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  1. lewisc

    Small Sculptured End Table

    You’ve put that together quite nicely. Well done.
  2. lewisc

    Chop Saw Miter Saw Bench

    If you pre order Marc’s new joinery book by the 16th, you can get a free guild project (mitre station is included). The thing I like about his station is no fence. Seems like a great idea.
  3. lewisc

    Rustic woodworking

    I like the angles cut on the end of the top. The little details add a nice touch.
  4. lewisc

    Perfect 6" steel rule

    These don’t really fit in a pocket but I’ve found them simply mind blowing when it comes to marking out. My pocket rule is a Toledo metric rule. I don’t deal with imperial measurements without converting them. It’s Simple, small and has really clear markings. the incra is next level though.
  5. lewisc

    Sculptured Lectern/Music Stand

    Well done! Your hard work has paid off.
  6. lewisc

    Plunge tracksaw turned into circular saw

    I’m curious why you’d need to do this?
  7. lewisc

    An example of how I cause myself frustration

    If you can, find a decent timber supplier. Bunnings mostly carry pine and Tas Oak/Victorian Ash for solid timber but they also stock quite a few laminated panels. If you're buying from there, sight the length of the timber for bows, cups and twists. Pine can have a a lot of tension in it which makes ripping it challenging. You won't find the terms S4S etc in Australia - typically it's called dressed timber or DAR (dressed all round) timber.
  8. lewisc

    Greetings from Tinonee NSW Australia

    Welcome from Victoria (don't hold that against me) Geoff. The group here is a good bunch. You can post your ongoing work in Project Journals: https://www.woodtalkonline.com/forum/58-project-journals/ or Finished work in Project Showcase: https://www.woodtalkonline.com/forum/77-video-and-project-showcase/ Or choose one of the many sub forums and ask away. Much of the timber and tool talk relates to the USA but the woodworking knowledge and advice here is excellent.
  9. I would think carefully about trying to make that type of cut on the SCM. You wouldnt have much support to hold on to it. A table saw would be a much better option for safety and consistency.
  10. lewisc

    Osmo over stain.

    I'm toying with the idea of staining some Victorian Ash for my upcoming desk build. I'd love to use some Walnut but I've been using local timbers recently for building. It's quite expensive in Australia. The table is the colour of the Vic Ash I have for the top. The floor is a Walnut stain I've come across. I'll try out some test pieces soon to see how it goes but has anyone used Osmo Polyx over stain? The alternative is a wipe on poly but the feel of Osmo on timber is quite nice.
  11. lewisc

    Guitar repair

    I took too long to make a decision and someone else grabbed it. No tears here. Every now and again I get the urge to buy an electric guitar and crank some chords. I used to own about 5 electrics but got rid of them all. I know my limits as a guitarist, I'm not that great. Now I have one decent acoustic (Martin 000-15) and it's my forever guitar. I cringe at every ding my guitar gets but eventually accept it as part of it's journey.
  12. lewisc

    PJ882-HH Funny Noise

    I don’t know if it’s similar but I had this problem earlier in the year. The technician from the place that sold it came and checked it out. He replaced the starting capacitor (or something like that). It still starts with a big thunk and then runs normally.
  13. lewisc

    I'm Back! (and where I've been)

    Welcome back. Injuries aren’t fun. It’s good that you’re back at it.
  14. lewisc

    Christmas Dining Table

    Looks good. Off to a good start. The first time my wife and I hosted Christmas, our Christmas table was a sheet of plywood screwed to our cheap secondhand table. With a table cloth thrown on top, it was the perfect size.
  15. lewisc

    Sculptured Lectern/Music Stand

    This will be a fun project to do. If you havent, pick up a copy of Sam Maloof's Woodworker. It's a good read plus it has many pictures of Sam, his work and process. https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/sammaloofwoodworker.aspx Here's a pic of my version of his stands. I made it about 7 years ago. It was quite challenging. Not quite as finessed as the one you’re doing but I was happy with it.