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  1. That's what I did a few weeks back it works great. Gonna sell the one that's been sitting in my drawer for years LOL
  2. @Chet I received my dust hood today thanks again for confirming it would work!!
  3. Beautiful piece @curlyoak !!
  4. I have not. I have been using the ISOtunes earbuds for several years for yard work but they fall out enough that when I saw these I decided to give them a try. In the shop I just use earbuds that hang around my neck since I usually have the TV on not music.
  5. I suspect my two huskies may have something to do with it but not positive
  6. Got my ISOtunes bluetooth earmuffs. Probably won't use them in the shop but for yardwork they will be great tried them out with the blower today and they work well.
  7. Here as well. We live next to a federal preserve and while I have never seen one we hear them quite often this year it seems like there have been more.
  8. Looks pretty good for stained pine to me
  9. I've done several pieces this way which I learned from an article Mike Pekovich did in FWW. These are all the same just different lighting conditions.
  10. Perfect thank you sir!! Ordered. That was the cheapest Festool purchase I have ever made $15 shipped
  11. Folks I broke my OF1400 dust hood and when I look at the replacement part number 202471 I can't tell if it will work with the original hose or not. Does anybody know if this hood will work or not? It appears I would need to remove the black piece so that the hose could slide in like my current one but was hoping to confirm prior to purchase.
  12. For? Have you used the Bora's before? The last two Grizzly mobile bases I have purchase the wheels have started to fail after a few years.
  13. Sound deadener. You can either cut that piece off and deal with a louder sink, glue it back on, or purchase a new piece of self stick but it doesn't effect the sink use out side of noise in any way.
  14. x2 I think you will like it. I have had mine for quite a while now and it gets used all the time. I have looked at the large several times but have not felt compelled to get it just yet
  15. Drew they are backlit frames for double sided posters. Having said that if you google snap lock picture frames you should see options out there.
  16. I would not expect to have to touch the sole (it would get returned) but I would polish the back for the blade. I usually do an 1" or so up.
  17. After letting it cure for at least a month buff it out like @Chestnut advised
  18. Not much of a difference huh LOL Wow that's incredible.
  19. this is what I have been using for a few years and have been happy with it.