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  1. Shop Storage Shed

    I think I used galvanized ring shank nails to attach the plywood to my shed. Something like this: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Grip-Rite-2-3-8-in-x-0-113-Plastic-Exterior-Galvanized-Ring-Shank-Nails-1-000-per-Box-GR08RHG1M/202275374 If your putting down pressure treated flooring into PT trusses, might be worth using the GRK construction screws. They're awesome and they work with pressure treated wood.
  2. Shop Storage Shed

    You looking for saplings? 4' trees or bigger trees? Fleet Farm has good prices on potted 4' trees. 4' or shorter is the best tree... those big ones they like to transplant they take out so much of the root system it takes years for them to recover. We have a tree line along the back of our lot, and a number of trees died. I think a few were elm, which doesn't surprise me. The others were boxelder, which again is no surprise. There's a couple black walnut tress in there, and a nice basswood. The neighbors have some big white oaks in there yard. So I've been looking to plant a few trees to add some more diversity. Thinking maybe some sugar maple trees. Maybe another hackberry, we've got a couple on the other side of the lot. they ain't pretty, but they're very resilient.
  3. hearing protection

    I like these... 3M Peltor earmuffs. They claim 30dB reduction and are comfortable to wear. https://www.amazon.com/3M-Earmuff-Protectors-Hearing-Protection/dp/B00009LI4K/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526919010&sr=8-3&keywords=hearing+protection&refinements=p_89%3A3M They work pretty well with my DW735.
  4. First pair of parallel clamps? Which to buy?

    What kind of racks hold those? the ones called pipe clamp racks?
  5. Jorgensen Pony

    Oh so that's why you want my clamps! You know I think I bought my cabinet masters for like $30/ea when they were on sale at Menards, and at the time I thought that was bloody expensive. I was so young and naive 3 years ago... I should have bought more.
  6. Powermatic jointer score!!!

    So got it together last night... Neighbor helped me move the bed back on the base, and I bolted it all back together. I do have about 5 lbs of sawdust sitting in my car, even after we'd cleaned it out before moving it. :-) Changed wiring back to 115v from 220v, and started it back up. The motor started right up and seemed to run smoothly so I'm hoping I wired it right. This weekend I'll have to go through adjustments on it. He said the knives needed sharpening, so I need to take them out and get a good look at them.
  7. Powermatic jointer score!!!

    Naw, the bed is still sitting in my car. It might be there until tomorrow.
  8. Powermatic jointer score!!!

    Not to bad. There's three bolts you have to remove from the underneath, but they nicely made them with 2" long heads so you can get to them and put a wrench on it. The one bolt is the hardest to loosen as you have to reach up through the dust port. We also took off the fence, and the blade guard so I could set the cast iron upside down flat. Bloody thing is heavy. Manual says the jointer bed weighs 250lbs. Fortunately it's going into my garage, so I think we just need to turn it over and slide it straight out back onto the base as it's around the same height as the back of the car. I'm going to ask my neighbor for some help. My buddy got into a car accident yesterday so he's out for a bit. Some lady on her phone ran a red light and smashed into the front end of his Nissan Rogue. Everybody is ok, but the car is totaled. He said luckily he saw her and slammed the brakes, or she would have hit his door. He's going to be pretty sore for a few days.
  9. Powermatic jointer score!!!

    Finally! I found a jointer on craigslist after 2+ years for a reasonable price... Powermatic PM54A. No rust, great shape, hardly used. He bought it a few years ago, but then bought a big lathe and does nothing but turning any more so it was just taking up space. I was all ready for that sale at Woodcraft this weekend too.. Now I just have to figure out how to get it out of my car...
  10. RZ Mask

    Their HQ is down in Burnsville. Maybe stop by and ask them. :-) I think the company started selling masks for motorsports, and OSHA probably never entered into the equation, but they've lately been marketing them to woodworkers and such.
  11. First pair of parallel clamps? Which to buy?

    If I get hit on the head again by those suckers, they're outta here...
  12. First pair of parallel clamps? Which to buy?

    I have some 48" and 24" jorgensen parallel clamps. They're really heavy and hard to work with. And they really hurt if you've got one standing upright and as you're positioning things it falls over and whacks you on the head.
  13. Recommendations on wood

    Popular Woodworking's wood dealer map is better than woodfinder. https://www.popularwoodworking.com/local-lumberyard-map Oh, and craigslist is a place to look. But it's not all pretty wood and sometimes you have to buy 500 bf at once to get these low prices. And it's all fairly rough, so you need a place to store it and a planer/jointer to mill it.
  14. Work Bench Top Thickness

    I made mine out of SPF(I think it's spruce based on the grain). It's stayed flat... I do see some movement winter to summer, but it's mostly with the width as I notice the legs stop being flush in the front by about 1/8". But mine is in a basement with humidifier and dehumidifier so relative humidity is pretty stable at around 30-40% year round.
  15. Shop Aprons ?

    It has a couple pockets that easily collect sawdust. For me it's mainly just about keeping my clothes clean. At first I was considered about a long sleeve coat and the sleeves would get in the way, but they're actually kind of short, they come down to just above my wrists.