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  1. Minnesota Steve

    Drill bits

    I used to think I could just line up the drill bit to the screw shank and it was good enough. But I found a chart and came to realize I was usually undersizing the hole. Especially in maple or oak. Like I'd try to use a 1/8" bit on a #10 screw, when really I need 9/64. https://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/Wood-Screws/Wood-Screw-Pilot-Hole-Size.aspx I just have a random selection of small bit sets... mostly dewalt. Actually best bits I have are some Black & Decker bits I bought at Target 30 years ago that were made in West Germany. I only ever break things under 1/8" in size, so I'll just buy a pack of a couple 1/16" bits and such to handle that problem.
  2. Minnesota Steve

    Finishing the finish

    This trick worked fairly well for me: https://www.popularwoodworking.com/techniques/brown-paper-bag-trick/ Basically just take a brown paper grocery sack and use it to rub out the finish. It's like an ultra-high grit buffing pad. For myself with Arm-r-Seal... I put on 4-5 coats... I let it dry 24 hours between coats, but that was my schedule. I sanded lightly between coats with a 600 grit, wiped it down with mineral spirits and then applied the next coat. The brown paper bag I did as an absolute last step and I felt it gave good results. Much better and easier to do than any other finish I've tried(brush on poly, brush on water based poly, brush on lacquer). These might work well with a spray gun, but lacking that the wipe on arm-r-seal worked well and it doesn't stink up the house if I use it in the basement.
  3. Minnesota Steve

    TableTop Alignment

    Well I don't have a Domino or a bisquit joiner... so I thought I'd give it a try. I bought it to attach some trim pieces to the edge of plywood and it worked fairly well for that. Some day I want a Domino... but I'm waiting for Festool to raise the price even more. :-)
  4. Minnesota Steve

    TableTop Alignment

    I think this type of doweling jig would work well... I bought one last year and want to try it for panel glue ups as it indexes off the top of the board, not the center like some jigs. https://www.rockler.com/doweling-jig-kits
  5. Minnesota Steve

    Replacing Knives on Jet 6CSDX

    I have the same thing on my Powermatic PM54. Those stubs in the center align them, and then the screws hold them in place. They're double sided, and on mine I swapped them over and will say they were perfectly aligned and worked great. But new knives are $80-90... there's some guys on ebay selling them for $50 but don't know anything about them. And they appear to be disposable. You might be able to lightly hone them, but any sort of sharpening is going to mess up the alignment which becomes a bigger pain. Or there's the Byrd Shelix head for $350... which in the long run would make sense.
  6. Minnesota Steve

    Table saw help

    Delta 36-725 is the model Lowes sells. $300 is a reasonable price for it as it's about $600 new. It's also going to have a riving knife, which your old saw probably doesn't have?
  7. Minnesota Steve

    2 Presents Done

    Wow, those look really nice. nice job
  8. Minnesota Steve

    Woodworking Shows/Meetup

    I'll likely go to Amana next year if they do it again. I may some day like to go to Fine Woodworking Live. I don't think I'd enjoy IWF, and I know I don't enjoy Vegas. :-)
  9. Minnesota Steve

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    You can get to your subscriptions on roku. I think you arrow to the left and a menu pops up letting you go to the subs, trending, etc. Youtube has had some problems with videos missing from the subscription page. They seem to be resolved now though. Not roku related, but I've noticed the quality of the ads improving on youtube lately, and seeing more of them. The first part of the year the ad quality was pretty bad, mostly advertising multi-level marketing crap, or political crap... and not sure those aren't the same thing. On some particularly obnoxious ads that just keep showing up over and over, I learned if you look down in the lower left of the video where it shows some info about the ad there is a little circle with an i in it.. like (i) click on that and a prompt will show up allowing you to stop seeing that ad. Although if the ad is from some big company that icon may not be available. I don't know if this is based off what the advertiser paid, or if those particular ads have been vetted by youtube and approved. They also introduced a new feature where you could up or down vote ads. I'm not sure what that does for me. Oh and over the past year or so they've been pushing a lot of survey ads... which of these tv shows have you heard of or want to see, etc. At least you can skip those by just entering nothing.
  10. Minnesota Steve

    Wood identification help

    It looks like cottonwood to me, which is pretty common here in the plains out in the rural areas. It's a fast growing tree often used in wind breaks. My grandfather's farm in Iowa had a ton of them, and his barn was made from cottonwood planks they harvested locally. You used to see these in urban areas prior to the car becoming popular, but the seeds they drop tend to make a mess and I think many urban areas even ban their planting now. I looked at that NYC tree map and there is 400 of them in the entire city, so I'd say that's pretty rare. But given the tree isn't that old... maybe it had become a nuisance and was removed?
  11. Minnesota Steve

    Sharpening System

    I started off with sandpaper. I bought a piece of granite tile at home depot for $5 and glued it to a board. Then I taped my sandpaper down to it. That worked ok at the time as I just had a couple chisels. When I bought my planes, I bought the DMT plates that Paul Sellers recommends... I want to say it was like $150 or so for three of them. One thing... the first DMT extra fine plate I bought, the coating started bubbling up. All I'd sprayed on it was water, which is what the instructions said should work. I took it back to Woodcraft and they exchanged it and the new one has been fine. I just have the cheap $15 honing guide though. There was some video on pop woodworking that showed how to file it down to make it work better. But I've been thinking about buying the Lie-Nielsen one as I really liked how that worked when I saw it demoed. But I've had ok success sharpening freehand. That's what I did with that sandpaper. The angle really doesn't matter that much, you just have to stay parallel so you don't end up rounding over the edge and undoing your sharpening work. I bought a Smith's arkansas stone set for the kitchen and sharpen our knives that way. In fact watching videos on knife sharpening, the only time I've seen jigs used is in the manufacturing of the knives. Sharpening them by chefs and such is always done free hand. I think advertising causes us to overthink this way too much.
  12. Minnesota Steve

    Thrust bearing

    The USPS receives no money from China for picking up packages at the port and delivering them to the final address. It's part of some really old system of cross border mail delivery that used to make sense but no longer does. Good planet money episode investigating how it works... https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2018/08/01/634737852/episode-857-the-postal-illuminati Anyway, agree on buying quality parts!
  13. Minnesota Steve

    Bandsaw issue

    I agree if it was the start capacitor I think you'd hear a hum. Although it's still possible and worth testing. Might be a loose connection, or a bad switch... The fact that it's intermittent... That might require some tear apart troubleshooting with a multimeter.
  14. Minnesota Steve

    Baby Crib - to build or buy?

    From a father with 2 kids... Anything you buy or build for a baby will be used for at most maybe 2 years, but more likely six months. Start thinking about when the kid turns 3... you'll need a bed, and a dresser, and a night stand next to the bed. But the dresser is useful now... and even the nightstand because you can set that next to the rocking chair you'll have in the room for the first year. And the best changing table is the floor... just get a waterproof pad and you're set. Actually get 2-3 waterproof pads, it won't take long to understand why.
  15. Minnesota Steve

    Broken Carbide Tip

    I don't think that should happen. I think it's a manufacturing defect where the braze failed.