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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of the higher humidity levels. Curious do you have to do anything different during the build process re wood movement?
  2. Wait you are in FL and your shop is not climate controlled? Curious how do you deal with that given the humidity you see in FL?
  3. Nope in my old age I apparently forgot about this! What's scarier is I have been talking about redoing my table for almost a year Thanks Drew!
  4. I saw that too and was concerned but have watched several videos that say you really don't need to lock that down unless doing really large runs. Woodpecker has a habit of over engineering things so I would hope that didn't need to be locked down every time or that is a show stopper as it would get old really fast.
  5. Anyone have experience with the PRL V2? My lift has been giving me trouble for a couple years now and since I am about to remake my router table top/fence thought I might pick up a new lift. The feature that I like is being able to quickly bring the router up and down with one turn of one handle. Given its cost I want to make sure it works as advertised prior to purchase. Thanks in advance for your input!
  6. I saw this piece in person Saturday morning and its looking mighty fine! I'm in awe by how many pieces Drew has made for their home...someday
  7. Knocked out the templates for the Morley bar stools. Next up a couple jigs since I will be making four of these.
  8. Honestly it just depends. Some go the utilitarian route others like myself spend as much time on their shop projects as they do furniture. No right or wrong here just whatever floats your boat. I have seen stunning furniture come out of both
  9. Got most of my L fence attachment for a TS Aux Fence I made a while back completed. I would have finished but I didn't realize the 5/16 in router bit I bought was not a 1/4 or 1/2" shank but rather 5/16" I honestly didn't know such a thing existed but have now ordered a 5/16 collet for my router so I can finish. Next up I will be mixing up some ebonizing solution for my #1 chair as well as the Morley bar stools I am getting ready to start, it needs a couple weeks to do its thing. In the mean time I will knock out the templates for the bar stools.
  10. First off Welcome!! My best advice is figure out what you want to make next and buy the tool that will make that project simpler. After a few projects you will have the basics and then can continue to add. This way you get tools you need when you need them versus filling your shop with tools that don't get used only to realize there is something you really need but have spent your budget.
  11. Picked up a piece of 1/4" MDF from @Chestnut since I couldn't find it locally. Tomorrow I will start on the templates for the Morley bar stools after I finish my L Fence. Thanks Drew I owe you one!
  12. All just wanted to circle back and say thanks!! I found a Minuteman press right in our little town and got them printed for $12 well worth it to me.
  13. Not sure I do either especially with everything I have already put into it. Trying to get a hold of Michael with a couple of questions and then will make a decision. In the meantime I am working on a L fence attachment for my TS as well as the templates for the Morley bar stool.
  14. This is what he does on some of his
  15. Glad it wasn't just me My oldest daughter was like dad this is great classic rap and my response was to each there own but its not for me lol
  16. I have these as well and really like them especially during milling and also mowing the yard. I have to say I didn't even know you could get a call on them LOL. Thanks I learned something new today :)
  17. That’s awesome! I think I need to try this retirement stuff I just can’t get enough time to do all the things I would like too.
  18. Thank you! Definitely has been invaluable on this build especially for $99. The adjustable bench has been great as well for this project.
  19. Been really busy at work and haven't had much shop time but got out there today to work on the slats...can't believe it took five hours but they are done except for final sanding. First up I had to draw in the curves between my bad eyes and the walnut I had to use the magnifying light but got it done I don't use my #3 often but worked well for trimming/ cleaning up the slats Then got out the iron to steam out some dents caused during the steam bending process I used a hand held router to do one edge then the router table for the other. I needed the fence in place of the bearing becuase after the first cut there is no wood left to reference against. Next up was file work for the ends and part of the curve that couldn't be done with a router These little sanding blocks come in handy as well And with that I'm at a decision point to inlay or not...
  20. Alright @treeslayer you need to slow down you're making me look bad Awesome job!! I love all the details of this piece!!