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  1. A friend wants me to build him a cornhole set. He wants the wood to show and a nice finish. I trimmed some 1/2” good quality ply board with cherry and milled some 2x4s down to about 1’25” x 2.50”. It makes for a heavy and awkward carry. I want to add grips, but I’ve already assembled the tops and frames. I don’t want handles that add to the width, so I want to rout a hand grip in the sides. Access to the free side is no worry, but how would you recommend that I smooth the inside portion of the grip? My handle consists of four holes drilled/routed in a small arc that will accommodate a hand grip. I’m thinking a Dremel with a sanding drum, but I’m not sure that I can get a uniform finish with that on the inside of the frame.
  2. Where in Schweitz? My dad and his wife lived in Lucerne for many years. I was able to visit many times and loved to browse the hardware stores and lust after the tools. They all have that ‘funny’ power cord. Welcome!
  3. I started with that model and upgraded to the slider a few years back. I have only good things to say about Dewalt tools. Check the basic angles with a known protractor/angle gauge. If your get a lot of use out there is always a chance to upgrade the blade. Does this model have the light that shows your cut line? The slider has that feature and it is useful. When I upgraded, I got a decent price selling my original unit.
  4. That’s why “RTFM” is a part of our lexicon?
  5. Operator error! The collet and locknut need to be manually pressed together; I would have thought that the tool came ready for use without looking at the manual. It isn’t the first one.....Thanks for reading and replying. I did call customer service and explained the situation; the rep never brought it up.....
  6. RTFM! I just looked at the manual and on page six it states that the collet and the locknut need to be “assembled.” I’ll try this in the morning......
  7. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The collet and bit stay in the router when the locknut is released/removed.
  8. This router has no “second stage” when releasing the lock nut. I have a PC model which has the collet connected to the locknut by a snap ring. The Milwaukee model will allow the lock nut to be removed completely if the bit is of a small enough diameter. With the locknut completely removed, the bit is still jam tight. This has happened with every bit, even with the 1/4” adaptor. Thanks for the reply, other than that, I am happy with the unit.
  9. I replaced the router in my table and added a manual lift. The router is the Milwaukee Tools 5626 3 1/2 HP model. My problem is the collet. It is a tapered collet and when the 1/2” shank bit is secured in the tool it is a major hassle to try to remove the bit, even when the lock nut is removed altogether. I shouldn’t need pliers and the like to remove bit. Any thoughts, experiences? I called the company and they are replacing the collet; I just am not confident this will remedy the situation.
  10. Dknapp got it found a photo online, thank you
  11. Sounds right, thanks. Still having problem with the visual. ......
  12. I saw these a while back and made about eight or ten. Problem is now I ve no clue what their function is. Anyone have a clue?
  13. As for the cord; according to the manual, if 12/3 wire is used, a fairly long (it's in the book, can't remember the exact length{maybe 100'}) extension cord can be safely used. I used two single gang boxes with grounging and the proper plug. I double-checked with customer service that I read the information correctly, they concurred. I have three machines that use 220 and one outlet in the shop.
  14. On a similar note, honestly, how many Sawstop owners use the plastic blade guard? I find that it gets in the way more often than not. I am also pretty consistent in lowering the blade below deck height after use if I am done for a time.
  15. I agree with ben_r_. The 'flesh sensing' technology was just an added feature. I have seen the speed of the safety feature and do not want to see it work on meat. I am always 'talking to myself' about things like loose long sleeves and if the wood begins to bind as far as what my actions should be.