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  1. I agree I started with two on my sculpted bar stools and I think I am up to 8 not including rifflers now
  2. Very cool! I will do that From what I have been able to determine Michael has a habit of walking off with pencils and loosing them
  3. Here is the recommended tool list for this class. 2021_ Fortune- #1 Chair tool list (both weeks).pdf
  4. Started getting the tools sharpened for my class at MASW. Started with the spokeshaves
  5. Ours was similar wife got really sick for a day I just had a bit of a sore arm.
  6. Thanks! I think the one piece bottom is a good idea should make the two piece back a non issue.
  7. Nice! I'll be curious to see if the back is stiff enough in two pieces like that. Will the bottom be two pieces as well?
  8. FWIW the hook rules do that one side is left to right the other is right to left.
  9. Well that looks familiar I finished mine last week. So far I like it but have only used it for test cuts. I really like the honing guide I have been using it for a few years now.
  10. I typically agree with this statement. That being said I own several of their measurement products but the two that I would not be without are the 6" stainless steel Paolini Pocket rule $42.99 I have had for years and the 12" Hook Rule $39.99 which is a more recent addition. Both are stainless which I find to be much easier to read then their red tools. While insane prices for a 6 and 12" rules they are worth every penny in my book. The rest of the stuff I have while nice would probably not be purchased again. for squares I still prefer my Starrett's.
  11. @Bmac I love your work and your builds thanks for sharing!! While I may never build a MCM piece of furniture I never fail to learn something on your builds so again thanks for sharing.
  12. Kicked off the long weekend with a little wood scrap fire
  13. Nice on all counts Drew!
  14. Nice fix!! Great place to practice as well.