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  1. ghost


    Malcolm Young of AC/DC has passed according to reports. founding member with his brother Angus, of AC/DC. damn!!! i am getting old, all the rockers i envied are passing away.
  2. best wishes! hope all turns out well. you and yours are in our prayers.
  3. !!!! love it!!! know a bunch of marines, and the b-day is special for them. well trained, overwhelming response to a situation!!!
  4. sounds workable. to replicate what is is the picture, use an odd number of squares in your step 3, and an odd number of rows. (your drawing shows 6 squares x 8 rows, if you see what i am getting at. the picture looks like 7 x 7. comes out symmetrical along the edges with an odd number. if that is what you are shooting for.)
  5. i agree with Tom, the PC is half of brand new. ii have that saw. it is not a direct drive like minorhero says. induction motor and belt drive. actually a 2 speed so metal cutting is possible by changing the belt onto the other it a great saw? no. is it horrible? no. i came from a 3 wheel benchtop craftsman - so the upgrade bar was set low. i cut out a 3/4" piece of plywood to put in between the saw and the base which helped stiffen it up. needed longer bolts also. $225 might be a good price depending on how old it is. a year or 2 old i would be tempted to get it. i would imagine you
  6. like it! the attention to detail is great!
  7. again, it seems like not much can be said bad about either tool. i think i will be happy with the dewalt, but the bosch would be just as good. just 2 good tools, and pick whatever small detail seems to tip the consensus in one direction or the other. thanks again for all the input!
  8. thanks everyone! picked the dewalt. really couldn't lose either way arrives tomorrow according to amazon
  9. seems like i can't go wrong with either one. thank you everyone for the input. i think i will flip a coin! (leaning towards the yellow fellow simply because there are more that have that, and that replied) don't think i can go wrong with either, that is what is making it a difficult decision. thanks again to all
  10. thanks does seem to be a toss up. i probably can't go wrong with either. maybe i will base it on shipping arrival.
  11. cool project i made a much "rougher" (read - construction lumber) one, when we had 2 greyhounds. (long legs) tall dogs can drink easier when the water is elevated. doesn't mean they can't when the bowl is on the ground, but a little easier when elevated. it does tend to "spray" the vittles and water 'cause it is up in the air!
  12. really have a need for a palm router. (will be getting the plunge base kit for whatever one i pick) Colt or DW611 after looking through the past threads, have settled on one of the 2 in the title of this thread. they seem pretty comparable. not much difference in price to matter. anybody have experience with both? is it a coin flip between them? pick whatever color you like? do the LED lights in the Dewalt make a difference? not a router expert by any means, so is there anything that would make a big difference between the 2? will probably get an edge guide (
  13. ghost


    all of SFL is running from this storm. traffic on 95N is running at about 15mph. gas is hard to get. beer is still plentiful! Lol SFL = nail Irma = sledgehammer the tracks all seem to say that we are going to get hammered. Florida will not be the same after this weekend. this will make Sandy seem like a low budget storm. it will cost the rest of the nation an incredible amount of money to try and make things right. and take many years to do so. going to be a bad weekend.