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  1. Anyone think this might make a good bottom to a dust shroud? Or something similar?
  2. Hi all, I'm just getting into woodworking. My dad passed away Feb. 23rd, 2015. He was, though he would never admit it, a talented woodworker (not to mention being a jack of all trades....there didn't seem to be anything he couldn't figure out if he decided to "get the book out" and give it a try. I started getting into woodworking ~a year before he passed which led to me creating...oh about nothing. Since then I've been working on renewing my interest and to actually accomplish something...been doing a lot of arm chair and vicarious woodworking through youtube and etc. but I'm also th
  3. I'm liking this idea, assuming you're thinking something like this: Not that it would be as spiffy as this one but I think I might be able to rig something up. I think this would leave plenty of space for the tilting as well since the it would be mostly below all the saw innards. And K Cooper...I literally LOLed when I saw that.
  4. So I have a quandary. I have a 1950s Atlas Table Saw Model 3160 (See the restoration photos here on Reddit) and I'm getting around to possibly hooking up a dust collection system. Since the motor sticks out so far, swings out wide, and is just generally in the way I'm looking for ideas. Right now I'm thinking of building an outfeed table which would be more of a enclosed box around the entire back of the saw and then putting a port into the outfeed box. What think you all? See below for some pictures showing how far the motor lifts and swings. Note that the bottom is an angled ch