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  1. Made more progress on testing the ebonizing method over the weekend, first I mixed up the bark tan adding a heaping table spoon into about 1" of hot water and mixing then I added the remainder of the pint of hot water and mix further According to the article this will last for months Then I strained the mixture from the vinegar and steel wool (after 10ish days) through a coffee strainer. This took forever so I used a spray can to hold the strainer Once strained Boggs advises to try a piece (this is read oak) It appeared to work so I milled up some scrap to try the whole ebonizing process on (white oak, red oak, ash, & walnut) I sanded the samples from 120 through 320 raising the grain twice Then applied the mixtures first the bark tan and once it no longer looks wet the vinegar mixture: Here is how they came out I just need to decide on a finish for the top coat now. I will be making 4-6 bar stools plus 2 pool table spectator chairs which is why I used the various woods. Since I will be ebonizing all of these if I can use a cheaper wood I will as long as I can achieve the desired result.
  2. Another awesome piece Drew!! Great job and thanks for taking us along on the build!
  3. Awesome job!! That looks fabulous!
  4. Nice! One suggestion would be to pull one end of the lathe out from the wall a bit that way if (when) a piece comes flying off it doesn't come straight back at you.
  5. If my choice was a cheap purchased blast gate I would pass and make my own out of wood and hard board. I think @gee-dub posted something on the forum regarding how he did his. Here are a couple picks of mine 18 years and counting without a failure (this is in a manifold in my case but could easily be used on a drop as well.)
  6. Correct on the outside knobs. All are t nuts epoxied in.
  7. I would fill it since your in there anyway. Our building code here would require as a firestop. I think this is new requirement, I found out while finishing my basement a couple of years ago.
  8. Awesome piece Mark!! You had me for a minute I thought you had blown through the point only to realize it was a guide hole BTW I agree with the others great journal!
  9. Ended up going with these stainless lock clasps @ $9 they were cheap and should be easy to work with gloves on. These boxes actually get pretty hot. On another note the ebonizing mixture is coming along nicely. This week end I will strain it and try it out on some Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, and ash so see how it looks.
  10. Absolutely but when it comes to shop layout a computer design makes it much simpler/ quicker to make changes and alternative layouts.
  11. Sorry while I have experience with several epoxy products I have never done a river table type pour so I would be hesitant to give recommendations. If I were looking I would start with Matt Cremona's YouTube channel he did a couple videos on it.
  12. Like Drew states above know your epoxy as that will determine when and how you pour. For a table like you are suggesting i would feel fairly comfortable doing it right out of the gate just take some time to watch some YouTube video's and don't worry there are lots and lots and lots of videos on this and when you are done with those there are still many more
  13. Finally git a day without 12-15 mph winds so I burned up the scrap can, old clamp racks, and a gift or two that didn't come out right That didn't take long
  14. Got some new clamps today, saw a post by Daryl Peart and thought I would give them a try on the Pantorouter
  15. Searched for my TS blade it got way down hear with the DC off is beyond me...thinking it must have bounced off the plastic blade shroud and had enough momentum to roll up and out of the saw
  16. Knocked out my steam box today just need to find a latch although I'm thinking I may just go with screws and rubber bands... Now to find some non kiln dried walnut with MC in the 12-15% range
  17. pkinneb

    More DC Systems

    Yes but I occasionally forget. With mine I can have two open without noticing but a third I can tell right away. Auto closers would be sweet!!
  18. Drew Its already on the way and once it arrives I will put some in a container and drop it by your place. No way I would ever use all that when it only takes a teaspoon
  19. Nope out of Fine Woodworking magazine - Bob Van Dyke article July 2021 for the L Fence attachment and base fence was from FWW Jan 2013
  20. Today I received some supplies I need to try out an Ebonizing process I found in the Feb 2021 issue of Popular Woodworking magazine article by Brian Boggs. The first step is to dissolve a pad of steel wool in Heinz white vinegar, apparently this will take about a week so I decided to start even though I am still missing one item. It said to put a small hole in the cap otherwise the gas produced can burst the container
  21. I received the 5/16" collet in the mail and finished my L fence