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  1. I have had a board cup before but that was when I left it flat on a bench. Once I stickered it, it returned to normal. From then on I always screw small rubber feet to the underside. How thick are your boards?
  2. I was planning 2 screws per board across all rails with an elongated hole. Not sure about the movement over such a small width though. I've added a few pieces in my design to show what I'm thinking. The cleat idea will work much better for this. I've also drawn on my approximate placing for screws. The longer lines on the side might be for a pocket hole or maybe on those ones I'll have to drill through the side rail.
  3. Here’s the plan. It will also have matching bench seats. I’ll run a few pieces of timber inbetween the side rails for screws to go up into the top.
  4. Yep. I know that. Wondering about a neat/good way to attach the top as individual pieces to the aprons.
  5. Changing things up for this one. Going to go with a timber frame now. Going back to this photo, how would you attach the top peices to the aprons - long screws like my sketch? or maybe even pocket screws through some side to side aprons. I'd prefer to leave the top screw free.
  6. I've been using a track saw for breaking down sheets and then taking it to the table saw. Much easier than trying to lug a full sheet and try to accurately cut it. It's also useful for trimming table top ends. You can do the same with a circular saw but the track is super convenient and accurate. If I have to do multiple rips, or quickly adjust the width of a rip cut, table saw all the way. Probably the best addition I've made to the table saw is the Incra 1000HD. Really useful for cutting multiple parts.
  7. I've got a few options for suitable timbers. It'll all be recycled so should be plenty dry and stable. I'll go for the single boards with elongated holes. Sounds like it will be the smart idea.
  8. As you guys in the US are heading into Winter, we've got a warm summer coming our way soon. That means it's time to get on with the outdoor table I've been putting off for a while. It's a battle I'm not going to win. I have a few ideas, my wife has a few and it's looking like hers might come out on top, at least in regard to timber. I'm going to create a metal frame (see images for inspiration) with matching bench seats and thinking about the timber on top. She's suggested going for some rustic (sigh) timber. I'm not totally against it but I have a hard time knowing what to do with it.
  9. Scale material? Yep. This is gonna be a good learning curve. Is that the handle material? edit. Just googled that one. Not sure yet. I’ll probably find a nice figured hardwood for now. I bought some 1075 steel. Apparently this was a good place to start for beginners. I found this website to buy the steel from and they also have a page of a knife makers designs. All you need to do it print them out and the sizing is good to go. https://tharwavalleyforge.com/articles/free-knife-designs
  10. Any knife makers here? I cut this out today. Having a go at making a skinning knife. There will be some timber work eventually but for now it’s shaping the steel.
  11. What's that? I like the stacking aspect of it. Looks like it would work well. Is it meant to stack front front to back as well? I'd think will some glue and clamps, it would bring it all together and have plenty of strength.
  12. Those are some pretty sides. Looking good.
  13. This is another of those things that should’ve happened a while ago. I’ve routed a channel for the t- track and dropped it in. A few screws and it’s not going anywhere. The stop I bought has a small ridge that helps the bolt lock in and stay square in the track. A bit of sanding and a few coats of finish and it’s ready to cut stuff on. The only thing I would maybe want to upgrade in the future is the incra track with measuring tape.
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    Here’s a few pics of the benches. not quite fine wood working but they suit the area that they’ve been setting up as a bush wedding location.
  15. lewisc


    Yep. Looking but no touching for me. He lives about 4hours away by plane. I’ve been told it’s Jarrah, Marri, Redgum and Bluegum. All hard and dense Aussie timbers. I’ll grab a picture of some benches they’ve made with it tomorrow.
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    Spending some time mountain bike riding at a mates dad’s property. He’s got these big stacks of timber that have been air drying for the last few years. If he lived closer, I’d love to get one of the slabs and make a table from it.
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    Just watched this and found it really interesting. Some parts seem a bit wasteful but maybe that going to happen with making curves anyway.
  18. That’s a solid looking bench Rick. Looking good.
  19. Titebond 2 is my usual - just glued up some MDF sheets (similar to the WW mitre bench but with MDF and not plywood) to make a benchtop and even if I took the screws out, I expect it would never come apart on the glueline.
  20. That's what I'm thinking. I could just bust out a can of gold spray paint and pretend.
  21. I'm putting together a new mitre saw bench that will have aluminum t-track routed into the surface. I'm looking at lengths of t-track. Anyone used the Incra t-track? It costs more and is gold but is it worth the extra cash? The other t-track I'm looking at is a bit cheaper and in stock - the Incra isn't so maybe that's my answer here. https://www.timbecon.com.au/site-shop-accessories/t-track-mitre-track/build-it-system-regular-t-track https://www.timbecon.com.au/site-shop-accessories/t-track-mitre-track/aluminium-t-track
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    That was Christmas 2017/18 Coop. Best trip I’ve been on so far. The next time, I think I’ll be doing just that. A bit of birds eye maple would be good as well.
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    You guys in the USA are lucky. Every time I use walnut ( I think this is the 3rd time) I fall in love with it more. It’s pricey in Australia though so I’ve only ever bought a small amount I’m making a few toy planes to give to friends and went for a walnut and a Victorian Ash plane. The Vic ash I’ve got is a common plantation hardwood here and is much lighter in colour than most I’ve seen. The walnut is amazing though. I can’t wait to get some finish on this
  24. HAHA! I said that same thing. Never going to happen though. The first time I tried to teach my wife how to drive a manual car ended in tears. Good choice on the thicknesser. It's a solid unit and works well.