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  1. Minnesota Steve

    Bandsaw issue

    I agree if it was the start capacitor I think you'd hear a hum. Although it's still possible and worth testing. Might be a loose connection, or a bad switch... The fact that it's intermittent... That might require some tear apart troubleshooting with a multimeter.
  2. Minnesota Steve

    Baby Crib - to build or buy?

    From a father with 2 kids... Anything you buy or build for a baby will be used for at most maybe 2 years, but more likely six months. Start thinking about when the kid turns 3... you'll need a bed, and a dresser, and a night stand next to the bed. But the dresser is useful now... and even the nightstand because you can set that next to the rocking chair you'll have in the room for the first year. And the best changing table is the floor... just get a waterproof pad and you're set. Actually get 2-3 waterproof pads, it won't take long to understand why.
  3. Minnesota Steve

    Broken Carbide Tip

    I don't think that should happen. I think it's a manufacturing defect where the braze failed.
  4. Minnesota Steve

    Built-Ins! How to?

    I don't know nothing about built-ins. But I've installed pre-built kitchen cabinets before and all the tricks are about making things level, and then trimming out where it fits the wall. Scribing filler pieces, and using trim such that you don't notice the wall isn't flat and straight. Why? Because no wall in a house is flat, straight or square.
  5. Minnesota Steve

    Stanley 750 Sweetheart chisels declining in quality

    Yeah I think Zoro is owned by Grainger... Unless they do the third party reseller thing like amazon, where you can end up with chinese knockoffs in some cases should be legit. I would try contacting them about returning them. Maybe inquire of Stanley if they changed the tooling. https://www.stanleytools.com/en-us/support/contact-us I just have a hard time believing they'd make that big of a change.
  6. Minnesota Steve

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    Marc installed electric heat in his shop... So that's 50-60 amps right there... That's something you need to keep in mind when sizing things.
  7. Minnesota Steve

    Stanley 750 Sweetheart chisels declining in quality

    Where did you buy those from? I can't believe they changed the side bevel to be the same as the carpenter chisels. I wonder if this isn't a chinese knockoff?
  8. Minnesota Steve

    Your input is appreciated

    I've looked at the Jet at my local woodcraft, and it's really easy to operate. You can switch from jointer to planer in about a minute.
  9. Minnesota Steve

    Tariff hits tools...

    Good explanation. I like that the company isn't just blanket applying tariff to still in stock machines. Good on them.
  10. Minnesota Steve

    Tariff hits tools...

    Grizzly is applying targeted tariff pricing on tools coming from China. The Grizzly G0490 jointer just increased in price $200, and the G0490X by $300... http://www.grizzly.com/products/8-Jointer-with-Parallelogram-Beds/G0490 And if it hasn't yet shipped, the price just jumped up even on backordered items: http://www.grizzly.com/customerservice#ordering/2018-tariffs/12ba4123-85aa-4f79-ae44-c2e9632bc399 It's mostly just that G0490 impacted... most of the other jointers are not.(probably made in Taiwan). A lot of Grizzly lathes seem to now have tariffs. I didn't see any table saws or planers. Powermatic and Jet seem to have increased many items by a small amount. I noticed the Jet JJ-6CSDX just went up in price about $50, same with the Powermatic PM54A. The Powermatic PM60 line went up about $100. Jet JJP-12 just went up $100. It also looks like the PM1000 and PM2000 table saws might have gone up slightly, but I haven't watched those prices that closely so don't know. Looks like Powermatic/Jet might have just increased prices across the board to offset whatever tariff costs they're seeing. Anyone notice any other price changes?
  11. Minnesota Steve

    How to finish this requested hipster piece??

    So I inherited my mother's dresser. Bought sometime in the early 1960s. It's pretty well built, dovetailed drawers made of beech, exterior is hard maple. It's very heavy and I've always been impressed with it's construction. But my wife thinks it's ugly, and you know maybe it is. It's that classic brown stain that everything was done in back in the day. So she hunted the internet and found one on ebay for $200... said we should sell it.
  12. Minnesota Steve

    How to finish this requested hipster piece??

    I wouldn't do anything fancy... Edge glue the three layers and then screw one layer to the next from underneath. Use a wider hole through the one layer so they can expand/contract a bit. You'll need to find some 12" hairpin legs, that'll be the most expensive part. Then I'd sand the outside with 120 grit mostly to remove the lumber markings. Coat with water based poly. Based on what I found online... the hairpin legs will likely cost you $50. 2x4's are now about $4/each(up from $3 last year) depending on length you'd need 5-8 of them. So you're looking at maybe $80 in materials. If you built a simple coffee table out of hardwood, 4 legs with aprons, and a top... 2'x4' top, aprons, legs... you'd need what maybe 15 board foot of material? oak at $3-4 board foot and you're at $45-60 in materials. Use those metal corner brackets with hanger bolts(around $5 at rockler) and it probably wouldn't take much longer to construct, although finishing would take a bit longer as you'd want to stain it. Interesting to look at it that way. Granted a simple table wouldn't look trendy.
  13. Minnesota Steve

    Big Box Pine Problem

    I think the Chevron look is usually veneer on a plywood substrate for stability.
  14. Minnesota Steve

    How to finish this requested hipster piece??

    You obviously assemble that with 12 penny nails. sheesh
  15. Minnesota Steve

    How long?

    A month back I was going through some of my stuff and I came across a Sharp EL-5200 calculator I bought back in college. It was the first graphing calculator from Sharp according to this I found: http://www.gelhaus.net/cgi-bin/page.py?loc:8bit/+content:EL-5200.html I think it has some value as a collectors item, and the main reason is I actually kept the box and the manuals. I never thought of it as for the collector value, it's just the box was an easy way to keep the manuals together and it didn't take up much extra space. Most boxes I toss out, because they just take up too much space. I think I still have boxes for my camera and cell phones and a few computer accessories, but that's because they fit in a drawer. boxes for tools, televisions and such I might keep for a month just in case it needs to be returned. Then toss it.