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  1. Thanks Tom! My wife asked why it takes me so long to do the trim. I said go upstairs and look at the trim in the main floor half bath then come back down and look at this trim. She comes back down and says I never really paid attention to it before but was the person blind
  2. Amazing I was busy all weekend but didn't see a ton of overall progress. First up was to move the outlet so that it was above the counter not in it Then a made a little section of counter to use for leveling the brackets. The idiot who framed the wall (me) was getting cussed at becuase it was off by nearly 3/8" at the ends making the bracket install much harder then it needed to be. If I ever make another curved wall the metal brackets I used in the theater are definitely the way to go, yes it would have been an extra $80 but I would have save 10-12 hours in time between jacking with the plywood top and bottom plates and then dealing with the issues yesterday. Anyway they are installed and level now. I need to finish the patch but wanted to get the rear cabinet rail glued up and decided the wall would make a great bending form Today I shut off the water and installed the shutoffs in the bar and half bath while I let my bent lamination's dry Then I moved to the bathroom where I installed the shutoffs and the toilet flange before installing the floor Finally I installed the trim and went to install the toilet but realized I forgot to get a supply line and I was too tired to go get one Next up install the toilet, then back to the last bar cabinet, bar floor, and counters
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    Not the best quality pic but given the current state of affairs here in MN and around the country it struck me that our flag was perfectly calm...
  4. Reminds me of when I was a kid my dad reloads and I used to watch him.
  5. Sweet Ride Mel! Now I want your J/P and your car
  6. I'm jealous Mark!! Ours are opening Monday I plan on scheduling as quick as I can. I was surprised they are going to be open like 3 hours a day less then normal I'm like don't they know its been three dang months LOL
  7. That's impressive! Thanks for sharing
  8. Nice! It doesn't appear they still sell it though.
  9. Will do. Here is a sample board I made a few months back, the other day I was purposely scratching it up with a key and while, if pressed really hard, I could get it to scratch it was not easy and most could be buffed out with a microfiber cloth. On the real counters I will be going with a white marble, black streaks look the difference is when you do the actual counter you do two pours one for the color like above and a second clear top coat so that if needed it can be repaired with out getting into the color. I bought the product during a sale so all in for all three counters i will be at about $400.
  10. Thank guys! Perfect thanks!! I had never used that before. Looks like I should be good without a center support even at double my projected weight. I hired out three things; taping the sheet rock, rough in plumbing, and carpet install. Taping and carpet are skills i don't have nor do I do enough of it to develop. Plumbing well I hate pluming and I had a vent issue I was concerned with that had to pass code so I hired that out as well. I am making the counter tops with MDF cores and epoxy coating ( for the tops.
  11. I've used the bending ply as well and think it would work, well except for maybe cost but not sure you will be able to do it much cheaper either. FWIW the 1/8" is closer to 3/32" I may have a 4'x4' piece in the shop if your interested in seeing how tight it can be bent I could try and snap a pic or two tomorrow.
  12. Hey folks I was pondering bar counters this evening and I am trying to decide if I need support between the two coolers. The counter would be about 50" wide and supported on both sides and the back and will be 1-1/4" thick MDF. I'm tight on space but could do a 3/4" or 1" thick 24" deep 36" high support if needed. I'm thinking I do but I have a tendency to over engineer what would you do? Also hung the tv and neon sign so I could use the cardboard boxes they came in for templates.
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    Exterior Paint

    Wow yeah way different here. I live in the country where 2 1/2 acre lot's or more is a requirement. The new houses are similar in size to your with 3 or 4 car garages in the high $200's low $300's
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    Exterior Paint

    LOL here the garages in many cases are bigger than house at least from the front facade. We are seeing more 4 car garages on new homes.
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    Exterior Paint

    Very nice Drew!!
  16. Good point! The ICS moves in all four directions rather than just two wheels that do.
  17. I can't speak to that sander but like @BillyJack I use my Grizzly edge sander quite often and love it, I believe its a 89" belt and I have never needed more that I can remember. I have a Jet oscillating sander as well which also gets used frequently.
  18. The day before you have a TS accident No really as soon as you can afford it but primarily just becuase it is an awesome saw...that also may save a digit.
  19. I would consider the Porter Cable 7518 its a solid contender for router table use.
  20. I'll have to try that Mick I always have a heck off a time getting the film off.
  21. Not to bad. I stained and sprayed one top coat prior to assembly then added a couple more top coats.