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  1. I still have a Jet JJP-8BT combo unit. This is what people talk about when they say don't buy a combo. From reading reviews though I think the 8" might work better than the 10", hard to say they're very similar. https://www.jettools.com/us/en/p/jjp-8bt-8-jointer-planer-combo/707400 It's not great, but it doesn't work too bad either... I would say it's comparable to a benchtop jointer with a planer as a bonus. It depends on what you are doing. I have been able to do quite a bit with it as a compromise. They're really common/popular in Europe... but that's the downside, parts are getting hard to come by in the US. The price of knives has shot up to $60 from Jet. ebay has sources for $20 from china. Considering they're thin and only 2 of them, they wear out fairly quickly. They can be resharpened with a jig, as it's only single sided and you have to adjust the knives manually with set screws and such. But you can't use jigs with magnets as the table is aluminum, so you use a straight edge. I got mine off Craigslist for $200... I've since replaced it with a Dewalt DW735 and Powermatic PM-54a. But I've held onto it just because I have contemplating going back to using it. Now that I bought a drum sander, and most wood I buy any more is already surfaced. I can joint longer boards with a jig on the table saw. My shop is super tiny, so... I debate keeping it. I looked into upgrading to a different combo at one point. The Rikon 25-010 is better than the Jet with a longer table but it's still a bit of a pain to switch modes. It's a consideration because it's still small and runs off 120v. There's also the Rikon 25-210H, or Jet JJP-12 which are 12" units that I've heard really good things about. They're a bit less money than the Hammer A3-31, but... if you're going to be looking at something this big I'd consider the Hammer unit.
  2. It's fascinating how every year companies increase the prices they charge. But they don't give employees raises... Where are these increased costs coming from?
  3. Yeah, these things... (uk link for op) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shop-vac-901-02-Filter-Bags-Pack/dp/B07F3CD3W8 Or they also sell the paper bags for use inside the shop-vac. I've always used those when I'm going mobile and cleaning up crap. I try to avoid having to clean the filter as it just makes a bloody mess even outdoors. Otherwise the Dust Deputy... I see it's a bit expensive in the UK(likely because it's USA made and has to be shipped), but I've had one for 9 years and had really good luck with it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Dust-Deputy-Cyclone-Kit/dp/B002GZLCHM I've no experience with those knockoff cyclones.... They probably work though. The buckets that come with the dust deputy kit are thicker plastic and won't collapse under the suction. That's just something to be aware of.
  4. A little Bondo will fix that right up. What color you planning to paint this?
  5. I have a couple of those squares... also ordered from harryepstein. I have a 12" and 6" combination square. And then a 4" and 6" double square. I agree that they're quite nice. What I appreciate is they move along the ruler easily. My old big box store combo square never did. My 6" double square was also off and not square. But I was able to fix it with a small file. There was just a little extra piece of metal in the groove. You need a pretty thin file for this... Here's a video from Ben Strano using some folded up sandpaper.
  6. Actually the feature about this pro-lift I'd like most is the locking knob. I have the older Rockler lift, and as you use it, the router will change height from the vibration. Have not found a great solution, other than remembering where the wheel is pointed and constantly checking. I did tighten up the mechanism, might have to do that again. No, I think it looks really nice. If you did buy it, love to hear your impressions.
  7. I can't find particularly good article on this, but over at toolguyd last month they reviewed a new Dewalt jobsite saw and there was mention that there has been a change to the regulations mandating a minimum table size to blade size ratio. https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-jobsite-table-saw-dwe7485-022020/ That was always the problem I had with the DWE7480 I had from Dewalt... the short distance made it hard to do a crosscut. This regulation change might explain why Sawstop revised their jobsite saw this past year as well as the new saw has a deeper table. Well the new dwe7485 now uses an 8-1/4" blade. That's also what they used on their flexvolt table saw. I believe this is a European spec 210mm blade. I know Makita has had a SCM using this size blade for some time. So we'll probably see more equipment coming to market using this blade size. Anyway apparently the Dw745 and other jobsite saws with 10" blades are being clearanced out.
  8. Which LED fixtures? I bought one of the Smart Electrician tread plate lights.... but I haven't tried an FM radio around it yet. I like that it's bright but it doesn't blind me, so was thinking about getting a couple more. But maybe I should try this.
  9. I like that. I want to tweak my router table. I just have a enclosure on the top part and a drawer in the bottom... and I use the area with the router in it to store jigs and feather boards because there's so much extra room, but then they get all covered in dust. Want to make the portion with the router smaller and fix the dust collection and then do some stuff on the side. Maybe I can just add some compartments on the side to hang the jigs like you did.
  10. I would design and plan with a confidence level... If you buy a 12/4 board there's a best guess as to what thickness you're going to get out of it... Something like this: 2.25" thick = 100% confidence 2.5" thick = 90% confidence 2.75" thick = 60% confidence 2.9" thick = 25% confidence
  11. In the episode of WoodTalk released last week "Rehydrated Toast", Shannon mentioned he's working with someone to develop a starter kit of hand tools for a reasonable price. https://woodtalkshow.com/episodes/460-rehydrated-toast/ The person putting this together: https://grandpaslittlefarm.com/ I think the things he mentioned were handsaws... they're looking at Garlick saws and finding good stuff for not much. But also hand planes, and it looks like they have those for sale on his site. But they've sourced something from a company called Rider and fairly inexpensive. They look decent from the pictures, but I have no direct experience with these. He has some information on them on his website. https://grandpaslittlefarm.com/planes.shtml
  12. I just took a piece of 3/4" plywood and drilled 1/4" and 1/2" holes in it... maybe 1" between them. Some bits are wider so they cover multiple holes. This is in a little wooden box. And then one day I got a bit which was about 4" tall and it won't fit in my box standing up... I also agree that it's not much fun pulling on the bit from the sharp end to get it out. So honestly the little plastic parts boxes make a lot of sense to me.