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  1. Coming along great Bmac! The figure by your horns is really gonna pop! I have a couple questions. 1. The angled cuts on the headrest are compound angles correct? You get one angle from the measurement you show I assume you use a bevel gauge for the other is that correct? 2. Do you do all the headrest sculpting prior to glue up? Thanks
  2. I agree to a point but believe most will see a beautiful piece and just may not understand what is different, what makes it stand out...that is for us to educate them on
  3. Yep you need a wide belt sander and or a cnc machine or as stated above a router with a sled although a wide belt sander would still be nice once its flat. If you have a local woodworking guild I would check with them I know we have a couple folks in my area that will do if for a small fee. If its a river table "Logs to Lumber" on YouTube just posted a short video with tips about pouring the river in a way that will keep the top from cupping.
  4. The grain in that seat is pretty awesome Bmac! I love how it goes to the left and right at the back. Great tips throughout the build thanks!!
  5. X2. I own the 220 3hp PCS and should also add that I have previously owned a Ridgid, and a Powermatic 66 both were great saws for me but the SS is by far the best.
  6. Is it my bad eyes or is that throat plate sitting above the saw table? If it is first job would be to make one that fits correctly. You will have a hard time getting a good cut if the stock is moving.
  7. Great job Chet! Those arm lamination's are the best I have seen yet, simply amazing! You gotta love Sapele great choice
  8. I would put the grove into the tail just be careful prior to glue up as that will be a bit of a weak point. Hard to tell but this groove is in the tail on the right.
  9. pkinneb

    New Table Saw

    Strangely enough I only read the negative reviews to see if there is a pattern of a problem that would concern me. Now at least I know if its all good something nefarious is probably going on. I naively never even considered a vendor would alter/remove online reviews.
  10. Great job Bmac! Rounding the under side of the seat took me a long time on my stools. Getting them to match and then matching to the other two stools took me a long time. Now every morning when I walk by I realize nobody even sees them But if they ever look they are very nice
  11. I can see how that would get old, nice fix. On my 16HD its in the front so at least it would never interrupt a cut but if it were off would still be an issue I suppose.
  12. Yes, at least they used too. I used it as my base set up in my shop.
  13. Paste wax twice a year fall /spring. My shop is climate controlled if it wasn't I would do it more often. Takes me about 20 minutes to do all the surfaces in the shop 3 sanders, 2 BS, and the TS.