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  1. Thank you Guido for your hard work! Your submission counted When you finish just send me an updated picture and I'll replace the one you sent me originally. Thank you again
  2. You didn't miss much Just some himhawling around & a couple of questions. When a live recording is watched at a later time, people forget it was recorded live. So doing an edited version helps avoid comments like: "this guy talks too much" or "wow this is a long video" or "you're not looking at the camera." You get the idea However if you want to sit through the full hour video, you can do so here
  3. Hey everyone! I know everyone consumes content from our websites differently, so I wanted to make sure there was a central location for additional ways (not just the forum) to connect with the community. Facebook Pages The Wood Whisperer - all posts from the website go here, great articles Marc is reading & sales Marc or Nicole find The Wood Whisperer Guild - a place for guild members to share projects on Facebook & connect Woodworkers Fighting Cancer - we do this charity event every year and wanted to make sure it was stand alone from the main site. Throughout the year we will be posting information on past & future builds. Wood Talk - a place for anyone a fan of Wood Talk to connect with Marc, Matt & Shannon on Facebook Google + & YouTube The Wood Whisperer TWW on YouTube - Be sure to subscribe! Wood Talk on YouTube Twitter The Wood Whisperer Wood Talk Pintrest The Wood Whisperer Boards - various boards that Nicole populates with different products, t-shirts Marc has worn, fellow woodworkers websites, etc The Newsletter Want everything we post on TWW & The Guild to be delivered to you in your email inbox? Subscribe to the newsletter for free I think that is all of them, but if I've missed anything feel free to add below!
  4. I'm traveling home at the moment, but I just wanted to quickly thank everyone for all their support. I'm so humbled by this community. Hugs to all of you!!! Nicole
  5. Ugh I hate these situations. The only time I do work for family or friends is when I expect to get nothing in return. If there is a i do this, you'll do that kind of agreement I would always get it in writing and even do a statement of work. I do this a lot for programming since there are always things that come up once you are in the project but it seems very similar. This blog post has some great suggestions on creating an SOW as well as examples to get you started. Good luck!
  6. The day has come android users! Because of your fellow whisperer Josh, TWW now has an app in the Android marketplace! A HUGE thank you goes to Josh for doing this and to all the beta testers that gave feedback on the app. After digging into the process of just publishing the app. I can tell you right now it would have taken me much much longer if I had to write the app myself. Again thank you Josh! ps don't forget iphone/ipod users you have an app as well pps blackberry has contacted us to be listed in the podcasting blackberry directory, but there are no plans for a standalone app ppps sorry palm people if making apps was my full time job I would get something made for you, but again no plans to make one
  7. Welcome to the site Tom! Hope it has dried out a bit in SoCal since the holidays. Marc and I use to live in Temecula and remember one miserable year where everything was wet for what felt like a month. We even had to replace a roof
  8. Welcome to the site Terry hmmm since you're downunder, would the US be upover?
  9. nicolespag


    The figure on the top is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Marc will be making a post about this soon, but I thought I'd give you all a first look at the new iphone/ipod app. Hope you like it!
  11. Hey Jimmy, This question really depends on what you are looking to do with your website. And since you didn't say that in your initial post it's hard to give you specifics. To be honest it could cost you nothing to anywhere up to $100 a month depending on bandwidth usage and hosting. Since your just getting started your going to be on that low end but you need to decide what your goal is of the site. Is it just to promote your business? Is it to sell directly? Are you creating videos and multimedia? With all that being said my favorite website platform is Wordpress. Most will tell you that Wordpress only a blogging platform but I totally disagree. You have the ability with Wordpress to create a static front page and multiple pages and build out a nice simple site with little to no effort (not to mention coding skill) Here is an example of a site I helped my friend build using Wordpress You'll notice there is no "blog" on the site however the framework for a blog is in the software that if he ever decides he wants to start blogging he could easily add that as a tab in the navigation. Wordpress also has a ton of free plugins and themes that can skin your site however you want. If your interested in trying out the software you can go to and create a free website. There are limitations to using (limited themes and ownership) but it will at least let you test drive the administration back end of the software. If you decide you want to use it for your website then I would suggest buying a domain and hosting package with a hosting provider that offers installation of Wordpress. You want a one click install to simply things. I recommend either Go Daddy or Gater Host. You'll also want to do a bit of homework on the software. Here is a great place to start Hope this gets you started. Nicole