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  1. Can’t comment on Solidworks but I’ve gone from Sketchup to Onshape and in the last few weeks started to try Fusion 360. Onshape is a great free online program that has similar features to Fusion but in a stripped down way. I think Fusion is the way to go for me. Just got to spend the time to learn it. The drawings I’ve seen on on Fusion look realistic and quite complex.
  2. Looking good. I might have to buy this one as well. What’s the final thickness of the timber once it has been milled?
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    Yeah, not excited about seeing some ads. Happy to pay the $20 for no ads.
  4. Does the thick consistency cure like epoxy?
  5. Thanks for the tips. Not easy to narrow it down but I think I'll try the medium consistency to start with.
  6. I've been using the cheap throw away tubes of CA glue for small repairs, holding timber with the masking tape trick etc. I've decided to try some of the 'proper" CA glue with accelerator. What are you using? What would be a good place to start with this? At $22 a bottle, it's not the cheapest glue. The types I'm looking at are these - not sure what brands you'd have in the US. https://www.cwsonline.com.au/shop/item/hot-stuff-red-label - thin consistency, drys quick 5secs https://www.cwsonline.com.au/shop/item/super-t-yellow - syrup consistency. 10-25secs dry time https://ww
  7. Thanks for the tips. I managed to joint one face and then take it to the bandsaw with success. There are a few end cracks that I'll and stabilise with epoxy (or cut off) before turning it. The square was more of a guide to show where I could get my blank from. As the water shows, there's some pretty colours in there. The mallet was the same timber that I turned up a few years ago.
  8. I’d probably ruin it if I tried using wedges. The only reason I had to split it was to take it on a plane from my brothers house. I picked up a trailer load of it - not really useful for furniture but with bit of work there are a few pieces good for turning and crafty things. I’ll take a few passes on the jointer and then see how the bandsaw goes.
  9. There’s a pepper mill in here somewhere. It looks like firewood on the outside (had to split it with an axe) but there’s some decent timber underneath. It’s Tasmanian Blackwood - a beautiful timber and these pieces have a walnut like colour. Cut down 25 years ago according to the guy I picked it up from and that was at least 5 years ago. All I’m after is at least one piece that I can turn to a 65mm cylinder and make a pepper mill. What would be a good plan to process it? I’m thinking bandsaw to start?
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    I might have a dining table commission in the works. What would you call this style of table? The description given to me was a Hampton style table - seems to be a kind of trestle table to me.
  11. A little late on this one. Looks like a fun project with plenty to learn from. As far as timber goes, you'd need lightweight timbers but does it matter what timber? Because it's all coated in fibreglass and resin, I'm guessing it should be waterproof and the durability of the timber wouldn't matter?
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    There's a few options for paint. Mill Scale smokers (my smoker is based on their 94gallon pit) seem to be leaving these unfinished. https://millscale.co/smokers We had a few small showers and there's now little specks of rust where I had hit it with the angle grinder. I'm not worried about it rusting out anytime soon though, the steel is nearly 7mm (just over 1/4") thick. It's all vanity.
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    I had a long think about cutting into the firebox. I joined a few BBQ forums and there were some suggestions about not doing to minimise air leaks/drafts. Came to the conclusion that it was less grinding to not do it and keeps it as a dedicated smoker. Gotta get that Texas style brisket! I can always put the fire grate in the main chamber and grill over that. At the very least I'll summon the courage to clean up some of the welding. I've been dreading that part. A coat of paint will help keep it rust free. Thanks for your comments. I have a feeling if this is a hob
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    I've been a bit distracted from woodworking and the forum lately. Here's my latest project that I could do at work - not quite done yet. Learnt a bunch about welding. Still heaps to learn though. There's some good welds and not so good ones. They'll meet the grinder soon. The whole thing needs a cleanup and some paint. Thought I'd see how it ran before committing to a sandblast and paint. Doing a brisket tomorrow to practice for my Wife's 30th this weekend.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I usually keep my endgrain board for everything but meat. Sounds like another end grain board will be made. For the resin, I’ve used small amounts of west system to fill a few cracks on other boards. It seems to be fine. It wouldn’t be in large quantities (only thin lines) and it would really only be used as a serving board. Not much cutting on it.
  16. What are your thoughts on a timber serving board for slicing and serving cooked meat on? Long grain or end grain? Typically I use a plastic one so I can put it in the dishwasher and make sure it’s cleaned well. I’d like to make one for my wife’s 30th BBQ to serve and slice brisket on. I’m thinking it would have some sort of resin inlay in the shape of a cow.
  17. Try a blowtorch. Burn it for a bit and use a card scraper or sand over the top of it if nessecary. Finish with danish oil.
  18. Well done. It’s got a really nice clean look to it.
  19. The WS epoxy I buy in Australia comes in completely plastic containers. I wonder why they’re different? The only problem I’ve come into recently was the pump on the 207 failed.
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    Thanks. Yeah, it’s a great little camera. I looked at the new model and decided I didn’t need to spend the extra cash to upgrade - it does all I need it too. I was considering switching over to the Sony mirrorless system for travel. The canon gets a little bulky with the lenses. Hence, just having two of them at the moment. And I totally agree about the software. It literally takes about 5 clicks and the computer churns it out. Quite remarkable really.
  21. If you’re looking for a new router for a job that should be CNCd, is getting a small CNC router out of the question? Some of the YouTube makers seem to go ok with the xcarve machine.
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    Photography is another addictive hobby. I haven’t bought anything new for a while. I’ve just settled with a fairly easy to use setup at the moment. Canon 6D, 35mm 1.4 and 135mm 2.0. I used to buy lenses second hand, try them out and then sell them on if I didn’t like them or it didn’t fit into what I was doing. The area I used to live in was literally in the middle of nowhere so I took up bird photography for a while. Other than that, I mainly focus on doing panorama shots and stitching them all together.
  23. I use a few pieces of pine covered with tape and a couple of clamps to bring them in line. I don’t do fancy patterns so perfect alignment is not as important for me. I normally wing it and see what comes up.