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  1. The Pekovich Cabinet

    Coming along nicely!
  2. Dining room table - COMPLETE

    Turned out great Chet! Nice job matching the finish to the chairs.
  3. My first chairs - LOL

    Great idea and execution!
  4. Sculpted Rocker, The Long Game

    Should look amazing! I made some sculpted bar stools out of similar material last year and really like the way they turned out.
  5. Morris Chair Pair

    I think based on the great job you did on the woodworking side the extra cost for the premium upholstery is well deserved. They will look amazing.
  6. Morris Chair Pair

    Well you should have some extra leather for the next small project then I still think for a two heirloom pieces that is not really that bad.
  7. Morris Chair Pair

    So all in you will be in the $750-$1000 range for upholstery for two chairs and two ottomans? That actually seems reasonable for what you will have when complete.
  8. Shop Storage Shed

    Bummer about the Ash trees! I have 5 acres of oaks with oak wilt so I feel your pain. I haven't bought a ton but the half dozen or so I have purchased I picked up at Rum River Tree Farm in Oak Grove.
  9. Another Roubo!!!

    looking good!
  10. Shop Storage Shed

    Nice! I hear you on the spring projects hoping to have most of those complete in the next couple weeks so I can get back to regular shop time.
  11. Apothecary chest

    Really nice piece Derek!
  12. Morris Chair Pair

    That looks amazing! Oh and what did it cost? LOL
  13. Knobs! Glorious knobs!

  14. Knobs! Glorious knobs!

  15. Knobs! Glorious knobs!

    I'm going to have to try this mines not to smooth at the moment.