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  1. pkinneb

    More DC Systems

    FYI Oneida still provides free ductwork design with the purchase of a collector I just got an email on it
  2. pkinneb

    More DC Systems

    Oneida Dust Gorilla 15 years ish and still going strong. No regrets I would absolutely buy again. I like that it just works they also have a design service so that you can get things plumbed right (or at least they used to) the bin level indicator light in the shop is an added bonus. The only downside is its loud if I had to do again I would put it in a closet like @gee-dubdid in his new shop.
  3. So let them dry out first? just in a filter thing? I don't drink coffee so not positive how that works.
  4. I hear you mine is 28 years old and having issues. I have had one on order with Lowes since thanksgiving
  5. I received the last couple of pieces for my no router table top and fence.
  6. Got some more time in the shop today... A few shots of the main tools I use for shaping Also these new vices are really handy for this project being able to move the chair position without actually un clamping it is very nice. Sometimes holding parts on one end with my chest First up today was to rough out the remaining joints on the base Then with some scraps from the bent lamination back slats I started working through the process off how to cut them to the right length QUESTION: In another post earlier this week I believe it was @Ronn W on veneer holes there was a discussion about using coffee grounds with epoxy to fill holes. I was think of trying that technique out on this: It's about 1/8" hole about 1/4" deep what do you think? How do you do it just mix them in and go? Thanks!
  7. Wow I bet keeps you hopping!
  8. That's my process. I only buy gray t-shirts so no trouble deciding on what to wear there for pants Its light jeans for home and dark jeans if I'm leaving the house...god forbid I have to dress up for a client meeting but one good thing about the pandemic is that in person meetings have been a no go for nearly 2 1/2 years LOL
  9. Very nice!! Curious on the dimension's of the Urn?
  10. Wow and I thought I had an OCD problem
  11. Ok time to finish this chair. Tonight I only had about an hour but I started working on the rough shaping of the arms. Much of this needs to be done prior to glue up and its easier to do it now as well. I started with the arm pads on the base. these need to be rough shaped or I will not have the space I need to do the final shaping As you can see here I use pencil and marker to give myself a rough idea of the shape. Then I use a burr in a air powered die grinder to hog out a good deal of the waste and switch to rasps and rifflers for the finer detail. As I had hoped the adjustable bench and new vices are very handy for this project. Here I am roughing out the curve under the pad on the arm. Next I began roughing out the underside of the upper arms. I use blue tap on those faces I want to insure I don't touch as they have hard lines I don't want to lose. I'll do the right arm tomorrow night. I work the same parts (left and right) together so that I can replicate them with better accuracy, at least that's the plan On a side note I don't recall who suggested the flexible air hose but man it is nice, absolutely a must have for this.
  12. Congrats to you and your wife Drew!! I look forward to following along with this project.
  13. I have found for smaller items if you set the item in a box and do it that helps