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  1. I hired it out $350 for nine stumps.
  2. Cut down two small trees and cleaned up the mess from 9 stumps I had ground, now i'm going to take a nap! Definitely not 30 anymore when I could knock off a 12 hour day of physical work without issue LOL
  3. Very nice! I just purchased a Convex 500 for a class I am taking at MASW in June I will let you know what we use for
  4. Cabinets look great Drew!! Interesting paint job in the bathroom
  5. My immediate family all received their second shots yesterday but neither of my son in laws did. For one its pretty much a political statement for the other he has concerns over how fast the vaccines were pushed to market.
  6. Received my second Covid shot, so that's off the list.
  7. pkinneb

    more power!

    That would be nice!
  8. Say what I don't think so LOL with help and support i'll get there
  9. I couldn't have said it better so I will just agree with gee-dub
  10. Great job Tom!! Thanks for sharing
  11. They are awesome I use mine a lot as well.
  12. Yes it is thought I would give it a try looking to improve the shooting of 45 angles.
  13. Man isn't that the truth! I went to look at the new F150 recently and quickly got to $74K and while it was a really nice truck with the hybrid engine I decided my 2015 Canyon was going to be staying with me a while longer lol. Spent some time working on a new shooting board today.
  14. Well I never thought I would be making another one of these so soon but within a month I lost my father and a man I viewed as a second father...been a tough couple months. This one is a bit taller but otherwise the same. I think the top came out a bit better and I also learned from the first that I should tape the edges before I cut the keys, it worked and I ended up with virtually no tearout.
  15. Congrats Tom! Looks like a nice unit. If you get a chance throw up some pics of your cart when you make it.
  16. Yes Whiteside has a few
  17. Thanks!! I have been kicking this around for a while but have never really looked into how to handle the thermal issues. I live in a colder climate and a single pane would probably not be enough. My guess is with a commercially made door they have one pane of stain glass and then another clear pane but not sure.
  18. So two layers of stained glass or one?
  19. If your looking for a showpiece check out He is quite the craftsmen
  20. Correct it is electric. I always had issues with the propane vertical I had keeping temps, ultimately I used a paper clip as a spring to prop the door open slightly to maintain the 220 temp I was after. I heard pellet smokers were better at this plus the fact that I can check it on an app sold me. I'll let you know if it was worth the money the propane smoker with the tank was about $240 ish this one was $360 ish. I already like the wheels I had to carry the other one and not having to mess with propane is nice, time will tell overall though. Beautiful!!
  21. Also check out Rob Cosman on YouTube. While his video's can get a little long winded (he doesn't edit them down, or least didn't) I pretty much learned how to sharpen, tune, and use hand planes exclusively from his video's. I actually belonged to his paid service early on but once I felt comfortable with planes they were a little long for my liking so now just follow the free site.
  22. Awesome that's definitely an easy fix. Seems like Harvey is putting out some nice stuff! I sure love their miter fence.
  23. Power button on the back? Looks like it’s to the left just like the Laguna what am I missing?