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  1. I really didn't get a "professional" design per se but I did spend about 20 hours face timing during the build with a consultant who has built dozens of theaters based designs from the Erskine Group and Shawn Byrne. He was worth every cent.
  2. ben_r_ you are correct not a ton of clamping strength but I find myself using them all the time. Definitely keep things in place and very easy to work with. they are also very light which like. Wouldn't be the first clamp I buy but if you have a good assortment and can get 4 on sale like i did, a good buy for sure.
  3. Thanks Drew! You'll have to bring your own I'm a wuss when it comes to alcohol Mic Ultra or a glass of wine LOL. Having said that when complete you are one of they few close enough to by able to check it out in person
  4. 3 3/4. Its a 1 3/4" slab with two sheets of 1/2" MDF glued to it. Once you add the 2" panels it will be nearly 6" thick The ball bearing hinges make for a smooth operation though.
  5. Thanks Dave! We have been enjoying movies in there for several weeks now Not going to lie the picture and comfort of the room is awesome but the sound is down right incredible especially when you consider the price point. One of my last projects as a theater manager was to implement THX systems into the theaters I ran, the average cost was about $400K per theater (just for the equipment) I have less then $10K in equipment and the sound is better, it just blows my mind. We were watching the 4K version of Cliffhanger last weekend and my wife was like holy crap I feel like I can feel the wind of the sub woofers LOL. Really happy with it and definitely feel the hard work has paid off
  6. Current status: Column grills and screen surround are complete Just this corner left worked out the design earlier this week and milled the lumber as well so now its just a couple more panels (5 sm, 1 lg) and some fine tuning. I also received some threaded rod to use for the door pull. I couldn't find screws long enough so went this route. The next update will be the construction complete photo's of the inside of the theater Then on to the bar cabinets...
  7. It appears Drew has me beat but I will be done by Sat evening (with the theater interior still have work in the basement) I love these chairs especially the back slat design! While I have never designed anything I have been thinking about how to incorporate Drew's design into a kitchen set for our home...but there I go getting ahead of myself again LOL
  8. Wow they did go up I think I only pd $139 for my #5 on sale, now its $233 Having said that it is still one of my favorites but would definitely make me pause and think about a LN or Veritas
  9. From what I heard on a Aussie YouTube channel I follow the fires were put out by a huge amount of rain but unfortunately the rain, 9" plus, caused some flooding
  10. Man you have a lot packed into that shop, nice job!!
  11. I like the wood river planes for the money my #5 is still one of my favorite planes.
  12. pkinneb

    Domino Time

    I did and I find it nice to have an assortment. I think once you get into a groove on what size you use most you can just buy those but starting out I found it to be a nice kit.
  13. Thanks! After 40 years of shooting Remington 870's I switched to a Browning Citori last year strangely enough it still misses targets
  14. Yep I think you answered your own question...what you can safely move around and control which I think is limited to pretty small short stock. If your doing boxes and such it would work well.
  15. So we are looking for rustic but not too rustic? My take would be keep what's there until they become unsafe and then go with the advice from this post
  16. Chip Sawdust Curious what you figure a box costs you? I used to reload when I was a kid but when I got back into trap/doubles leagues 2 years ago I just started buying shells by the case at Fleetfarm @ $5.25 a box. Just curious what a box of reloads cost at current rates. I just received this today, really looking forward to dialing in my trap and doubles shooting My wife bought it for me for our anniversary...but don't tell her as she may not be aware of that
  17. Great job Isaac!! The test sit pic says it all job well done dad!
  18. pkinneb

    Domino Time

    500 due to the fact that its cheaper, lighter, less bulky and covers 98% of what I do. Before you buy a 700 go handle one they are rather bulky heavy something that can be much more apparent when you actually get your hands on the machine.
  19. Labor day weekend? That may be tough to get approval on LOL
  20. pkinneb

    more power!

    I lot of them were borne out of the Great Chicago fire of the 1870's (if I recall correctly) as well
  21. Wow! Hat's off to her for sure.