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  1. Just a quick, curious question or 2 about applying Arm-R-Seal....

    Would I be able to apply it inside my house or would that be a bad idea?

    Has anyone attempted to apply it indoors?

    I'm almost done working on a Live Edge Slab for my Fireplace Mantel. I just have the top coat left to apply, but I had to bring it inside from the garage before I could finish....


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  2. Ok. Since I'm going to finish it with General Finishes stain and Arm-R-Seal. If I stop now and leave it how it is, will I be ok? Or should I completely remove it all? I'm going for a matte finish "rustic look" and I kinda like it with the "left over bark look", but being my first Live Edge Slab protect I wasn't sure.....

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  3. Hello all... I could use some suggestions about how to go about removing the rest of the bark off the front of my Live Edge Redwood Slab.

    I've used a drawknife, 1/4 sheet sander, hand sander, a couple [handmade] scrapers and some MINOR angle grinder work...... But I'm having trouble getting the rest off....

    Here's what I have left to remove:


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  4. Hello... I need some help with my Delta TS. I've had it for about 3 years now with no issues, but lately I've started noticing that it isn't making square cuts anymore, Crosscut or otherwise (The Height and Angle adjustments are fine). At first I thought might be my combo square so I tried a few other squares I have, but that's not it. Bought a new Irwin Marples blade, and nope.... No matter what, it always seems to be about 1/16" (+/-) off at the end of the cut

    I tried reading the Owner's Manual and looking it up online, but couldn't find anything. Am I missing something simple or what?

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  5. Has anyone had any "Hands On" experience working with the so-called Mahogany lumber at Home Depot?

    I bought a 2 foot piece of 1x8(labeled "A. Mahogany") to go with an Urn project I'm working on. I won't be using any stain on it, I'll probably use Watco Danish Oil (natural color) or something similar.

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  6. Hello all. This is my first post on this forum, and I could use some advice.

    A brief(ish) backstory....I purchased a 198" X 17" X 4" Redwood Live Edge Slab about a month ago that I'm using for my mantel. When I got it, the weather had been Clear/Sunny so I left it outside on 1 foot long 4x4 blocks, in my driveway for more room to work on it. After no rain for about 20+ days(Northern CA), I thought it would be fine. When it did start raining, i covered it with a tarp (which that idea failed) for about a week expecting to move it into my garage the following weekend, which turned into another week after my daughter broker her leg.

    That brings us to present day.... My wife and I finally moved it into the garage a few days ago, just as a long 2 week rain storm hit. Once we had it inside, I noticed mildew had formed on the white Sapwood which I immediately sprayed with Bleach Water.

    My question is.... Will I still be able to use this slab or is it ruined? And is there anything I can do to save it from further damage? c7bcca425874434d0755e27551d37610.jpg4a8b1b70f92353fac06a2264f1e7a027.jpg

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    A side note.... The smaller piece on the right is the cutoff from the sawmill I'm using for another project....

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