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  1. To just take the edge off... a block plane or a sanding block is enough. Using a sander is hard to control. I have a 1/8" radius router bit I use if I really want to round off the edges like on a cutting board. Still it's pretty aggressive. I might pick up a 1/16" radius and see if I like that a bit better.
  2. I really like the Shaker style, and I think for much the same reason.. as I value simplicity and purpose. I don't think it's right to just discount it as just being simpler to construct as I think there's a lot of skill that goes into a well made piece. Some of the first furniture I bought in my home before we were married was Danish influence. Again the simple lines I just find appealing. But that being said, my grandparents had some furniture... not sure of the style, but it had extremely ornate hand carvings in it. In particular they had a pedestal table with lions feet carved into the base and extension legs that was really beautiful.
  3. First, I think this turned out really nice. In terms of the denting... that's the latest fashion. All the furniture in the stores these days looks like someone took a hammer to it already. So I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. Bah we got the cheap bottom mount euro drawer slides and I just replaced all the rubber bumpers and now they're soft close. They make a pleasing thump when you close instead of a bang. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NG7RY8
  5. Hmm... I use linkable led shop lights. My usable ceiling is about 7 foot, but that's because I have duct work and the joists are up at 8'... so hanging on the chains from the joists the lights are right at 7 foot. I wouldn't want the light hanging much below 7 foot. The first lights I bought the led's had a white diffuser, but the last one I bought was clear. That clear one is really blinding and I'm planning to add a diffuser to it. I guess the term is a diffusion "lighting gel", at least based on my online research. You could look at ceiling mount fixtures instead of ones that hang on chains... I don't know if these are linkable by cords, but they usually have ways of attaching conduit to link more than one together.
  6. They handle it really well. I bought a 30' Flexzilla on a reel at Menards maybe 10 years back. It's extremely flexible in the winter. I like having the reel, but it's always a pain putting the hose back in and sometimes have to do it 3-4 times as it'll bunch up too high in one spot and not go all the way in. The cheap clear pvc hose that came with my compressor I'd avoid. But the reinforced polyurethane I haven't had any problems with. I have a 1/4" hose in the shop for use on my nail guns and it seems pretty flexible, doesn't get all tangled. But if you were using all day long on job sites, if you were yanking on it a lot I could see maybe it wouldn't last.
  7. Well sure... if you live out in the middle of nowhere there ain't many rules. My family on the farm used to burn trash in barrels too. Well until the county finally decided that was a bad idea and started up trash service. HOA isn't all bad. Growing up one house we lived in the neighbors behind us were basically using their back yard as a junk yard. Had something like 8 cars back there on blocks in various stages of dismantling. Stuff like that really runs down property values. It's just you need a balance. And in my view... noise complaints is doing something outdoors after 10pm.
  8. Makes sense. They're definitely common in the suburbs. I think because they're trying to maximize how many homes they can get in an area. And the twinhomes and such where someone mows your lawn for you are very common, so they need an HOA regardless to manage that. We're fortunate where we are now that the road is a city road. It's wide enough cars can park on both sides and they do all the maintenance. Our development is a combination of single family homes and twin homes. So there's a Master association and then one specific to the twin homes. The Master basically just has a bunch of rules and most are reasonable, but I can't park a trailer behind my house and that sucks.
  9. HOA's have become pretty common with housing development... I'd say most new homes end up as part of an HOA. The cities encourage it because if the developer submits a PUD(planned urban development) they can get by zoning restrictions like setback from the road, distance between homes, etc. etc. Usually a PUD ends up with an HOA to enforce the new rules.
  10. That might be a good idea. If I built a plywood cabinet I'd have extra storage underneath.
  11. Well as far as how to respond, I would talk to the HOA. If they yell over the fence, blast music, and especially fire an airhorn... now you have a complaint against them. Don't do anything to make it worse... no childish stunts and what not. But frankly using power tools in the afternoon on a weekend is a perfectly legitimate
  12. Do you have the wheels on your base? They have wheels as an option for like $100, but they just look like regular locking casters.
  13. I got a black friday flyer from Rockler and Woodcraft and it looks like the Supermax 16-32 is back on sale for $999. I think I have just enough room in my shop for one. Not sure I can sneak it past the wife though.
  14. Miter saws aren't really great with any dust collection. When I had the dewalt table saw, honestly the shop vac worked pretty well with it. The dewalt blade is really tightly enclosed so there isn't a lot of volume of air to extract. I wouldn't worry too much for right now. Even when I got a bandsaw the shopvac was ok. It wasn't until you get a planer, jointer or a bigger table saw that you need more. I have the original Dust Right collector from Rockler, and then I bought the Harbor Freight. I pull a hose to each machine as I need it and for that they work ok. The HF one draws like double the air of that little Rockler wall hanger and I'm impressed with it for the price. But I do like how compact the wall hanger is, even though the bag fills up fast.