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  1. Oops, my bad. I was planning to get the mesquite parts but t rain and soccer got in the way.
  2. I ain't got the mesquite yet. I'm heading to Faifer & Company down in Floresville either this weekend or next to pick out my stock. I wish I had some for trade but all I have is the grilling kind.
  3. I contacted Allen & Allen here in San Antonio and they said they only carry hard maple. If that's the case and all the other folks on here have used hard maple with no regrets, then I will probably go that router. I'll check out the other threads though and see what they had to say about soft maple.
  4. Howdy y'all! So I'm just setting up this journal for my upcoming split-top Roubo build. This project has been in the works for the last two years or so since I've been building my shop out to work on other projects besides this. I'll post some other info as I get things done. Wish me luck Rube
  5. I want to work on the sculpted rocker after the Rube-aux. I can't wait to get to the lumber yard to pick up all the stuff I need.
  6. I'm going with soft maple. for the bench.
  7. Ha! Rube-aux. I like that. I plan on using maple for a majority of the top, base frame, and shelves. I will use mesquite for the dog hole strip, dog hole backing strip, end cap, stop gap, deadman, leg vise, and tail vise. Oh, and I guess the dogs will also be made of mesquite as well. I'll try to work this out.
  8. I'll definitely be picking everyone's brains here. This will be my first large project that will hopefully be the case for all future projects.
  9. When I get started on the project I'll get the journal going. I can probably start now with what I got and document the lumber purchase and everything. Thanks for the idea.
  10. That sounds good. I think I'll inlay that on the bench somewhere.
  11. Howdy, everyone. I just realized that I have never come to this part of the forum and introduced myself. So my name is Ruben and I hail from Boerne, TX. I normally go by Rube, though. I started off my woodworking with all traditional hand tools because they were cheaper than buying power tools. I now have a shop with both traditional hand tools and power tools. I guess I'm am now a "hybrid woodworker". Imagine saying they last part in Dr. Evil's voice. I've only really worked on rebuilding my fence and a couple of other small projects like cutting boards, inlaid signs, and small boxes. I am no
  12. That's a nice Starrett square. I picked up one like your a couple years back on eBay as well and love it. I don't remember what Starrett calls the rule, but I've got 32/64 on one site and 50ths/100ths on the other.
  13. So I ended up getting the Jet JJP-12 Jointer/Planer combination machine. It came in on Monday and it was square, coplanar, and all that jazz right out of the crate. Now all I have to do is get the correct plug and receptacle. I'm looking to run SES from the power panel outside to a junction box on where I plan on housing the JJP-12. From there, I'll run SO cable from the box and terminate with a NEMA L6-30C and terminate the JJP-12 cable with a NEMA L6-30P. Once done and I'm able to play with it for a while, I'll post a full review with pics and all.
  14. Rube

    Olive Wood Pairing

    I've got plenty of wax. Would I be able to just mill it after that then? That would definitely make it dry quicker since we still have a few months of this Texas heat before winter gets here in February.
  15. Rube

    Olive Wood Pairing

    I didn't think about that when I originally posted the cutting into it comment. I'll let it sit a while before I do. One of my wish list items is a moisture meter. I'll try it then.