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  1. They posted on Feb 14 that everything shipping had the new knobs... http://benchcrafted.blogspot.com/2019/02/our-new-knobs.html From the pictures I'd say they don't look bad... But I still don't understand why they couldn't just do something simple.
  2. Minnesota Steve

    Hammer A3-31(planer) feed problem

    Could it be weather related? I know my Dewalt DW735 behaves like this if it is cold. The rollers might be shrinking a bit, and they're not as grippy.
  3. Minnesota Steve

    Painted power tools / color coordinated shop

    They make hotfix ones... Basically the crystals have hot glue on the back and you use a tool to heat them up. I have a 6 year old daughter, I know these things...
  4. Minnesota Steve

    narrow shop paper towels

    I wonder if Kimwipes would work for you? They're lint free, pretty strong and they come in a range of sizes. I've mostly seen them used to clean grease and oil off stuff, so I can't remember how soft they are.
  5. Minnesota Steve

    narrow shop paper towels

    Look for Viva paper towels. It's the same company as Scott who makes the blue towels. But look for the soft ones... they're maybe not quite as thick as the blue towels(or Scott's Rags) but are pretty soft and absorbent. https://www.vivatowels.com
  6. Minnesota Steve

    Well, the WoodTalk Podcast is over.

    Dang it, you need to post spoiler alerts. This episode isn't even available yet on my apple podcast app. This is like having someone tell you the ending of the MASH finale before it even aired.
  7. Minnesota Steve

    Hello from Minnesota!

  8. Minnesota Steve

    Jet JWBS-14SFX 14 inch bandsaw

    On that blade guard... I had a similar problem with my Laguna 14-12. Although I think in my case it was the blade rubbing on the guard. I had to adjust some screws to reposition it. Maybe this is something that just kind of gets knocked loose during shipping.
  9. Minnesota Steve

    Talk me down off the ledge.

    It's not great, but it does work. I have the 8" model... It has limitations, but if all you have is a 6" benchtop jointer it is a bit of an upgrade. If you have anything with cast iron, it's not. The beds are aluminum as is the fence and it takes a lot to get the blades aligned. And the blades are unusual(well I think they're metric) and have to be ordered from Jet. Fortunately they aren't expensive, I think $20-30 or so. It only has two. I've been thinking of selling my 8" model on craigslist... but as I'm trying to rearrange my basement so I can get the table saw down there I might keep it... for the basement. I have a bigger jointer and planer to keep out in the garage.
  10. Minnesota Steve

    New Shop Build in NE Ohio

    Honestly I think it'd look better with a gable end facing the front. And giving the size of the existing house and such... a garage with a second story would look perfectly in scale.
  11. Minnesota Steve

    Do you need your tools to "match"?

    Ok... I have to admit that I kind of like my tools to match. Not so much in looks, but quality. So I get rid of low quality tools even though I may not use them much just because they cannot give me joy.
  12. Minnesota Steve

    Roubo Questions

    I wouldn't say they're a scam. I think they make a good product and are committed to quality. I think they're like Lie-Nielsen and Veritas and others in that they've realized there is a market where people will spend extra for quality. I nearly bought their leg vise two years ago, but decided that I was primarily talking myself into it, and bought a 9" eclipse instead and am perfectly happy with it. I want to make a Moxon vise myself as another option to hold stuff. I'll probably just build an accessory model. I may just get the hardware kit from the toolsformakingwood folks, as I don't need fancy.
  13. Minnesota Steve

    Clearing the air

    The problem with spray paint is half the paint ends up in the air. I once tried painting something in the garage with a can of red spray paint, and when I was done the entire garage floor was red, the walls were red, the ceiling was red...
  14. Minnesota Steve

    Help! Watco Danish Oil and Poly

    I've used Danish oil on oak before... the darker color, and I like the look. I wipe it down every few hours for the first day... then once a day for another week. But even then it's another couple weeks after that before it's really fully cured. Just have to keep buffing it with a cloth until it stops weeping, sticky, etc. As far as a desk surface... you'll probably need to put a desk mat on top so you have a writing surface.
  15. Minnesota Steve

    SawStop inadvertent brake activation causes

    I had a USB port stop working on a motherboard... sent it in to Intel and they came back and said I'd fried it. Boy was I mad. Maybe a year later, I go to sell this USB harddrive case I had on ebay. Didn't think much of it, but the guy who bought it sent me a note saying there was a lose wire which was causing the USB connection to short out. He said he fixed it, but I refunded him the money anyway. At that point I smacked myself on the forehead and said "Duh!".