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  1. pkinneb

    Guitar Stand

    Very nice!
  2. pkinneb

    Closet Remodel.

    LOL I was thinking the same thing
  3. pkinneb

    Closet Remodel.

    Turned out great Drew! Nice score on the cherry plywood Curious how did you mount it?
  4. pkinneb

    Stringing, Fluting, Beading and such

    This is really cool thanks for taking us along on the ride makes me want to give it a try
  5. pkinneb

    Twin Turbo Vise

    That’s pretty sweet and the price seems reasonable too.
  6. pkinneb

    Veneer Adventures

    Looks great Drew! I look forward to following along! Nice job Ronn! You must be a really good teacher becuase that looks great
  7. So the seat was laminated with hollow portions? Who would have thought. I would think if you can get it apart without harming it you would be in good shape. I look forward to following along.
  8. They work really well Chet. I made a plug on the lathe that fits in a bench dog hole that also has a hole for the lamp that way i can use it anywhere on either of my benches. My eyes are pretty bad so I need for it DT's and I also use it a lot for my stained glass work.
  9. What a great bench awesome job! Loving the curl on the face
  10. pkinneb

    Roubo question/problem...

    My bench is 34 1/2" tall, chop is 33 1/2" tall, the inset for nut is 2 3/4". There is an 1 3/4" between the mortise and the bottom of the screw on the chop but only about an 1" on the leg side as you can see in the photo's below.. I think you will be fine on yours I can see why Art was concerned becuase his shop was shorter at 29 1/2". The issue I would have in moving everything up to accommodate a shorter chop is that it reduces the usable real estate above the screw quite a bit.
  11. pkinneb

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    Well I have to say that is quite the connection!! In the end it works and that's all that matters
  12. pkinneb

    Plastics vs. Melamine plywood

    Melamine does chip fairly easy while milling if you don't use sharp tools and or tape etc on the edges. It holds up fine for jigs and is cheap enough that I would give it ago if it doesn't hold up to your expectations I'm with Chet BB with laminate glued to it is very durable.
  13. pkinneb

    TWW Outdoor Sitting Bench

    Beautiful! That really pops with finish.
  14. pkinneb

    Hand tool cabinet in maple

    Those are some nice looking dovetails!