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  1. AMR1324

    need help!

    Thank you for this information. Definitely will help!! Still haven't touched it since as I'm still disappointed in the results...not only am I ocd..I'm a perfectionist so anything less than perfect I'm devastated. So it may end up in the dumpster or anywhere that's not in sight. I'm going to try a few things first that's been recommended though before I make that decision.
  2. AMR1324

    need help!

    Awesome! Thank you!
  3. AMR1324

    need help!

    Ouch...I thought I mentioned I wasn't a professional? Seemingly I came on here for advise on something I've already done..can't be reversed unfortunately. The facts..I know nothing about wood or refinishing..table was given to me. Had horrible damage to the top so figured I'd attempt to do something..which failed. Why I'm I used all minwax orbital sander 60,100 and 150 grit. I used a wood conditioner first. Then applied stain. Now I'm where I'm at...and I did test on a piece of the table not visible and got great results..why I moved on. But since the table happe
  4. AMR1324

    need help!

    These are the chairs..not finished with the white obviously.
  5. AMR1324

    need help!

    Lol any advise is greatly appreciated. And I understand that each case is different...there is no cure all answer to any one situation. Trial and error..specially for me. Haven't made any decisions yet on what I'm going to do..waiting a little bit as every time I walk in the work room..this extreme urge to take the chainsaw to it makes more sense. But I guess that means no more kitchen table. ? anyhow thank you guys a bunch for your responses!! Greatly appreciated!! The table was given to me...don't think I want to pay someone. Its a really nice table height and sits 8. Chairs
  6. AMR1324

    need help!

    Thank you for your reply... I will definitely keep that in mind. However I don't have experience with mixing dyes or using them in general and I fear the lack of experience or experienced help will just be a big mess.
  7. AMR1324

    need help!

    Thank you Brandon for your response. So what I am asking is basically for a way to fix that..preferably without spending more money. Using a softer grit isn't a big deal as long as it works. As highlander said above..there's definitely opposing grain where the line is..which is what I think caused the 2 different color takes. As far as the lighter takes in other areas..not a big deal as I'm going for a more rustic look's that line that is driving me nuts and extremely unacceptable as far as I'm concerned look wise. That is what I want to fix but unsure of how or if it's even possibl
  8. AMR1324

    need help!

    Thank you for your reply, however I just noticed this. Wondering if that makes a difference?
  9. AMR1324

    need help!

    Okay...want to make this pretty short and sweet as it's late and my googleing attempts are as exhausted as I am. Have a kitchen table that had burn marks on it and had the idea of refinishing it the way I wanted it. Started off as a Pinterest idea..thought I had it covered..apparently I'm not as crafty as I thought. Any who I took a trip to myself 2 different color stains, wood conditioner and some polyurethane. All minwax brand. I have no knowledge as to what type of wood it it...seems to be MDF..with a thin layer of some wood. Sanded it with an OS...60 then 100 And finished with 150.