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  1. Was out in the shop rough turning some spalted alder that I picked up free a couple years ago. Slightly punky wood but it has some very pretty grain. While doing this I feel something hit the top of my foot, felt kind of like a screw or bolt. So I shut everything down, start digging through the shavings, and I find two little shards of cast iron, and a hole below the tensioning arm of the banjo. The lathe isn't even two weeks old, and the casting on the banjo failed. Not how I was hoping to start the weekend.
  2. I think a spring joint can be a great trick if you don't have enough clamps. Otherwise I agree it's just adding extra stress or a void.
  3. A picture would be helpful, so we can tell if you're seeing more glue or if the glue is just more visible (TB3 being so much darker than TB2).
  4. Well, after a week of the stall mats (and making myself go out and do at least a little turning every evening) I can say they were a massive improvement over the old foam. My knees and legs thank you all.
  5. This was my first thought as well. The perfectly smooth edge and lack of any sort of grain texture on the lettering makes me think this could just be a print. Not to mention the drop shadow on the lettering would be hell to try and achieve with any sort of decals or die-cut.
  6. 6" for the vanity. In a perfect world I'd want about another inch of depth, just because my mitts are a bit too big to wash inside the sink. In my defense on the maid, we had the sinks at least a year first :).
  7. I'll let my curmudgeon flag fly. I hate those vessel sinks with an unreasonable passion.
  8. I've got undermounts for both my sinks and wouldn't consider any other option if we had to remodel again. Bathroom vanity was bought pre-made (off of some furniture site I can't remember) with a porcelain basin and marble top, kitchen was a steel homecenter sink I purchased and handed off to the marble installers. Pre-made has a gap similar to your picture but it's hidden by the overhang of the countertop. There's no gunk in there, but a bathroom will have a lot less buildup than a kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is almost a perfect flush fit, you can't even see the silicone unless you look fro
  9. We love our Shark. It's given something like 9 years of service, even with our menagerie (currently 6 furry critters) putting it through it's paces.
  10. @Coop Are you asking about inside the shop or outside? The only tool I have hooked up to the DC while sanding is my lathe, and I'd say just from visuals it picks up about 80 percent of the sanding dust (more for spindles since I can angle it and less for bowls). For the outside, I vent directly onto a lilac bush, and there's no noticeable pile left over. I have a cyclone through, which does a good job collecting anything large enough to notice. The neighbors (about 20' away) have never mentioned any issues with dust clouds, or noise for that matter.
  11. Venting outside is definitely the best option if you can swing it. I don't have anything to measure CFM, but I'd swear it went up at least 50% when I made the switch.
  12. With the Prii, at least the older NiMH ones (not sure when they switched to Li), it's not that hard to refurbish the battery as long as it's not the majority of cells that have gone bad. They're pretty much identical to power tool batteries, just a lot bigger. There are companies that will do this for you, or you can DIY if have a few days to spend with a battery tester and a soldering iron. The newer Li batteries are trickier to repair since they've got a lot more smarts in them, but they also last a lot longer.
  13. You collecting lathes with dead motors? Because I got another for you
  14. Mostly looking for recommendations as a place to start looking. Crocs are obviously everywhere, but I hadn't considered a pair of Chelsea boots like rainjer recommended. I feel you on the individual qualities of shoes. I've been wearing Merrell Moab 2's for a decade, and I still can't reliably buy their other shoes and trust they'll offer the correct support (looking at you World Vues).
  15. Not the craziest idea on the crocs. I just got a couple horse stall mats last night, so I'm going to get those laid down and see how well they work. Also burned through my shop budget with a new lathe on short notice, so shoes will probably need to wait for the next paycheck. Thanks for the advice everyone!