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  1. I've used the bending ply as well and think it would work, well except for maybe cost but not sure you will be able to do it much cheaper either. FWIW the 1/8" is closer to 3/32" I may have a 4'x4' piece in the shop if your interested in seeing how tight it can be bent I could try and snap a pic or two tomorrow.
  2. Hey folks I was pondering bar counters this evening and I am trying to decide if I need support between the two coolers. The counter would be about 50" wide and supported on both sides and the back and will be 1-1/4" thick MDF. I'm tight on space but could do a 3/4" or 1" thick 24" deep 36" high support if needed. I'm thinking I do but I have a tendency to over engineer what would you do? Also hung the tv and neon sign so I could use the cardboard boxes they came in for templates.
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    Exterior Paint

    Wow yeah way different here. I live in the country where 2 1/2 acre lot's or more is a requirement. The new houses are similar in size to your with 3 or 4 car garages in the high $200's low $300's
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    Exterior Paint

    LOL here the garages in many cases are bigger than house at least from the front facade. We are seeing more 4 car garages on new homes.
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    Exterior Paint

    Very nice Drew!!
  6. Good point! The ICS moves in all four directions rather than just two wheels that do.
  7. I can't speak to that sander but like @BillyJack I use my Grizzly edge sander quite often and love it, I believe its a 89" belt and I have never needed more that I can remember. I have a Jet oscillating sander as well which also gets used frequently.
  8. The day before you have a TS accident No really as soon as you can afford it but primarily just becuase it is an awesome saw...that also may save a digit.
  9. I would consider the Porter Cable 7518 its a solid contender for router table use.
  10. I'll have to try that Mick I always have a heck off a time getting the film off.
  11. Not to bad. I stained and sprayed one top coat prior to assembly then added a couple more top coats.
  12. Thanks! I got the first order off of Tools for Woodworking, I just ordered some more off of Woodpeckers they are having a sale
  13. Well due to the many interruptions I had this week not going to have the bar cabinets completed but I am making good progress. Face frames are made for the three cabinets that were done I also skinned the visible sides of two cabinets. I know they will be stained black but that fake red oak ply I got just didn't look very nice so it got skinned. Also wanted to say thanks for the input on the Dubuque clamps I am really liking these things!! So much lighter, no black marks, or glue sticking to them. I am going to start swapping these for my bar clamps. The three completed cabinets are in the spray room drying forgot to snap a pic and its raining so it will need to wait. I hope to get those installed and the last one started tomorrow.
  14. Performed a much needed spring cleaning... Much better. I also got help putting together the mortiser. Unfortunately I assumed the door would be on the front of the unit so the casters in the mobile base were installed wrong. Luckily I was able to slide some scrapes underneath and reconfigure the base. The tilting table requires the door to be on the side...I only realized this after severely cussing out Powermatic
  15. No kidding i drove Ford Escorts for over a decade early in our marriage. They carried everything including lumber, pavers, retaining wall blocks, mulch, and the craziest one ever (for me anyway) was two 1 11/2" thick by 12" wide by 12" LVL beams for a basement project
  16. That and the 6' separation rule has cut down on their undercover work for sure, although she is still doing a fair amount of surveillance work and had a pretty good sized drug bust that made the Chicago papers a couple weeks back
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    I've gone from about 90+ percent of my purchases pre pandemic on amazon to about 25%. I agree eBay has been much more reliable.
  18. Thanks Coop! Yep laser line. Not yet but getting closer I think we can do groups of 10 or less after 6/1
  19. Dart board cabinet done and installed. I will make the doors when I do the bar cabinet doors, onto the bar cabinets...
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    Very nice!!
  21. Tomy Welcome! I currently use Shapton stones and the Lie Nielsen honing guide. Not the cheapest solution but it works well. I would google Paul Sellars and or Rob Cosman on YouTube both have done many videos on the subject. I learned from Rob and pretty much follow his process. Ultimately you need to pick a process and stay with it long enough to get good at it. Having sharp tools is the key! how you get there or what you use to get there is really secondary.