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  1. Interesting. Amazon used to sell Sawstop. It looks like they've got a landing page and everything. Just no stock. I wonder why. I have local Woodcraft and Rockler and they're both decent. Also Grizzly sells Sawstop.
  2. Bosch, CMT, Whiteside, Freud and Amana are good. With CMT there are two versions. They have a contractor line... these tend to be HSS or really thin carbide. The Orange CMT are the higher quality and use better carbide tips. They have similar differentiation on their table saw blades and such too. I have a couple of the CMT contractor bits I got at Menards, but they're small like a 3/16" roundovers with 1/4" shafts for use in a trim router. they're not really doing a lot of heavy cutting and have been fine. Most of what's at the hardware stores are 1/4" shafts. I usually
  3. So the answer to your question is Loctite PL300 is used to glue foam. As far as sound dampening... XPS insulation board probably won't do anything for sound. Polystyrene foam might work better. If you want something readily and cheaply available, you might consider drop ceiling tiles as they have acoustical properties to dampen sound reflections.
  4. Chestnut, I think you'll be happy with the Rocker SL Router Lift. I've had my Rockler lift for about 5 years now. Like treeslayer I did have some problems with it being loose, but I tightened it up and it's been ok since. It's mostly a problem if you do something where you get a lot of chatter with the bit. I've taken to sticking a piece of masking tape down on the plate and making a mark of where 0 is, just to confirm, especially if I'm doing a lot of parts. Mine has the plastic inserts, and I think the aluminum inserts is an improvement. Yes they cost more, but I think that
  5. Interesting. I'm actually a fan of the wire shelving. Before wire shelving what we had was wood supports like that This Old House video, with a piece of plywood or particle board shelving placed on top. That's what I grew up with and I really hated it. The shelves sagged, and would get old and dusty/musty smelling over time. Wire is far superior to that. In our bedroom closet, we have this style, which is made by Rubbermaid. It's called FreeSlide. The rod extends all the way down, making it easy to push clothes around. I'm not a fan of the Closetmaid solution for this, which
  6. You know as far as fuel cans go, I really like the No-Spill cans I have. I have a 1.25 and a 2.5 for gas in my JD X370, Honda HRX and Snowblower.. But they do make 5 gallon jugs as well. http://www.nospill.com/index.html The only downside is they work great for fuel caps on top, like what you see in lawn equipment. But not so great trying to pour gas into a car from the side. It can be done, but it'd be easier with a longer spout. But yeah, when we first moved to this property I had one of those cheap cans from Home Depot, and was so frustrated with it, I went out lookin
  7. I've only ever seen 5mm and 1/4" shelf pins, and I always thought that was confusing enough. Is there a brand for these cabinets? Where are you buying the replacement pins? It could be your plastic pins are a bit oversized for a 1/4" hole. 5/16" would be about 7.9mm... I've seen them where they have little ridges and they're designed to bite into the wood. They're always a pain to get in new, have to pound them in. It could be that your holes have become wallowed out and the pins aren't going in solidly and that's why they're breaking on you. They do make shelf pin sleeves.
  8. I wish Hershey would go back to using paper wrappers on their candy bars. Used to be able to open those with just one hand. And while we're at it... cereal, crackers, etc. should go back to using waxed paper instead of plastic.
  9. Merrell has a wide variety of slip on shoes. I have a pair of Jungle Mocs and use them for walking the dog and such. Easy to slip on, and comfortable. But the specific shoe is maybe going to depend on what you want as they have different soles, waterproof or not, etc. https://www.merrell.com/US/en/mens-slip-on-shoes/ Now I also have a pair of Merrell Moab 2's like BonPacific mentioned and they're awesome and have good support. But the Jungle Mocs didn't have very good support, so... If you are looking for better arch support then... Superfeet insoles. I had a guy at the
  10. I may have to try that impeller. Thanks for that tip. So I've modified mine in two ways... First, got this Powertec 1 micron filter bag. It's big heavy felt and has worked a lot better than the bag that came with it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005VSAP74 Then I just tried this trick from Stumpy Nubs... Instead of clamps, I drilled some holes into the bottom sides of the bucket and used some bungee cords to hold down the cover. I have not yet filled it with sawdust yet to see how much of a mess I make emptying the bag. But it has GOT to be better than trying
  11. I've been happy with my Dysons. I still have the DC07 I bought back in 2004, and the only thing I've had to do is replace a belt and take the canister apart and clean it really well. We like the bagless because we have pets. But if you don't fill the bags up regularly with fur, I'd prefer a bag. I don't know if the new Dysons are quite as well made as they used to be. But the new cordless vacs intrigue me. Thought they might be nice for cleaning the staircase and our main level which is mostly hardwood floors. Haven't bought one yet, maybe in a year or two. We'll see.
  12. I just stopped in at my local Rockler... guess I hadn't noticed this last time I was there a month or two back... but yeah they had Festool on the back wall. This might have something to do with Festool buying Sawstop... Rockler sells a lot of Sawstop.
  13. So that was my Christmas gift to myself and they came in the mail just last week. I think they're decent. The sound quality is good enough. They're rugged and fairly comfortable. I'm glad they are making a muff, as I really don't like sticking things in my ears. I may end up buying a pair for doing yardwork. Or maybe I'll get some 3M worktunes to see how they compare.
  14. Accidentally came across it on Eagle America's website as well... https://www.eagleamerica.com/product/420-1010/router_tables_-_table_top_accessories
  15. Yeah, but the fence isn't being used to cut a piece to a particular length. So there's really no need for the fence. All it seems to be doing is cutting it at an angle. I'm just totally confused.