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  1. lewisc

    I Can Not Get A Flat Glue Up Ever

    I think that most pine panels I've glued up have bowed at least a little. The pine that I use is all plantation grown so it's probably not the most stable timber.
  2. lewisc

    Daughter's bookshelf with drawers

    That's awesome. It's a nicely proportioned piece.
  3. lewisc

    Laminated Flatbow Build

    So I'm getting into an area that is beyond my knowledge. I can cut, glue, clamp and transfer known skills but this is the part that will be challenging. I've ordered a 66" string from an archery store. I made up a string making jig yesterday but that's a whole other rabbit hole. Using a piece of paracord (probably not the best), I was able to tension the bow to get an idea of the shape. Without using a tillering stick, I can already tell the bow limbs pull differently. I'm not sure what this will mean, whether it's shaping one of the limbs a bit more but more research will come. I might have to join an archery forum to get some more advice. It's quite heavy to pull back so I feel like the timber might have been too thick on some of the laminations. Another piece of gear to pick up will be a bow weight scale. Combined with the tillering stick, that should tell me the weight of drawing it. There's also a book I'll probably buy which can hopefully tell me more about a few things. It's hard because I have no reference for what it should be like.. So, next steps are to shape the riser and research as much as I can about the limbs. I've been a bit paranoid (probably for good reason) about something snapping and hitting me in the face. The bow has a surprising amount of flexibility.
  4. lewisc

    Laminated Flatbow Build

    At 1:10, you can see the different type of bow form which would probably be a smarter way to go.
  5. lewisc

    Laminated Flatbow Build

    A bit of catching up to do. I don't think I've been this nervous since my wedding day. There's quite a few parts to get right. The epoxy and fibreglass came in. I prepared everything and got to glueing. It's quite thick, kind of like jam (jelly in America?) The core and outside timber laminations needed to be joined. This stopped them moving apart during the glueup. I cut them on a 45 degree angle and used some 5min epoxy to hold them together. Sanded them back and they were good to go. The straps and wedges worked. A couple of gaps near the riser but nothing that is a problem. A few pieces of timber wrapped with sticky tape worked a treat to stop the straps sticking to the bow. I used tape on the form and it all came off quite easily. A good bit of squeeze out though. I ran it through the bandsaw to cut the taper from riser to tip. The blade needed replacing soon so it wasn't much of an issue cutting the fibreglass. The belt sander was used next to clean up all of the edges and sand it to the line. I cut up some walnut to use for the bow tips where the string attaches. I've epoxied them on and will get back to it tomorrow. I'll cut a few notches for a string and need to make up a tillering stick. A few videos I've seen use a two part form. They put a hose in the form and inflate it to get the pressure on the lamination. If I attempt this again, I think that's a smarter way to go about it. The riser moved a little when strapping it but I think it should be fine. Everything looks parallel.
  6. lewisc

    Guitar repair

    I've asked for the model number so once I find that out, it'll either be a yes or no. If it's what I think it is, its priced quite cheap. I love Ibanez guitars, especially vintage ones. They've brought a few of the range back and are cheaper than the vintage ones but with the same look. A complete refinish would be nice except I don;t want to be into an electric guitar for much more than it's worth. I know my ability and will end up being sold one day. I used to have a few electrics that were super nice but way beyond what my skill level deserved. I sold them all to get one really nice acoustic.
  7. lewisc

    Guitar repair

    I messaged the seller and he said it's just to the finish. It's a hollow body. I think this type has a solid core though.
  8. lewisc

    How to prevent wood from cupping

    Is it for a table or bench? This article by Christian Beecksvoort covers a range of methods for keep tabletops flat. https://www.finewoodworking.com/media/TabletopsFlat.pdf It's not helpful for hairpin legs but super helpful for tabletops. I'd think you could use some cleats with elongated holes underneath. You could taper the ends so it wouldn't be as noticeable from the edge.
  9. lewisc

    Guitar repair

    Anyone know about guitar repairs? I’m looking at a second hand guitar that is a steal but one thing holding me back is some damage. I normally buy secondhand with the option to resell to break even or lose $50 or so. I was thinking this repair could be stabilised with some CA glue.
  10. lewisc

    Weathered wood finish

    There are a few stains you can get that could do the job. Not sure if it matches the cheap criteria though. I’ve only ever seen them at the hardware store and not used them.
  11. lewisc

    Stickly Coffee Table

    Looks great. It’s nice when a project comes together quickly.
  12. lewisc

    Laminated Flatbow Build

    https://www.ausbow.com.au/ The fibreglass is called BoTuff. I could only find one supplier over here. Either I didn’t look hard enough or there was only place. I’m hoping it goes well. If I cut a price of timber wrong, it can be salvaged at least in some way. The fibreglass and epoxy were $140 so it’s not the cheapest thing to experiment with. There should be enough epoxy for a few glueups though.
  13. lewisc

    Laminated Flatbow Build

    I spent a few hours this morning making up jigs and templates for the layers of the bow. The core laminations were tapered from 5mm to 1mm. I made a few templates for the riser. I'm mostly happy with it. There's a few spots which make me think a new one needs to be made. With pressure, everything closes up. I ordered fibreglass strips and epoxy yesterday so I'm hoping they'll be here before the end of the week. I'll do a dry run before gluing it all together. By the end of the week, I should have a semi functioning bow.
  14. lewisc

    Arm-R-Seal Gloss, Streaks; Best Fix?

    My finishing skills are limited so I can't offer much in the way of why it happened, but I would sand it off and use a satin finish. I find glossy finishes and spray paint hard to get right. Check out the slab table video the wood whisperer did. It's a good one to watch for simple finishing.
  15. lewisc

    Laminated Flatbow Build

    I prepared the timber for the bow this afternoon. Rather than mixing species, I’ve decided to keep it simple and use Spotted Gum for this first one. SG is a dense/hard Aussie hardwood used for flooring,furniture and more. It’s also used for tool handles. I cut up the timber according to the plan and using a combo of the table saw, bandsaw, Thicknesser and drumsander to get them to final size. It’s quite flexible so combined with the fibreglass, I think it should do well. Next up is shaping the riser and putting a taper on the core laminations. I need four 1.5mm strips. I've cut five so I’ve got one piece extra. I’ve circled a part in red. Do you think this bit of gum vein will affect the strength? I was thinking if I laminate it on the riser end, it will be sandwiched between timber and fibreglass with epoxy.. The rest of the timber is clear but I’ll need to use one of those pieces with the gum vein in the glue up.