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  1. I use this Dewalt one at work. I haven't had any problems with it. I've e bought cheaper ones and they usually stop working.
  2. Very nice. Walnut is my favorite to use. Really seems like every board is truly unique. I like the saran holder and the salt holder
  3. Only thing I do is dry fit before to get the clamps near where they will be during final glue up. Then lay the tape down where the clamps won't be. I use the 2" tape, and don't wrap it around, and just stick it in the middle. That seems to help keep it from running down off the tape onto the bar. It adds another step but it makes cleaning the glue off a little easier.
  4. Put a strip of blue painters tape on the clamp before you glue up. I use a putty knife to knock the glue off
  5. Yeah it's been cold here. Not that cold but it's 19 and was blowing snow this morning. Supposed to be in the mid 50s next weekend... So I'm not shoveling. Ive had enough winter this year. My shop isn't heated (yet) so I haven't gotten much done this winter
  6. Thanks for the tips. I just talked to him and he's going to redo the 2. I he already has one of them running right now. I've used bondo before just never on wood. I just wasn't sure how it would react long term on wood. It was my least favorite option. Also I'll have to post pics some day of his cnc table. He built it himself. It's pretty neat
  7. I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm making the plaques for my Boy Scout pack Arrow of Light awards. My buddy has a CNC router table and offered to router them out for me. He still new to CNC, and so this is his first real engraving project. 4 of the 6 are perfect. 2 of them he had to flip the boards over and redo because one of them his hold down slipped and the other broke a bit. So the fronts are fine, but the backs have a bit of the engraving done. No big deal, they hang on the wall anyway. If i had more time I'd have him redo them. But I'm m rapidly running out of time My question
  8. And they typically they basically rebuild the motors after nearly every run.
  9. Is that a good thing... Or a bad thing -Chris
  10. Most recent pic of me in Cali to watch my Hawkeyes get steamrolled in the Rose Bowl. Still waz a fun trip
  11. I grew up drag racing. My dad would travel all over the Midwest. His car wasnt at that level, but he had one of the fastest all motor door slammers. Those were some fun times. Some of those race days they would have the nitro burners. It was always funny to watch evryone crowd around, then the would start up the motors. Watching the people scatter after the fumes hit them was always entertaining
  12. This was my first ever real furniture build. I built this for my sister, and my baby niece. The idea behind it was that it worked as a changing table, then a dresser down the road. I learned a lot during this build. How to build a case, build drawers and finish a project. I also built up a lot of confidence in this build to push me forward. A year later it hasnt fallen apart, and is holding up very well according to my sister. She loves it and doesn't know what she would do without it.
  13. I think you might have to weigh out the natural look vs. durabilty... You want to protect it from spills and stains, yet make it not look like plastic. Maybe a poly satin finish?
  14. I've used dewaxed shellac to bring out some of the the gold tones and then have gone over it with poly. It seems to add some depth