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  1. I know sometimes we can over complicate decisions with wood types and over contrast the design. But I like the idea of a Birds eye or tiger maple top and a walnut (my favorite) body. But just my $.02
  2. I was leaning towards WO. My wood guy has it and I would rather buy from him (local woodworkers with mill and kiln) then spend a fortune at a store....... But I do like the look of Blk Locust.
  3. I read the FW article where they used the same formula - CPES and Epifanes spar. Stuffs not cheap but if I want to keep it looking good then I need to apply every couple of years or sooner.
  4. Great information. Thanks. Fine wood working article should help out.
  5. Yhea I guess I left out too much information....... One of those days where the brain is already had enough... I am thinking of using either White Oak, Cyprus, or Blk Locust (if I can find). It will be in the elements - during spring, summer, and fall - but covered in Winter. And since I hope to use slabs with natural edges, I want to go with a more natural look.
  6. This spring I am transforming our patio and grill area. I am building a grilling and food station with coolers, cabinets, etc..... I also want to build a farm house table with a slab top. The slabs I will be using have been kiln dried and stored (by my wood guy) for a year or so. I live in the Mid-Atlantic region that can have humid summers and cold/wet winters. Which finish have you all used/tried that worked?
  7. I tried - and they have it listed as "obsolete". I'll try the site suggested and look for a machine shop to maybe modify the new piece. The original piece basically fell apart..... and is in about 12 pieces. So retiring most likely won't be an option. I've also posted in the classified areas in other forums - maybe I'll get lucky. thanks for the suggestions guys......
  8. I own a Delta model 28-276 band saw and I am in need of an original upper wheel sliding bracket. Mine broke and trying to find a replacement has been hard since they have discontinued the saw and are no longer making the piece. I've tried "replacement" pieces but they are not the same size and dimensions. If anyone has a saw they are parting out or know of someone not on the forum parting out a saw let me know. I know this saw is not the best model but it was free and I am not ready to sink $00000's into a newer one just yet. As long as I can find a part. Thanks,
  9. I've had a Delta Bandsaw (model 28-276) now for a few years and it has served me well - no real issues. I know there are better ones out there in this class but it was free so no complaints. Now for the issue. The upper wheel sliding bracket broke. Now trying to find a replacement has been difficult - since Delta has it listed as "obsolete" with no replacements available. How do you have parts to a tool that are no longer available........ Whatever moving on. So trying to find this part has been hard to say the least. There is a company that is remanufacturing the part but I have
  10. Woodworking clubs or guilds......perfect idea. My friend is in Delaware and there is two within an hour dive.
  11. "minorhero" good points. I am not sure how she feels about getting the best price but I do know that she is 80 yrs old - so the letting her deal with the craigslist is not the best option. I recently reached out to her and we are talking next weekend about next steps - and decide on what suits her best.
  12. Recently a friend of the family passed away - and he was a woodworker. Needless to say his shop had wide variety of power and hand tools - 30 years of woodworking and buying. His children and wife have no interest in keeping the tools/equipment and have asked me to help catalog everything and then selling - after I have had a chance for myself. Once myself, my brother, and a few other friends purchase what we would like, I need to sell the remaining items. Here is where i need some advice. I have thought about craigslist, ebay, etc.... but here is the challenge I face. I live about
  13. I think the motor is a 1-1.5 Hp. And good point about the saw blade. I think I have a 60 tooth blade currently in there now. I'll look into thin kerf blades. Makes sense - less blade material less friction through the wood. And cheaper than a motor. What tooth count would you recommend? 30-40?
  14. I purchased on older Delta Contractor Table Saw 10 years ago - Model 34-444 - and I love it. Up to now it has performed without fail or issues with basic cross-cutting and stuff. But, over the past year my woodworking ability and projects have improved and developed to where I am working with 8/4 stock (Walnut, Maple, etc....) and making basic furniture. While ripping even 4/4 domestic hardwood it boogs down and to where I have to slow the feed rate - which in turns burns the wood. A larger cabinet saw is what I ultimately want - but the budget says otherwise right now. So in the mean time
  15. Interesting drzaius - where would the riser block go? So then the capacity would go to roughly 12".....? Thanks wdwerker - I'll try that approach a try on one of the smaller ones.