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  1. I mixed some of the kwikwood and let it set a while I think it might be ok.With a 6 and 4 year old maybe nothing will work long term lol.The epoxy is a bit pricey but if this fails drill again and epoxy thx man.
  2. I need to fix a post on my daughters bed and picked up some jb weld kwikwood.Will this stuff be strong enough to hold the nut for the post?Or maybe another fix is needed? forgot pic
  3. adithep

    Burr Oak

    Its on hard to beat that price for oak $2 bf that bell forest is not cheap I am lol.I learned burr oak has darker grain so its not as desirable.First project next spring cant wait man nice bench there
  4. adithep

    Burr Oak

    Ok iv been looking for maple to build a bench and cant find it around here well except silver Maple.I found a guy whos selling QS burr oak $2 a bf kd.I cant find much info on this type of wood I got 8 bf and flattened it and man its hardwood!What I really want to know is if this would be ok to build my bench with vs maple.Obviously its gonna weigh a ton lol.At $2 bf I think its a killer deal!
  5. adithep

    dead stack

    im all ready working on the sawdust im obsessing all the time lol.Shelves for the kids lego projects thx guys if I can go with ply that's much cheaper il grab the radial and get it done.
  6. adithep

    dead stack

    Well if I sticker it il need some good gloves and a 12!! this wont be a fun project.Is there a cheaper option than poplar.Menards has 1x2x4 for 3.48 im not sure what is usable for stickers but I can search that.I don't know of a mill nearby because that's a bit pricey I think we got around 550 boards sure is pretty wood tho..
  7. adithep

    dead stack

    I just don't know what to do with all this wood lol.its in my moms basement and I need to know if this should be left alone just like I stacked heaped hehe it there.Should I put it in the garage keep it here should it be stickered?Its dry its been in a barn for over forty years got all this at the auction for about a buck a board its walnut and some oak.Im worried about mold and whatever else any advice? thx
  8. Im pretty much new to wood working but I got a job building a big produce display 42"x7'.Iv got 3 legs on each side and angled ply maybe 20 deg going up (she changed her mind so many times) on each side with 1x6 face boards glued and pinned to the frame 2x4 at the bottom of the ply.The sides have to be angled up to the center leg (no pic sorry).I wasted too much wood trying to get the miters to meet on that middle leg and it looks kinda bad its been driving me nuts!! It should look like a nice little triangle on the side but mine doesn't grrr.Its about 21" over and I need about 8" up I cant r