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  1. I manage a Lowe's so my take is that there is a reason that the longest protection plan you can purchase is two years. After two years, no matter if they have been used heavily or not, is when most issues begin to manifest themselves. The price for both is fair but you have a high potential to be out all your money if something is wrong and you were not able to find it yet.
  2. That's some good info. I keep seeing people talk about a farrier's rasp and Nicholson file. Is either of those something worth purchasing?
  3. I pulled sawdust and wood chips out of my pockets at the grocery store today. All I could do was laugh.
  4. All i had at the time was a circular saw, jig saw, rasp, palm sander, and round file
  5. I miss when you could actually go to TJ on the weekends and party with no worry
  6. I'm pretty new to woodworking and I'm curious what tools are must haves, especially hand tools. I have some basic power tools but I want to learn to do as much by hand as possible. I just starting to using a draw knife and spoke shave in the last couple of week. Thanks in advance.
  7. I was on Margarita for 2 years on the other side of the hill from Las Pulgas and my little brother was an arty mech.
  8. It seems like working in the opposite direction is helping. It looks like I was catching the edge of a growth ring and that what kept lifting up. Thanks for that!
  9. Thanks! I was with 7th Comm in Okinawa and HQ Bn 1st Mar Div at Pendleton
  10. Thanks for the advise. It's a learning process for sure!
  11. Luckily these two are for practice. I've made probably 10 longbows with power tools but I'm trying to only use hand tools and natural materials and see how that works out.