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  1. Shop Storage Shed

    I would probably either do the covered porch along the length of the roof... So one side of the roof is just longer... Or enclose that upper portion of your first image, so the inside of the shed has a storage loft.
  2. Dremel Rotary Tools?

    Some people when confronted with a problem think "I know, I'll use a Dremel rotary tool." Now they have two problems.
  3. Lifting gear and slabs to above-garage shop

    I spent a summer day when I was a teen helping my grandfather and uncle load hay up to the top of a barn like that. It involved a pulley, a rope and a tractor. I wouldn't call it particularly safe. This was something unusual for my grandfather, as normally they loaded hay up in a different barn using an elevator. But I think they had more hay than normal, and went to put it up in the old barn which was higher and the elevator wouldn't reach. Now a days they just leave it on the ground covered in plastic.
  4. DIY cheap CNC - Test cut successful!

    I am intrigued...
  5. Traditional Tools book

    This is an excellent book with lot's of good pictures. He goes through all the various tools and explains how to use and maintain them. It's just an excellent resource.
  6. What's your angle here anyway?!

    I found some pretty good advice from the book "Trim Complete" by Taunton Press.
  7. The Woodworking Shows

    It's going to be up near St. Cloud... weekend of st. paddies day. https://www.lie-nielsen.com/hand-tool-events/USA/183
  8. The Woodworking Shows

    I probably won't buy anything. I mean I could use a shoulder plane, but it's not high on my priority list. I just want to drool.
  9. The Woodworking Shows

    They came to Minnesota like 2 years ago. I thought it was kind of fun. They had a number of different vendors demoing products. And it was really crowded in there, hardly could walk down the aisles. We've got Lie-Nielsen coming in March to do one of their hand tool events. I'm looking forward to that.
  10. Headphone Stand.

    This is awesome! I've been thinking about building a headphone stand myself. It's on my list... Some day...
  11. Best router table for the money

    I just have the Rockler FX lift and their table/fence... http://www.rockler.com/rockler-high-pressure-laminate-router-table-fence-and-fx-router-lift The main weakness is it holds the height adjustment through friction, and can shift. So if I do multiple pieces I make a note of the setting and just check it to make sure it's not moving. Most others have locking height adjustments. They also cost a bit more, but depending on what you're doing it might be worth it. The woodpecker's that Tom mentioned is particularly nice.
  12. SawStop Router Tables

    Don't know anything about the router table. I'm actually thinking about buying that new outfeed table. I'm hoping my local Rockler or Woodcraft get's one in so I can see it.
  13. Just Curious - Hackberry

    That's ok. I'm Gen-X and we're all slackers.
  14. Moving JJP-12

    Check if you can rent a hoist? I just checked my local rental outfit and I can get an engine hoist for the day for $40.
  15. Baby Boat

    For West Elm you'd want to pick out a nice pallet or two. This boat looks pretty cool.