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  1. This is kind of interesting and related... but those pegs in that rockler pick have some sort of metal flat backing. Might be like this pegboard protector plate, or likely built right into the hooks... https://www.palaydisplay.com/Pegboard-Protector-Plate-p-23051.html
  2. My only experience with an electric chain saw is a $50 plug in Homelite I bought at Home Depot. It was crap. It worked for my purposes of cutting up small limbs and landscape timbers, but it really didn't have much power.
  3. Rockler sells these which look interesting: https://www.rockler.com/small-8-piece-small-pegboard-holders-3-b-s-2-d-s-3-e-s
  4. If you cut out the backs to bend the wood, will this make it more likely to rot out?
  5. Our old AC started making more noise as the freon went low and it started failing. :-) Don't just let them refill it and leave.... ask that they do a leak test, where they add a marker into the coolant that they can then detect with an ultraviolet light. If you have a leak and you add more coolant it'll just leak out again.
  6. That word there I highlighted means you need a lawyer. The value of the tree isn't a lumber value, but rather a shade tree value. For instance Black Walnut is highly desired for lumber, but as a residential landscape tree is considered undesirable as it drops nuts and makes a mess. I found a pretty good publication from the extension service at Purdue that explains this and even has a formula. https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/FNR/FNR-473-W.pdf Although prices are going to be Indiana based, it'll vary by region. And there are arborist who can do this appraisal
  7. Oh if you already have a R-410 system it may not be that expensive to recharge.
  8. Call a professional. It's probably something bad as coolant doesn't just purposefully leak from a sealed system, there's a failure... We went through this with ours... it was a builder system, cheap and poorly installed. Ours was about 10 years old when we replaced the evaporator coils... that lasted about 4 years before something else broke and since that repair was going to be expensive, I just went and replaced everything, AC and Furnace. New system is more efficient, quieter, works better, and was installed properly. The old R-22 is restricted now so it just keeps gettin
  9. On Windows 10 use Windows-Shift-S... it allows you to select a portion of the screen to grab.
  10. Well I'm glad it worked out! I was curious to see how you eventually moved it. I need/want to move my Sawstop PCS and Powermatic PM54a down into the basement, and am planning to do some disassembly to make it easier.
  11. My father was an engineer at Zenith back in the 1960s. He told me once they had this meeting between the engineers and the marketing department. The engineers wanted to start building equipment in black boxes like they were seeing coming out of Europe and Asia. The marketing department assured them that people wanted stereos and televisions in walnut enclosures that looked like furniture.
  12. Looks interesting. Would have to see how it performs over time under different circumstances. To be that sensitive to detect a finger from a distance, I'm afraid it might easily false trigger with different normal cutting conditions.
  13. I've been thinking about this for a while, but haven't gotten around to setting anything up. I have a QNAP NAS at home, which can record off a surveillance camera, so no monthly fees. But I'll probably go with a PoE option, so just have to run a CAT5 cable out of the house which will provide power and network. I just haven't figured out where I want to put the camera. Thinking front porch.
  14. It looks like they decided to rename the show and dropped the Roughcut name.
  15. I have that book my Tom Moser on Shaker furniture... It's a really good book for ideas... there are measured drawings of a number of Shaker pieces, and it goes into some detail on design elements.
  16. Their website has a "special" which reveals some pricing... But that's at the NE Mpls location... not sure if it applies to jordan. http://siweklumber.com/category/lumber/ This is about what I remember for cherry... $6 for 4/4, $9 for 8/4... their sale gives about 10% off. So $5.4 for the 4/4 and $8 for 8/4. They do have some #2 cherry for $3.20 a bdft... I think the Siwek's stuff is surfaced... That seems to be the trend these days.
  17. I bought fancy lag bolts from Le Depot a Domicile.
  18. Agreed. There were a lot of really nice pieces this year.
  20. Maybe you could invent something? Most japanese saws have replaceable blades... you just need to take a blade and fabricate a new handle? I used to really hate using western saws until I got a fairly good one(Veritas) and then learned to just let the weight of the saw make the cut instead of pushing down. I just have a cheap Shark saw. They do sell one with a pistol grip handle, but it's not a fine blade, it's made for carpentry.
  21. Go buy one of these: https://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/siding/siding-tools/malco-trim-nail-punch/1460009/p-1444438824223-c-13071.htm?tid=-7954264049280437957&ipos=1 It'll let you nail without marring the surface... and you can set the nail into the little grooves of the soffit. I did pre drill sometimes, when I didn't have a good angle for the hammer as you need to give it a hard first whack to punch thru. Don't need much, just a small pilot hole for the nail to slip into. Only because nail heads aren't real pointy. Could probably accomplish the same with
  22. I'd try removing the piece on the underside of the rail to see if there's a bolt or something there. That'd be the least damage. If that ain't it... saw the couch in half. I would have thought putting it up on end at the bottom you could turn and bring it down the last section. Like don't do what these guys did:
  23. There usually attached using a hanger bolt... and a nut you tighten down. And then you glue in a plug. It's either in the newel post, or from the underside of the rail. Now I need a picture of the couch. I'm having a hard time picturing why it's such a problem. Maybe you can take pieces off it? I have one couch where the feet on the bottom unscrew, makes it easier to move.
  24. I found this interesting... the Library of Congress has a book and photographs from when the cathedral was renovated in 1860. If you can read French, they have the whole book posted online as a PDF and has tons of detail on the work done. https://blogs.loc.gov/loc/2019/04/notre-dame-in-the-19th-century/ I suspect the Church will look at it as what can they do to reconstruct that'll last another several hundred years. I also think it might not look quite the same as it did. They may take a modern interpretation of old styling, much like Viollet-le-Duc's work in 1860. A work