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  1. pkinneb


    So sad!! Chicago recently lost a young female officer (29 yr old Ella French) during a traffic stop she had two young children. Both ends of the age spectrum and both, like to many others, are so tragic These really hit close to home for me and my wife as our youngest daughter is an FBI agent working violent gangs in Chicago and previously was a Michigan State Police officer.
  2. pkinneb


    Congrats to you both that's awesome!! In this world where its become so easy to walk away its awesome to see a couple thrive in their commitment to each other!
  3. You never disappoint @Bmac another beautiful piece!!
  4. I have four of those and they are handy to have
  5. That's what I do, just save them up, my guy did 8 in the spring and it was like $260 ranged from 15" to 38" across.
  6. Shop looks great!! Have you done any posts on your buffing station? I would like more info on that.
  7. That's what I did in my shop works well.
  8. LOL you have no idea how many times I have left those lights on, this is on my list of upgrades! Thanks!!
  9. My dust collector is in a closet with the filter on the shop side of the wall and from my experience you need to have everything out of the shop or the noise level is essentially not affected as it comes through the filter.
  10. I ran my main ducts in the ceiling with drops down to the tools and would have no issues doing it again. Over the 16 years i've been using the system i've reconfigured a couple of the drops but never had a situation where it was an issue, YMMV. Regarding putting the dust collector in a closet outside the shop I absolutely would do that and I would follow something like Gee-Dub's this is the single biggest thing I would change if I ever built a new shop.
  11. I did mine using a BS (tenon) drill press and chisel for the mortise for many years. Now I have a mortiser, PantoRouter, and Domino and depending what I am after tend to use the PantoRouter for both or the Mortiser and BS, my domino is pretty much only used for quick and dirty applications and to be honest since acquiring the PantoRouter I could probably get rid of the Domino for as much as I use it. I agree with the above statements that learning to do them with readily available tools before purchasing a mortiser, Domino, or PantoRouter is a worth while exercise.
  12. I really miss my go to lumberyard since it closed to be repurposed as condo's
  13. This is my situation as well. The DP and a couple sanders are the only tools in my shop that have not been upgraded and while I have looked at new ones I have not been able to justify it yet
  14. Watch for sales I ended up getting it for $89 after a $10 discount coupon. It was on sale for $99