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  1. I use the Rockler stuff all the time. It holds great. I usually cut it into 1 inch strips and attach it to either the template or the project. I don't find it difficult to remove the backing with either my fingernail or knife edge.
  2. It's either by county or air quality district. When I visit my parents in Santa Barbara County, I stock up on oil based finishes.
  3. They are the universal sockets. I haven't had them for long so I can't comment on them much. I'm not a weekend mechanic so I don't think they will be getting much heavy duty use.
  4. I bought these socket organizers at Sears and Home Depot. They let you take the whole set to where you need them. The reason it is so clean and organized is because I had just put them into my new toolbox which was a birthday gift from my folks.