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  1. Don't forget to pre-distress your project with a ball peen hammer, otherwise it won't look old timey rustic.
  2. When I built my shed, I found "Building a Shed" by Joseph Truini from Taunton Press to be useful. Gave some good ideas and construction techniques. Mine is 8x10 with a 5/12 pitch gable roof. The roof overhangs by a foot, and I have aluminum soffits with a roof vent on the peak, which actually keeps the shed fairly cool during the summer. I did two barn style windows, which Truini's book details how to do, but I could find no online resources which was curious. then for a door, I just bought a 36" steel entry door at Home Depot. I did vinyl siding on mine, so the whole thing matc
  3. I really like my Jorgensen parallel clamps, although they certainly are heavy. I liked 'em because I could get them at Menards on sale periodically. So I'd just buy 2 at a time.
  4. I think it is Borneo Ironwood, also known as Ulin or Belian. http://www.vmark.com.sg/pdf/ironwood.pdf It kind of looks like it, there's that ironwood name... and it has a weight of around 70 lbs/ft3 which is what your sample of .07 ft3 at 5 lbs works out to(well 71.4, but close enough). So the island of Borneo is mostly Indonesia, where this wood is prohibited from export because it's endangered.... but Malaysia is also on Borneo, where they continue to export it from the Sabah region.
  5. I had not seen that model Shop-vac before, so I looked it up. I like the way it sits on the ground with the wheels and such, seems less tippy. $200 seems like a bit much though when you consider there isn't anything else unique about it performance wise. The clear container would be useful for liquid pickup, but for dust I generally use a bag because it's a lot easier to clean out(I really hate cleaning the filter of dust) I have a 10 gallon contractor model I bought at Menards. It's powerful... 195 CFM, came with a 20' long cord, and a 12' long 1 1/2" hose which is very flexible(
  6. I read this thread last week and had one of those ah-ha moments. I have a small 10x12 workshop area in the basement. So I really really don't have much space. I was really close to plopping down the cash for a Sawstop, but had held back as I really wasn't sure where I would put it, but then I read this thread I started thinking. Did I really need the table saw? I started thinking about it, and I'm not sure I do... I eventually wanted to get a bandsaw anyway, so I thought I'd just reverse my plans. So tonight I bought a Laguna 14-12 bandsaw with the mobile base. Anyw
  7. I see a lot of outdoor patio stuff with ceramic tile, not sure what you'd use as a base... cement board I assume.
  8. From a more practical point of view, adding mass to the stand, and spiking it if sitting on a carpeted floor adds a great deal of stability. On hard surfaces I've replaced the spikes with 1/4" carriage bolts with rubber tips glued on for leveling. My floor standing speakers came with something similar in the box. You'll want to keep that in mind, like where are they going to be located and if it's somewhere people consistently walk how easy they are to tip over. So make the base wide enough, etc. As far as how to connect wood at top and bottom. Honestly you can just use screw
  9. Check out this clock... This was just in the news this past week. It writes the time out like one of these magnetic tablets we have for the kids. can't imagine how much time it took to make all those little pieces.
  10. I have a Dewalt 12V drill from 2004, still works great and I beat on that. And I don't know what to do with it. I bought a Milwaukee M12 drill/impact set two years ago so I never use the Dewalt. The Dewalt is too good to throw away, but it's not really worth much to sell. And that's why I think you should buy Ryobi, because when it stops working for you, you won't feel bad throwing it away. :-) Seriously, I really like the 12 volt stuff. Although my M12 drill there's something wrong with it so I'm either going to have to replace it or get it fixed. The chuck makes