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  1. You're not alone! Tonight I went out to the shop to start on the bath vanity wanted to get some leg material cut down so it would be ready to go Wednesday night. As i'm ripping them down on the table saw i'm thinking what is going on with my dust collection? I shut down the saw look inside and see dust accumulating so I pull the flex pipe off the manifold only to realize i hadn't opened the gate Be that as it may I did get my legs rough cut LOL
  2. They still sell corded drills Sorry Ronn I couldn't help myself LOL
  3. Nah you just had the desire to learn how to do it on your own. I think it is a great skill to have I just couldn't bring myself to do it now with all the other things I have going. I still plan to did into it someday and now I have a base line of what it can sound / look like. I agree about having it done. I still can't believe the picture improvement the sound I expected but the picture was a huge surprise. I did some more playing with it yesterday and the other thing I noticed is that before the front row was really good and the back row was good now pretty much every seat in the house is really good.
  4. You my friend have a very different opinion of humidity! I thought it was terrible on Saturday the only good thing was the sun wasn't out. Of course I ride a desk most days so spending the day in the woods cutting trees is always going to seem like real work to me LOL Your yard looks awesome!! You've got a lot done since I was over a few weeks back. Good luck with the wedding!! My daughters pre wedding wedding is the 22nd in Chicago. 30 people, masks must be worn by everyone but my daughter, the groom, the minister, and apparently me while walking her down the isle. No dancing, touching, etc should be interesting
  5. I know right glad it went down the way it did now I can make a vanity, finish the doors and drawers, and finally get back to furniture making
  6. Not gonna lie I even cracked one today is I sat playing every DVD I could think of with a great soundtrack with a big smile on my face LOL
  7. So been busy knocking off little things... molding by patio door complete 1/4 round installed in bar Sink is in and working Other than doors and drawers the bar is complete Also this week I received the vent so I can do the final on the popcorn fan, who knew it would take 11 weeks to get such a simple piece lol Finally in a twist of luck Friday I was researching how to dial in my sound system when I quickly decided it was just not in my lane and I really didn't have the time or desire to learn how to do it at this time. So I reached out to a well known calibrator from OH to see when he might be in the MPLS area. Well he texted me yesterday morning to say not only was he in MN but had a free day and if I wanted he could come out, after 10 hours he had both my projector and sound system calibrated and let me tell you I am ecstatic!! I thought it was great before but now its down right awesome if I do say so myself Funny how life just works out sometimes... While he was doing that I had a crew of folks at my house working with me cutting down some dead trees that were threatening the neighbors power lines so it was a very productive day on multiple fronts.
  8. Tom I use a commercial version of a similar tool. I have the 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4" ones they work well and you can make 18-20" at a time
  9. I used something similar to this on my spray room but the are exterior doors.
  10. If I was to do it again I would go with T1-11 siding painted white as well. Mine is dry walled, taped, and painted white but the convenience of being able to mount things anywhere would be great. I would still drywall, tape and paint the ceiling just for the finished look.
  11. Money wise probably substantially cheaper to get them at the same time but if you only get one get the plunge first since it can be used as fixed based but a fixed base cannot be used to plunge...well shouldn't be used to plunge
  12. In general not well you should cover epoxy with a top coat like spar varnish. As a foot pad should be fine I did the same on my work bench leg bottoms.
  13. No that's not normal... see above for what it should be like
  14. Wow what an endeavor! I know you will figure it out but my hats off to you I don't think I would have made it this far
  15. pkinneb

    We're fine

    Wow glad you guys were spared...definitely not fun to have to deal with that especially with everything else going on in the world today.