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  1. Ok, I was trying to arrange things today and I have a DW735 with the mobile base. The swivel foot has always bugged me.... What they don't show in the Dewalt photo is the shelf that sits in the middle such that you can't get your foot in there to engage the swivel foot. So someone said turn it around.. and so I tried sticking it on the front but then the foot assembly sticks out and I kept tripping over it. So I looked at it again today, and realized if I reverse the pivot it should be perfect. There's a retaining clip and several washers... just pop
  2. Menards, Home Depot and such near us have pressure treated and cedar beams... at least up to 6x6 in stock. And they can special order longer lengths, larger sizes, etc. But if you're looking for a white oak beam, then a local hardwood supplier might know where to get it. I can assure you, it'll cost $$$.
  3. I just noticed the price went up to $350... At $300 I thought it was expensive but worthwhile, but wow that's quite a price jump. As far as pieces falling through, the center 9" or so directly behind the blade has a solid panel to prevent this. It's well thought out in that regard as anything over that width or length is going to be supported by rollers.
  4. I suspect it's not worth as much as you might think. Sure if you look at retail prices it might be high... but there's a whole lot of steps to go through before you get to retail. I wouldn't do anything with it unless you're looking at tearing the entire barn down.
  5. Maybe think of the staircase as a transition between the oak and the white and include aspects of both? A white skirt with the oak handrail is common. The white wainscoting always looks nice down a stairs with an oak handrail, but then you might need to continue this along the walls.
  6. As long as the quality is there on the wheels, I'm hopeful it works. UPS tracking says it'll be here Friday. Grizzly has all kinds of mobile bases, as they are also behind the Shop Fox brand. These that I bought it says are a new design, so we'll see.
  7. I thought about that. But to joint longer boards I need to pull it out, and then turn it and pull it lengthwise down to the center of the room. I just have this really tight space. The wall I have it against is only 10' long, so 90% of the time it'll just sit still, but anytime I want to joint a board longer than say 4' I'm going to have to move things around. This has been a heck of a project. In January I did something stupid while I was putting in some flooring, I ended up partially dislocating my thumb. Doc sent me to PT, and the PT lady said it's real common for guys when t
  8. I think that's great. If it's like my projects though, by the time you finish the kid will have outgrown the need. :-) With our first kid we used the changing table for about six months, and then he was able to roll and sit up and at that point we just started changing him on the floor. We used a basket with the supplies and a changing pad, so we could grab it and go. When you finish this, I'd go back to that toy box. It's entirely reasonable to make it out of good quality pine, and it doesn't have to be complicated. The only thing with a toy chest is you want to cut some reli
  9. I finally got around this weekend to reassembling my tablesaw and adjusting the alignment. And started cleaning up so I can rearrange stuff. Took two tubs of cherry and maple cutoffs and burned them. I need to work on the jointer next and adjust the alignment. But one struggle is the space is kind of tight to push the jointer around on it's mobile base. Because of the length and the swivel being in the center, it's like a 58 point turn to push it up against the wall. I really want a mobile base with 4 swivel wheels. I looked at the Bora PM-3550, and I'd have to modify it by
  10. I worked with a guy who was into Ultra-Marathons. He was really hard core... He'd run the 50-100 mile ones. Not kilometers, but actual miles. He did one up near Vancouver Canada that was 120 miles. And he wasn't young. He was a retired Army Major in his early 50s. The whole idea just seems insane to me. Do people not remember that the greek runner at Marathon fell over dead when he finished? But congratulations to your daughter for finishing!
  11. I learned that lesson the hard way. If I buy individual foam brushes at Rockler they are Jen ones... but I once bought a bag of 20 brushes and they were some cheap chinese knockoff.
  12. Great... now I'm hungry. Ronn... check Hirshfields as they have a selection of Wooster brushes and may help you pick the right one. And I saved this video from William Ng's channel on brush technique as it was really helpful.
  13. Cremona made the local newspaper. He's famous now! http://www.startribune.com/twin-cities-woodworker-has-quietly-become-one-of-the-state-s-social-media-stars/512641692/
  14. That looks nice. That must have been easy, as you didn't even finish your iced tea... We just buy portable metal ones as we don't burn that much and then we can move it so I don't have to trim grass around it. After the first one burned a hole in the bottom I read the instructions that said to put sand in the bottom. Instructions said put an inch or so of sand, you'll probably need 2 bags. So while I was at the store I bought 2 bags of sand. Got home, put sand in the bottom and apparently they think bags of sand come in 10 lb bags because I didn't even use half of one bag.
  15. I thought the Damstom clamps were expensive at half that price. :-)
  16. Well I was able to get the table saw downstairs. The top came off fairly easily, just the 4 outer bolts the instruction manual tells you to loosen to adjust it. Then I also had to back off the fine adjustment screws on the rear and it came right off. After that I strapped it to my handtruck, laid it down on it's back and removed much of the mobile base from the underside. Then just brought it down the stairs. Now I just have to reassemble everything and go back through all the alignment and such.
  17. Interesting thoughts. Either case it looks like you guys took off the top. I found some articles of others with the PCS who also took off the top. So it shouldn't be a big big deal. Nothing else, this will provide an excuse to buy a Woodpecker's saw gauge. The stretcher idea may work, except then I gotta find some strong guys and I don't want to burden my friends... and they'll stop coming over if every time I ask them to move something. So if you say the ICS was low center of gravity, your motor must be down towards the bottom? The PCS it's up towards the top and kind of
  18. I've been spending months trying to clear out room in our basement storage area so I could move my table saw, jointer and planer from the garage down there. I've made a lot of good progress. So I moved the planer fairly easily. It's just a DW735 on a stand. I figure all totaled it weighs maybe 150 lbs. I strapped it to a handtruck and down it went. So then I moved onto the jointer. A Powermatic PM54a. I couldn't easily use a handtruck with it as it's so long/tall/wide... so instead I took the cast iron off the base, and building a wooden crate around it and then basically
  19. I've had good luck using johnson paste wax on the cast iron of my jointer and table saw out in the garage. Then I cover them with a moving blanket. I have some smaller ones which are 72" x40" and they're the perfect size. The wax helps seal things, and the moving blanket helps keep condensation from settling. As far as hand tools go... keep a rap soaked lightly in 3-in-1 oil and just wipe them off with it when you're done.
  20. We have a pony wall which is a railing along the upstairs staircase. It's visibly crooked. If you hold up a 4' level from the base it's off more than an inch from the top to the bottom. When our kids were little I put a child gate up at the top that was permantly mounted. I had to shim the top bracket with a 2x4. :-)
  21. I always looked at grain filling as a practical manner rather than aesthetic. A table top you might want to fill the grain to make the surface easier to clean, especially that red oak where you could lose children in the table top. But a book case probably not as the open pores give you some aesthetic beauty.
  22. I actually had a very similar thing happen. But with an American made Pennsylvania House armoire I bought back in 2002 or so. Now in my case it's the top and since it's 6' tall nobody sees it so I haven't tried repairing it But what essentially happened is the lacquer melted. I haven't tried anything on it yet. I don't know what it is about these balls if they have acetone in them, or what, but there ya go. Anyway, since that event yoga balls have been banned to the basement or the garbage can. There should be a warning on them.
  23. Yeah... I learned early on to plan out things and cut similar length pieces together. I assume the tape measure is accurate to about a 1/4"...
  24. I plan to buy a full set eventually, but right now I just have green.