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  1. A soft and thick nap roller is the only thing I've seen really give good coverage on t111. I've done okay with a sprayer, but only on older stuff that was thinner and weathered.
  2. Just for cleaning the joint. 90+ percent isopropyl is my preferred resin cleaning liquid, for both UV and epoxy resins. Denatured alcohol has a risk of softening/deforming the epoxy which would throw off your joint.
  3. How many layers/what's the final thickness you're aiming for? Not the clearest photo, but I finally got the joinery all cut for this led-strip lamp, and did the first dry assembly.
  4. I haven't done it on something this large, but gluing together pieces of epoxy resin can be done more or less seamlessly if you very carefully clean the mating surfaces (high-percent alcohol, gloves, lint-free cloth, and a dust-free environment) and match any colorants. Fundamentally similar to pouring in multiple lifts.
  5. Check out Luke Towan's videos and website. He has some free models I helieve. They're mostly small detail pieces that are hard to get from kits or castings.
  6. I don't know how you're determining "legitimacy" but it's likely not for you or I to do. Appearance alone is certainly no way to determine tribal membership. Remember that Blood Quantum was a US goverment imposition.
  7. That'sa lotta clamps! Everything I did today sucked. And as I expect is tradition, I had it hooked up less than 5 minutes before accidentally sucking up the DC remote. Thankfully it was just heavy enough not to get past the vertical drop so I'm not picking pieces of circuit board out of the impeller.
  8. I have one of the cheap (~$200) resin printers. I used it to make dice blanks for my resin casting business. Also for some fun trinkets, and character miniatures for playing Dungeons and Dragons.
  9. The days are getting shorter, but at least I can enjoy a good fire eithout it being light out at 9pm. Gotta put a dent in these shop scraps.
  10. Crazy you may be, but this is an incredibly cool idea. I've always loved these kind of elegant rube goldberg concepts, and it sounds like you can create some great art with a great story behind the technique.
  11. The distance between him and the camera appears to change too much for a selfie stick. Not impossible for that to be the stabization I guess, but it seems unlikely.
  12. One point to add, depending on the size of the pressure tank(s) and usage your water may still flow for days after the power goes out. According to the neighbors who share our well it takes about 4 days before they have to run the generator. But the pressure tanks are oversized for just two houses. It may be more cost effective if you're worried to just add an extra tank rather than bother with a generator. @Tom King You lucked out with your well water. I don't know anyone locally that loves their well water. Or it might just be that every town/city I've lived in has excellent municipal water. Our well is slightly hard, and ends up tasting very "stale" while other folks not far away had very metallic well water. We just use a basic cartridge filter in the fridge for drinking water, and it doesn't affect cooking/cleaning.
  13. Looks like it might be a drone. Could also be another rider using a handheld gimbal, those have gotten really impressive.
  14. We're on a shared well (just two houses currently, originally served four houses) at the new house. Your county/township should have some sort of record on the well, including a permit for drilling it assuming it's not unbelievably old. You can also check with the title agency, as they may have copies. Wells can run dry, but it's usually only an issue if there's been a ton of growth locally that lowers the water table, and the well was drilled shallow originally. Around my area it's more often saltwater intrusion, but that's not a problem near you. You can get a flow test (and one should be done when selling/buying) to see how the well is currently performing. They don't usually dry up overnight so as long as the flow is good you should be fine. Health testing should be done regularly, but some places don't require it on non-shared wells, so you'll have to check local requirements. The seller should have done a test when selling either way, and if not you could request one or make it a contingency. Maintenance is generally pretty low, but you'll want to get the pump and holding tanks inspected to make sure they're in fine shape. If it has a filter system that will need regular replacing. The taste may or may not be an issue for you even if safe. If it's on a generator that will require maintenance.
  15. First task today was doing an evaporust bath on my new old jointer table. Only gave it about 3 hours, but it worked a treat. No before shots but you can see the difference on the cutterhead. I may need to pull that out and also take off the fence to give them each a better treatment. While that was working it's magic I got my leg vise cut, fit, and installed. Lined the jaw with some old leather I had laying around. I'm using a simple 1/2” alignment pin/dowel and a wedge. I made the arm too long, but it's a simple matter to shorten down the line.