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  1. On 6/15/2022 at 2:32 PM, Chestnut said:

    So it has been 2 years and a month since i got the Chestnut trees in the mail. So far they are growing wonderfully. I originally planted 4 trees. The first year one tree was killed by Japanese Beetles consuming the entire tree. So now I'm down to 3.



    The trees are in 60" tubes so from 4" tall to 63" tall in 2 years that's not bad.

    The 3rd tree is struggling a bit and is only around 40" tall. I didn't take a picture cause it just looks like a tube. I have a few trees growing from seedlings and sometimes the dominant leader just dies and a new one has to take over. This is what I think happened with the 3rd tree. I have 2 maple seedlings, 2 walnut seedlings, and 2 black cherry seedlings that are all around 60" tall. It's fun to watch them grow during these stages.

    Drew what do you call the tubes and where can you get them? I saw Matt Cremona used them on a video as well. I have several small oaks I've tried to transplant but with all the wildlife out here I've had zero success so far. The squirrels bury acorns in my bark around the house all the time so I end up with 10-12" oaks quite often since the oak wilt is killing the old trees I'd like to successfully transplant some of these.

  2. I just had this same thing happen with my wife's Jeep. When we were both in the car no problem but just her and it was beeping at her.

    FWIW thanks for the post I feel better knowing its not just me :D

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  3. On 6/3/2022 at 7:46 PM, JohnG said:

    Birds kept trying to build a nest in the canopy of my tractor. I put a toy snake my kids had in the spot and the birds haven’t been back.


    You got me LOL...My first thought was oh no I'd be parking that inside :)

  4. On 5/24/2022 at 10:27 PM, Coop said:

    Uvalde Tx. So sad. Not sure what the answer is but something needs to be done, bilaterally. My worst concern as an elementary student was homework and the principal’s office. 

    I agree @Coop never thought I would have anxiety as my wife heads out to teach 5 year old's :( 

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  5. On 5/2/2022 at 6:12 PM, wtnhighlander said:

    I spent some after work daylight checking fir damage from these:

    A brief but intense hail storm swept thru, just minutes before I got home. Ice chunks the size of a quarter, and windy enough to wet my front door with rain from top to bottom, under a 9' porch overhang.

    No damage I can spot, thankfully.

    We had one come through today...doesn't appear to be any damage but will probably get someone out to check the roof, gutters, etc








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