
  8. Very nice Drew! Excellent use of the figured wood.
  9. Today I got the bar cabinet doors, hung adjusted and final prepped for finish The vanity should come out tomorrow then I will have the space needed to finish the doors and drawer fronts. I also got the house siding cleaned up and windows washed, if you recall when I installed the bath/popper vent it was pretty bad
  10. I stand corrected there are a lot of holes but they are all used, sorry for the miss information
  11. I guess I never thought about that but it makes sense. The Klingspor discs have more holes then I need but work great although I have never done a side by side comparison to discs with the proper number of holes
  12. I bought the one from Oneida and it works great in fact I just emptied the bag a week or two ago, the first time in 2 years LOL. They are pretty proud of it though @$300 so a home grown solution may be the way to go.
  13. I know pretty crazy considering I told my wife 6-9 months Having said that I am very happy that I came in under less than a $1000 over budget which which was $17K below the lowest bid and the bids did not include any theater chairs or AV equipment which was nearly $19K. On top of that it's been done the way I want with few compromises and I was able to change things on the fly as desired. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready to be done but we are very happy with the results and I'm more then proud to put my name on the work I have done As always the bonus was learning new skills
  14. More progress on the vanity Hung and fit the doors and added stop blocks Then stained it Also got the bar doors glued up. Have I mentioned that these Dubuque clamps are quickly becoming my favorites Also got the blinds hung ...and finally we took the popper for its maiden voyage...very good! Really glad I put the vent fan in above it too.