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  1. My daughter is an FBI agent in your neck of the woods
  2. Woodpeckers had a good sale price on the 24" so picked up 4 more. Will get 4 more 36" then sell the pipe clamps in the same lengths. I really like these clamps. Oh and in a late arrival I got a new shirt
  3. Picked up some more Dubuque clamps
  4. aah gotcha. I would do 3 or 4.
  5. John I think I would go with #3, but not horizontal, if you want to leave what's there intact. Screw the balusters to a new top and bottom slide it into the space and screw the whole works to the existing structure. Easy peasy and solid so you have piece of mind. Like this and then slide it into the opening, I would make it out of 2x2's
  6. I will...just not anytime soon. I find them to be one of the few places where I can really get away from everything so I really enjoy them. Now whether I will get my wife to go again well that may be another thing I am a bit claustrophobic so we have always gone with a balcony room so we have our own outside space and the rooms are not so closed up. On a positive note I am on the checkin list for a haircut 102 minutes and counting
  7. Here is an example just posted on the theater forum I follow "And hey kids, if anyone ever says you can't fit 225 square feet of MDF in a Subaru"
  8. I love that plane! definitely one of my favorites too
  9. Definitely want to do that before you need it
  10. I would agree. For insurance I take photo's once year just so I can remember everything if I ever have to but figure I will most likely be alive to deal with it. For EOL I have a spreadsheet that lists what I paid and a pic # of the item then another folder has all the pics. This is more for when I die and my family has to sell stuff they will know what its worth. Having said that if she finds it while i'm alive it may have adverse effects LOL
  11. Its a sweet machine, and while big, it flips up square unlike my A3/31 which has bat wings. I was able to see it in person when Mel picked it up and its been on my wish list ever since.
  12. LOL I probably should its pretty pathetic, see below this is the worst corner but com'n...when in doubt fill those 1/4" gaps with putty The fact that they filled lets you know about all you need to
  13. Thanks Tom! My wife asked why it takes me so long to do the trim. I said go upstairs and look at the trim in the main floor half bath then come back down and look at this trim. She comes back down and says I never really paid attention to it before but was the person blind
  14. Amazing I was busy all weekend but didn't see a ton of overall progress. First up was to move the outlet so that it was above the counter not in it Then a made a little section of counter to use for leveling the brackets. The idiot who framed the wall (me) was getting cussed at becuase it was off by nearly 3/8" at the ends making the bracket install much harder then it needed to be. If I ever make another curved wall the metal brackets I used in the theater are definitely the way to go, yes it would have been an extra $80 but I would have save 10-12 hours in time between jacking with the plywood top and bottom plates and then dealing with the issues yesterday. Anyway they are installed and level now. I need to finish the patch but wanted to get the rear cabinet rail glued up and decided the wall would make a great bending form Today I shut off the water and installed the shutoffs in the bar and half bath while I let my bent lamination's dry Then I moved to the bathroom where I installed the shutoffs and the toilet flange before installing the floor Finally I installed the trim and went to install the toilet but realized I forgot to get a supply line and I was too tired to go get one Next up install the toilet, then back to the last bar cabinet, bar floor, and counters