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    I made the leap to professional about 5 years ago. I have a 2 man shop and we make custom furniture and specialty cabinets.

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  1. I used to use johnson but now i use boe shield...it lasts alot longerand is easy just spray on, let sit and buff off....havent noticed any effect on wood. If i have a tool im not using for a while i put a sheet magnet on the surface...it works great...although i now use my tools to make a living so even though i still have the magnets around they dont get used as much
  2. Ok...im looking at building a shop myself...this build post has been an awesome resources as it acts as a check list....i think you actually thought of everything. So the million dollar question...if i was going to build a shop simmilar to this what can i expect to set my budget at...not machinery just structure and infrastructure
  3. I spent 2 years looking at collectors and finally decided on the Oneida 5hp super gorilla. And this thing really rocks...I haven't had a doc thought since I bought it...your post made me look and man I wish the v series was available when I got mine...great cash savings and mine weighs about as much as my truck so I'm sure the resin cyclone will be better to install...you will love it enjoy...oh almost forgot...build the sound proof roof...that thing will sound like a plane taking off in your shop
  4. they will be finished using a solid color pre cat laq. sounds like bb is the way to go
  5. I just got commissioned to do a cabinet job in a dr. office. Ive made a lot of doors in my day but they have always been frame and panel doors. This job requires plain old flat doors. Solid wood is out the door because of cost. I think mdf core veneer ply is probably the best choice but I hate relying on mdf to hold any type of hinge, even euro style. Is true Baltic birch the way to go? Here are my concerns, Movement...don't want to come back in a year because my doors have turned into potato chips Edgebanding...I know BB will hold the edgebanding but will the glue hold while edgebanding or is there a different glue that I should be using for this Holding hardware...don't want to come back in a year to replace hardware or hinges that are failing thanks guys sorry for my mdf ignorance but I just hate working with the stuff so I avoid it at all costs but if its the right material for the job ill bite the bullet and suck it up to produce the best product I can..
  6. sorry for the terrible spelling, meant to spell check....lol
  7. thanks guys...I think im on the right track. I used the term partner loosely. This person is making a capital contribution (cash) to the company. he will be in charge of the office work, billing ect which will intern free me up somemore in the shop. he will also be in the shop learning. He has a skill set but still has a way to go, but he knows his way around the tools and wants to learn. we are starting a llc and signing a buy out agreement. talking to other businesses and lawyers I have found that who owns what percentage isn't really important if you have a buy out agreement since that is really the only time it will come into play. I will untimately be the final decision maker. I do have a question about an llc in Indiana. from what I understand, an llc is popular because of the fact that its only taked once with pass thru taxation similar to a sole prepriatership. does that change any due to the fact that we will both be owners. does a llp make more sense? can I even do an llp? ive seen that llp's are for lawyers and doctors in some states?
  8. Thank you everyone for all your insite....you have sure given me a lot to digest. I started this business on my own with 0 outside investors, other then my wife I guess. I have worked my butt off for the past 5 years to build the company and it has been a rough road but we are just now starting to have some success. But I have hit a wall. When I started it was fine to wear the pants of salesperson, project manager, secretary, financial manager, designer, craftsman, and installer. The problem is that I have enough business now that I cant do all these things anymore. Its killing my production and making it hard to complete deadlines which I take very seriously. I know it sounds like I just need to hire help, but ive tried that and it has been a disaster. Finding someone qualified to build furniture is impossible now a days and the training is so intense that I still have to be in the shop with the employee for so long that im not actually of getting the benefit of having someone producing a custom table I designed while im out on a bid or in the office drawing or whatever I need to do. That is why I was leaning toward an investor/partner. I want someone else involved that can not only help with the everyday tasks in the shop/office but that is invested in the outcome and wellbeing of the business. I have some things I want to do in my business such as launching a furniture "Line" that ive designed and need to develop a large amount of capital to do so. up to this point I have been creating one of pieces and it has been great but I want to compliment that with a line that can be manufactured with the same quality of all my stuff but when I introduce repeatability, I know I can drastically cut my production costs. just wanted you all who have offered so much great advise to understand where I was coming from thanks guys
  9. I started my small custom furniture/cabinet shop 5 years ago. I struggled as many start ups do mostly from lack of capital. Right now im looking at taking on a partner. Which will generate immediate capital and allow me to do the things I know I need to do to move my business forward. So my question would be, what is the best way for me to figure out the cash value of my business...thanks guys
  10. Hey guys I have a 15" grizzley planer that I need some simple advise on....here it is...buy the upgraded helical head for the planer I have for 800 bills or buy a whole new machine with a helical head...
  11. thanks guys...I knew I would find good direction here as always
  12. hey guys. I watched a 15 min video on sketchup about 5 yrs ago and figured out the basics. I have since started my own company and im now realizing that I need to improve my sketchup skills because I need to be much faster and want more detail. I haven't had something yet that I couldn't figure out but I know there is faster ways to do the stuff than im doing and as u guys know time is money... heres the thing though. im a hands on learner. if I can watch a video and do a particular task along with the video, I will learn much faster. so no books. what is the best video series out there on sketch up. ill buy it if I have to, or is there a utube series. that's how I got started....thanks guys
  13. Ive been using the shoulder technique too...its a pita.....hence the boom arm build being my next shop update.
  14. You guys have convinced me to use my ft ct instead of my big dc...so ive been looking for material to build a boom arm and I came across a product called afc cable systems 2" liqid tight flexible steel conduit from home depot....not cheep but cheeper then ft hose...and because no fittings should have less resistance... my thoughts were to use this to mount over my sanding areas and just connect the ft hose I already have for final drop...any thoughts