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  1. lewisc

    Please Help with refinishing table gone wrong

    Hi Alyssa, welcome to the forum. Can you post a picture? You could try picking up a cabinet scraper and work out how to put an edge on it to scrape away the stain. The stain might also need a lot more time to cure before sanding it. I don't use stains much so hopefully some more experienced members can chime in.
  2. lewisc

    Epoxy burl sphere

  3. lewisc

    Epoxy burl sphere

    I wish I had thought of this first. There’s so many interesting techiques on YouTube. I’m going to seriously look into this type of work and what it takes to setup because I’m amazed at how this thing turned out. Say what you will about the epoxy river craze but this is special.
  4. lewisc

    Mineral oil finish

    I flood it on and let it soak in. I'll repeat that over a couple of days and then buff it out. The boards don't stay greasy. Once the oil has soaked in, they're quite dry to the touch.
  5. lewisc

    Sculptured Chair

    Looking great. It's always fun getting the first coat of finish on.
  6. lewisc

    I'm not sure where to start with finishes

    You're on the Wood Whisperer forum. Lot's of great info here. I think most of the guild members chat through the Facebook Guild page though. The guild has a bunch of high quality instructional videos. There's an initial cost but the instruction is worth it. Especially considering the price of some wood working classes. https://thewoodwhispererguild.com/ Here's the link to the varnish video. There's lots of good info on Youtube as well if you trawl through the right stuff. https://thewoodwhispererguild.com/product/simple-varnish-finish/
  7. lewisc

    I'm not sure where to start with finishes

    If you’ve joined the WW guild (or if you haven’t) have a look at the simple varnish video. For $25ish, It’s a nice overview and demonstration on wipe on poly. I used to think think Sam Maloof’s oil finish was the best finish in the world. Since then I’ve realised that finishes have their place. Wipe on Poly has been a favourite for the last few years and I’ve recently used Osmo PolyX for a dining table. I’d be going with Wipeon poly for a desk though. A bit more protection. Richard’s suggestion is a good one as well. Nice and simple with good results.
  8. lewisc

    Pyramid Screws

    I always wondered if these socket multi tools were a gimmick. It probably is but It might work on the square heads.
  9. lewisc

    Jointing plywood?

    I saw this a few years ago. Is it the type of thing that you’re doing with the ply?
  10. lewisc

    Big Box Pine Problem

    Is it glued onto a substrate or one big solid timber board? You can always follow the trend and turn it into an epoxy river headboard.
  11. You could always make the inside hollow. It’s only the top and sides that need the full length and thickness. Just use a few shorter pieces on the end to give the illusion of what it seems to be.
  12. I think there's a Coyote running around that might disagree with that.
  13. lewisc

    River table question

    You could try routing the full depth on the ends to give the illusion of the epoxy going all the way through.
  14. lewisc

    Hello from Racine, Wisconsin

    Welcome John. Looking forward to seeing some projects
  15. lewisc

    My very own millennial token coffee table

    What resin are you using? From what I've read/watched on them so far, there are some which are designed for thick pours.