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  1. Used it enough to give a review? What model did you get? That sounds like it would be super useful to quickly do a round over with no cords in the way.
  2. My father in law has a coffee table that has timber screw on pieces like the metal one pictured. Either way, he's decided to go for solid timber which is easy enough to make. The attaching part had me a little stumped.
  3. Not sure. I'm guessing the glass had holes and some sort of screw on piece to hold it in place.
  4. I forgot about figure 8's. I think they'll be the most unobtrusive option. We can drill a hole in the top for the figures to sit flush. I'm not quite sure what the timber is. It looks like stained pine but it was made over 35 years ago, the he doesn't know. This is what the threaded rod looks like. Going back to glass wouldn't work well because I'm not sure we could get a good look with it.
  5. I'm helping a friend re-do a table top on a table his dad made in high school. It's more sentimental than anything. It had a glass top and was changed to a piece of MDF at some point. The plan is to put a solid top on it. We took the top off and it was held on with some glue and 4 threaded rods in the top of each leg (probably the same threaded rod the glass was held in place with). How would you go about attaching a solid timber top with the rails being lower than the top of the legs and to account for wood movement?
  6. I run a cheap shop vac through a dust deputy. The vacuum also has a cloth filter before the main filter that needs to be washed occasionally. This is the one I've got setup - it's cheap but coupled with the dust deputy, does a good job. https://www.totaltools.com.au/127843-detroit-1600w-20l-wet-dry-vacuum-synchro-socket-with-adapter-detvac220s3 and https://www.totaltools.com.au/108824-detroit-cloth-vacuum-filter-detvac1 https://www.oneida-air.com/dust-deputy/dust-deputy-deluxe-cyclone-separator-kit
  7. lewisc


    The same goes with fireworks. Enjoy the moment because I feel most of the time you'd never look at the photos or video again. I went to a concert and the artist asked the audience to put the phones away, just for 1 song. He said 'don't get so caught up in trying to remember the moment that you don't experience it'. That stuck with me.
  8. Had to google that one - mostly sure it's methylated spirits over here. I still haven't quite worked out what mineral spirits is - I think that one is mineral turpentine. Is there a difference between using denatured alcohol and water? I've put on a coat of mineral oil. I rub it in and let some sit on top overnight before rubbing in a few more coats.
  9. @wtnhighlander Pask Makes is one of my favourite Youtubers. He's got a great channel that's quite entertaining.
  10. Looks like a good mix of traditional and modern techniques. Took me a second to workout what was happening with the side - it reminds me of a ships hull.
  11. How many here use water to raise the grain on a cutting board? I've never done it before but on the last one I made (long grain), the was a fuzzy patch after wiping it. I've just made another (long grain) for a friend and had a go at wiping it down with a wet rag and sanding back to 220g before applying mineral oil.
  12. Probably not but not sure as I've never used it. It's hard though - up there with the hardest timbers I believe. https://www.prfirewood.com/premium-range/charcoal/about-gidgee-wood.html Checkout HNT Gordon Planes. They use Gidgee for the plane body. https://hntgordon.com.au/
  13. Went to the Lost Trades Fair today. It’s a collection of lost trades. Some really interesting stuff going on. I bought a piece of Gidgee for a knife handle that I’m working on. It’s like a piece of steel. Some Windsor chair demos, blacksmiths, leather workers and more.
  14. lewisc

    Miter saw

    +1 on the Bosch glide saw. It's a good saw with average dust collection. A few woodworkers here will only use a mitre saw for breaking down boards to rough sizes with preference going to a table saw and sled though.
  15. lewisc


    I mentioned that to my dad last night. He joked it would get stolen going through the post.