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  1. Watched this live at work. Truly momentous feeling. One of the things that I found more impressive was that the boosters were already recycled, each one having flown a mission and landed before. Tom, I think a current Falcon 9 launch costs about $60 million, and the heavy is supposed to cost only $90 million.
  2. I would also assume ,similar to what we have heard about their band saw attempts, that the forces involved would make the whole cabinet jump. Lots of dangers possible there, and I assume they don't want a product that has to be bolted down to your floor.
  3. BonPacific

    Post the Loot

    Christmas Clamps. A pair of 48" Jets, and some 24" Jorgensen cabinet masters to match my older collection. Also some pen kits, and there's one more Christmas to go next week.
  4. Squirrels are fine, and I don't mind them eating some seed. Still less wasteful than the Stellars Jays, who toss out everything but the sunflower seeds. It's the chipmunks that are obnoxious, always cussing people out.
  5. Build a rocking chair and a pellet gun?
  6. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and good wishes towards all! From this happy heathen to you.
  7. No kids, but once I hit my teens I just lived in a small cabin next to the main house. I could keep it how I wanted, and the parent's didn't have to deal with any mess or noises. It was a nearly perfect setup.
  8. Its a YouTube thing. I don't see anybody making one of these and not filming it.
  9. Which Shop Fox is the current DC? If it's the upright bagger I don't think you'll see much improvement going to the HF. I'd bet Wynn has a canister that would fit the Shop Fox.
  10. I'm not an expert on Krenov's style, but if you're taking inspiration from him already, might as well extend it to the pulls. His website still has a pretty good gallery of his work. This image has two options that look like they would be quite nice. Personally I'd go with the rectangular pull with the recessed top and bottom for grip. The more rectangular shape complements the existing lines of the piece, and obviously make it horizontal to go with the drawers. Krenov looks to have kept his pulls quite small, so they don't ever overwhelm the work, but they aren't trying to hide either. Alternatively, a carved square pull would look nice, and perhaps a touch more refined?
  11. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm really a filthy Greener/Geoduck. But since we don't have sports teams, I don't do sports anyways, and I work at UW now, I guess it'll have to be purple and gold :). Thanks Charlie (and everyone else), your link finally got me on the right track at Penn State. Found this kit I quite like the look of. I'd glanced through their search before but was apparnelty blind to the nice antique brass that doesn't look like it just got dug out of a mud pit.
  12. Thanks for the responses everybody, I'll take a gander this weekend.
  13. Did you have any luck adjusting the fence? I have the same saw, and I have to tighten it up (using the four metal setscrews that attach the fence bar to the ends, not the nylon adjusters) every six months to a year, otherwise it develops a little too much slop.
  14. I'm looking to make a set of pens in University of Washington colors (Purple and Gold). My problem is that the gold pen kits are all far too "bright" for my tastes. I'm looking for a darker color, brass or bronze. I haven't been able to find anything quite right, and most of my searches for brass pen kits turn up firearm-themed pens. I was able to find this kit, which is close, but I don't really want the pens to look beaten up before I hand them out. Artisan Slimline Pen Kit Antique Brass What I am looking for may not exist, but I thought I'd send up some smoke signals, and see if anyone has come across a nice brass/bronze pen kit.
  15. If you're still looking, check with Dunn lumber too. Their customer service is great, and flat-rate delivery is a bargain.