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  1. Franklin is what I have and it has not let me down. now menards has 1 for $35
  2. Yes multiple passes OP how will you be making the the dadoes in the part?
  3. you need to cut at full depth because when using the router hand held you lose the reference edge as you work your way in. now do not take a heavy cut with each pass. cut is only 3/8 deep
  4. clamp all of your panels together and use a hand held router to make the cut all at once. Start at the edge at full depth and work your way back to your line.
  5. these seam to be the ones to buy
  6. is this what you are looking for looks like they are caller pancake head
  7. If you are doing 3 out of 4 walls. I would look at taking the carpet out install your cabinets then have the carpet reinstalled maybe get some new pad too. I did 2 builtin that where only 18 by 48 on the end of 1 wall. cutting the carpet out was ez but trying to install the carpet tack strip was hard to get under with out pulling the carpet back more. I ended up not putting it back in was fine till we got new carpet.
  8. Yes that is the wrong way to do it. But he only has 2 clamps. How long is this table going to be?
  9. I would do a dry run with the pocket screws no glue. Make new pocket holes take your 1 or 2 clamps and clamp one area of the panel. Get it lined up nice and flat and then put in a pocket screw there then move your clamp down and get the next spot lined up put in the pocket screw work your way down the panel. Now you have a nice flat panel held together with just the screws. Pull all the screws out add your glue lightly clamp the panel and put the screws back in. The screws will go back it the the same hole as long as they line up halfway decent. I just did a dry run of on some 1x6 pine scraps and it worked grate. the thing with pocket holes is you have to clamp the joint when you screw it down or it will slip. I am moving more in to hard wood I wish I had more cash for it. I have built a few things with box store pine and am happy with how they turned out. If they where made of cherry I would like them a lot more though.
  10. How much are you looking to get for the plane? I have been wanting a low angle jack.
  11. I feel like I have seen tom silva do this on this old house be for. but I may be wrong.
  12. not 100% wood work more maker stuff too I like the first to best
  13. if you are going to get the smother and jack they sell a set with block plane for a good price.,41182
  14. I highly recommend this stud finder or for a cheep one I have had vary good luck with a magnet stud finder like
  15. make a template out if 2 peaces of hardboard