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  1. I have radiant in floor heat in our attached three car garage but opted for forced air in my shop 26x36x10. I typically keep it at 58ish when not working in there and I can warm it up to 65- 70 in a few minutes, my radiant floor heat in the attached garage would take hours to do that.
  2. pkinneb

    Baby on board!

    Man Mick every time I see that saw I think what a beast! Bet you won't outgrow that bad boy Nice job on the duct work.
  3. Yeah I thought the same thing but in my case I would have had to pay shipping so I figured may as well keep them as a spare. I grew up in Inver Grove Heights now we are in Zimmerman.
  4. Very nice!! Great execution on the joints and other details!
  5. OMG sorry but its kinda funny Now we both have spares
  6. Interesting! Full disclosure mine is 12ish years old not sure if that matters but none the less report back once you get them.
  7. They're wired together. You may want to call them just to confirm Phone 866-792-5288 but that is how mine were.
  8. Actually you only need one they come as a pair. I ordered two not knowing this and now have a spare set FYI Mine is a A3/31 as well
  9. My take would be this. If you can afford a Sawstop get one if you can't save until you can. Not becuase of the safety feature but becuase its an amazing machine of the highest quality that just so happens to have addl safety features.
  10. Looks like its well organized, nice!
  11. FYI they have gone up a bit since I last bought mine $56.10 for 3 on
  12. From my experience (A3/31 owner) I just get them through Hammer web site they ship from out east and are like $39 a set plus shipping. I'm sure you know this but these blades can be flipped.
  13. x2 I'm with mark on this