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  1. Made a key for this cabinet
  2. Plywood 20 and 6 mm, handles I will repaint in black.
  3. A little shelf with a smile and a cartoon.
  4. There is no glue. Of steel - not sure, but it is possible to try.
  5. Thanks for the help. Bolts only connect parts of the cabinet to each other. On the floor it is quite stable. I think I should make English subtitles to the video)
  6. Can you give any reference to such a mechanism? Just going to make a desk ..
  7. Thanks for your answers, they motivate me to do something else) It's a little difficult for me to participate in the discussions, because I read slowly in English and do not have a lot of free time. In addition, I do not have much experience so that he was someone very useful. I have been fond of wood for only about 8 years, and most of this time I create fairly simple and ordinary products. When I see your projects in this section, I understand that I need to grow and grow)
  8. Just my version of the trick, which I have seen with Steve Ramsey. I had a lot of holidays and little material)
  9. Cabinet made of pine and plywood
  10. just dream it up, i did some thing like this when was young.
  11. Simple house key. Plywood, beech, wax.
  12. Simple Nutcracker Beech