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  1. Good afternoon all, I'm all the way out in Cary. I was looking around for a wood resource other than Owl and I have found a small one in East Dundee called Great Spirit Hardwoods. I have been there a few times and the family that runs the place is very friendly and willing to help. I'm pretty new to the woodworking world. I've only used Rockler in Schaumburg or Bolingbrook and the Woodcraft in Woodridge for a few things. Are there any other places to check out?
  2. Vyrolan, No. I have the luxury of working from home mostly. A drive downtown is 1.5 hours without traffic!
  3. I've actually just started with woodworking, but I have done an enormous amount of research. Horigan Urban Forest in Skokie and Great Spirit Hardwoods in Dundee are both good. I'm looking at going to the mill in Kirkland.