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    The same goes with fireworks. Enjoy the moment because I feel most of the time you'd never look at the photos or video again. I went to a concert and the artist asked the audience to put the phones away, just for 1 song. He said 'don't get so caught up in trying to remember the moment that you don't experience it'. That stuck with me.
  2. Had to google that one - mostly sure it's methylated spirits over here. I still haven't quite worked out what mineral spirits is - I think that one is mineral turpentine. Is there a difference between using denatured alcohol and water? I've put on a coat of mineral oil. I rub it in and let some sit on top overnight before rubbing in a few more coats.
  3. @wtnhighlander Pask Makes is one of my favourite Youtubers. He's got a great channel that's quite entertaining.
  4. Looks like a good mix of traditional and modern techniques. Took me a second to workout what was happening with the side - it reminds me of a ships hull.
  5. How many here use water to raise the grain on a cutting board? I've never done it before but on the last one I made (long grain), the was a fuzzy patch after wiping it. I've just made another (long grain) for a friend and had a go at wiping it down with a wet rag and sanding back to 220g before applying mineral oil.
  6. Probably not but not sure as I've never used it. It's hard though - up there with the hardest timbers I believe. https://www.prfirewood.com/premium-range/charcoal/about-gidgee-wood.html Checkout HNT Gordon Planes. They use Gidgee for the plane body. https://hntgordon.com.au/
  7. Went to the Lost Trades Fair today. It’s a collection of lost trades. Some really interesting stuff going on. I bought a piece of Gidgee for a knife handle that I’m working on. It’s like a piece of steel. Some Windsor chair demos, blacksmiths, leather workers and more.
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    Miter saw

    +1 on the Bosch glide saw. It's a good saw with average dust collection. A few woodworkers here will only use a mitre saw for breaking down boards to rough sizes with preference going to a table saw and sled though.
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    I mentioned that to my dad last night. He joked it would get stolen going through the post.
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    @Coop mentioned TP in another thread. Reminded we that we're down to last the few rolls due to this: https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/everyone-has-just-gone-a-little-bit-crazy-australias-toilet-roll-panic/news-story/25c4ccd2a27e8f90d9474955e94deb4d Every supermarket around me is out. For some reason, media hype, Facebook panic etc meant that people have been stocking up on toilet paper, sugar, flour and pasta. I saw a video that remind me of the Black Friday videos we see.
  11. As far as I know, the major fires have been dealt with due to the rain. I was at the airport flying back to Melbourne and all planes were grounded for over 4 hours due to that much rain. One fire that had been burning since September had extinguished as well. It was strange. For a few weeks, all of Facebook, the internet and news were only about the fires. All of a sudden, no one was talking about it and that was before the rain. And there’s always that one guy looking for an opportunity.
  12. Nice table Rick. Simple, functional and has some fantastic grain.
  13. Yeah, I’ve drawn them. The nut, bottle and paper clip are from the tutorials. They’re actually fairly simple - he explains it really well. I found some dimensions for a table and had a go at drawing one up with a few features. I’d say start to finish was no more than 15mins.
  14. I've been playing around with Fusion 360 over the last few months. This series has been good to learn some skills: The interface has changed as there was a recent update but most things are reasonably similar- maybe just a different order or location of finding it. I'm really happy with what I've been producing so far, especially the rendering. I've had a go at a few of the tutorials and tried a simple coffee table. It's not to difficult to find your way around after while.
  15. Thanks for your concern but we’re fine. Thousands of others not so much. We had to make the drive home from Sydney to Melbourne. It’s been like this for several hours now.
  16. It’s a crazy time over here. Everyone is looking to blame someone and Facebook and the media is a riot of heated opinions. I live about 4hours drive from some of the closest fires that have destroyed towns. We’re currently visiting my wife’s parents north of Sydney and they’ve had some fires about 20mins drive away. We drove on a road which had burning trees next to it but the fire brigade was on top of that one. The serious fires aren’t that close to some of the big cities. There are many people who have been holidaying in the areas near the fires who have been told to get out and
  17. I remember driving to Chicago from Berrien Springs in January and it being the scariest driving experience I've been in. It wasn;t the smartest idea driving at night and it felt like a blizzard outside. We just sat behind a bunch of trucks and hoped for the best. Walking around Chicago was the coldest I've ever felt. Beaniue, gloves, thermals, merino wool jumper, down vest, down jacket and a wool overcoat and I still felt cold. Maybe Spring would be a good option. @RichardA Will do. We didn't get enough time out your way last time. @K Cooper Sounds like a plan. The pads were cut fr
  18. Thanks Rick. It’s funny you should mention that, we were just talking about it.I’d like to come back next year. So much too see over there. One of our ideas is to visit a few BBQ restaurants in Texas and do a bit more road tripping around. @treeslayer Not that I know of. I’m pretty sure it’s called a black house spider. Not really dangerous but still makes the hairs stand on the back of my neck. Thanks for your comments. The one thing I’m really pleased with is the sizing. The bench seats are a perfect height for the table top.
  19. One of our latest traditions has to use fancy paper plates. Makes clean up quite simple.
  20. Here's my completed outdoor table. I started a thread asking some advice but figured I'd chuck the final pictures up here. https://www.woodtalkonline.com/topic/30620-outdoor-table-advice/ The frame went together fairly quickly and easily. I used 10x50mm dominos and batten screws (probably shouldn't admit that) for speed. A couple of stopped housing joins were cut by hand so I did brush up on some hand tool skills. Any screw holes were filled with builders bog and the frame was painted with exterior house paint. The base timber was H3 treated pine that I picked up quite cheap -
  21. That's a neat looking chair. I like the fold up design.
  22. How much bow? You don't have much material to work with to try and flatten it. Is it the final length or are you trying to get different parts from it? You'd have more success cutting into smaller parts and working with that. If it's going to be one long shelf, the board might spring back to having the bow after flattening.
  23. Here’s a board made from Jarrah that had some cracks in it. I taped the bottom and used some west system to fill the crack. It’s in really small cracks so I have no fear of chipping out and some of the reading I’ve done suggests once cured, the epoxy is fine for food contact. I’ve done a few boards with this method.
  24. It’s only cosmetic but it will bug me a bit every time I see it. Lesson learned. Thankfully it was just aluminium and not more serious. @gee-dub Thanks for those pics. I’m didn’t even think of modding it. You don’t like the Incra flip stop?
  25. Until today. I set the incra mitre gauge close to the blade to give as much support as possible for a small piece of timber to cut some angles. Once done, I set the angle (saw tilts to the right) and then made my cut. I wondered for a second where the aluminium shavings were coming from. It wasn’t a smart moment.