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  1. The factory grind on the end is pretty pathetic though
  2. pkinneb

    Sharpening Help

  3. pkinneb

    Misc tools for sale

    Truth be told I purchased a Veritas scraping plane forgetting I had this one in the drawer
  4. pkinneb

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    Looks great!
  5. My bad Wood River by woodcraft
  6. pkinneb

    Misc tools for sale

    For sale a couple things either haven't used or no longer used all in very good or new condition: Lightly used - GRR-Ripper 3D and two GrrRip Smart blocks $75 includes shipping to lower 48 states Used - Rob Cosman Fret saw and no name Coping saw $40 Includes shipping to lower 48 Used - BenchCrafted Skraper $25 including shipping to lower 48 states Kunz 380 cabinet scraper (never used) $35 including shipping to lower 48 states
  7. Full disclosure I have not been to one of Rob's face to face classes I purchased a Woodcraft #5 plane as my first plane and it came with three months free of his online handtool school. That #5 is still one of my favorite planes and his videos taught me how to sharpen and use a plane.
  8. Rob Cosman is in CA. I learned a lot of my hantool skills and all my sharpening from him.
  9. pkinneb

    How do you transport your wood?

    Nice truck! Are the coming out soon or just concept? By the way isn't a Spark a 3 cyl engine? One board at a time
  10. pkinneb

    CNC mistake for your entertainment

    Actually the distressed look is in right now just a little paint and sand through in few spots you'll be set
  11. pkinneb

    How do you transport your wood?

    That my friend is an impressive lumber stack in what appears to be a very nice MINI
  12. pkinneb

    Is Austin Hardwoods in Denver any good?

    Welcome! I can't help you with Austin but I suspect others will be able to. Another option is mail order I have great success with several vendors Bell Forrest, Hearne Hardwoods, etc. I live in the country so this is how I obtain about 50% of my wood supplies. One final avenue is a local sawyer check CL just make sure you know what you are getting regarding how it was dried.
  13. pkinneb

    Coffee Grinder Sale at Woodcraft

    I have never made one and don't even drink coffee my morning drink of choice is Dt Dr Pepper Having said that I think they are really cool here is an original I got from my grandfather many years ago. Regarding WC quality I have purchased many of their kits and while on the higher side they hold up really well. I have pizza cutters, Ice cream scoops, and salt and pepper grinders that are over a decade old and still going strong. The only kit I ever bought that I wasn't happy with was the grinders below. While the mechanics and fit and finish are high I have never been able to get them inserted into the blank and work as they should. I bought 6 sets last xmas and still have 3 of them becuase they just didn't work well enough to have my name associated with them.